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8/23 c14 3Ayako-Nee-chan

Why do people have an obsession with turning JoJo characters into Yanderes frighteningly well?!

I'm fuckin of Yandere Jonathan, like jesus fuck man.

He's terrifying that eve knows he's not right in his mind, god help this woman who became the object of obsession for Yandere Jonathan, even I wan of all people to arrive and kick Yandere Jonathan's ass out the window and bravely save the woman and marry her later.

God, maybe even make Dio use the stone mask for good to save his bride from Yandere Jonathan, and send him to an asylum. but let's hope Yandere Jonathan doesn't escape said assumed asylum to bump into Zeppeli and gain hamon for godsakes. We don't want him to annihilate Dio. He's the only hope of this god forsaken story.
4/24 c15 saurasaurus
I love this story. Can please you write another GioGio one where the reader gives birth and almost died?
4/22 c15 4UncivilPizza
Hey! I like the story! I hope you do Dio next, I think he'd make a great yandere ;)
1/1 c12 13My Hero XIII
Ooh! Amazing! Also, good luck with college, my sister has to go back and I'm entering the final countdown of high school... I'm writing my own Jojo story, hehe... shameless plug is shameless, but... I was wondering if you'd read it. My favorite part is how you wrote the unfamiliarity of Diavolo showing up and taking the place of Doppio. I was kind of saddened by that part, too. I love how sometimes you write despair. Or rage-filled acceptance. The way you write them is just so smooth, it's like really creamy and sweet coffee!

Plus Ultra,
My Hero XIII.
12/31/2019 c11 My Hero XIII
I'd love to see Polnareff or Avdol next... maybe even Dio or Diavolo? Or even Risotto? Either way, I'll be waiting!
12/26/2019 c4 2nuggetworld788
Hey! I’ve been reading since Kakyoin- I think. I love this story so much! I love the one shots and how amazing it is. In my opinion you should write a whole story about falling in love with a character and then they turn Yandere, it would be great! But I just wanted to say how great this story is and keep up the good work! Love ~ Nuggy Boi
9/12/2019 c3 11Inevitable Farewell
I've been following this story since the Joseph one, but hadn't a chance to review this, so here we go.

Interesting concept? Check. Well written? Check. Kinda OOC? Yah, well, of course, but that's what makes it interesting, so, check. Bizarre? Absolutely, this is JJBA we're talking about. Amusing? Definitely, with how you describe things, I can easily imagine myself in the situation. Props to you!

Also, I'm pretty scared for the following chapter if you said the Jotaro one was wilder than any of yandere ideas in your mind. Still would read it, though.
9/2/2019 c3 Commander 31
Man... This story is well written... But is underrated
8/29/2019 c1 1Mama Bear 15
Hey have you read or watched part 5?

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