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for Nothing to do with the Plan

6/13 c1 1cribinator
You've done a decent job with the Irish grammer, and i love the themes of independence and revolution. Go raibh maith agaibh
12/16/2023 c25 anonymous
this probably has to be my favorite chapter so far in the entire series - "Shite, she might even be inclined to find some way to exploit blood alchemy to make herself wilderfolk, so she could integrate properly — if Liz Potter could make bloody human-veela hybrids, she didn't see why that shouldn't be possible. Actually, she should look into that anyway, that sounded like an excellent idea." got me EXTREMELY excited and I do genuinely hope this happens in a future chapter, no matter what. Lyra and Sylvie are so much fun to see interact together, probably one of my favorite couples in the entire series.

Anyway, thank you very much for this brilliant AU. I love so much of the worldbuilding here it's unreal.
7/27/2023 c9 Guest
what wiki building ! you have such a poor vocabulary that you can't use anything except F** word to express yourself. The reader must be having v poor knowledge of English to ask guttersnipes like you to build wiki
1/13/2023 c28 6Alpenwolf
Lyra just being Lyra is just amusing to me.
8/25/2022 c2 Elly
too many italics and dashes, very distracting.
8/17/2022 c24 The Quibbler
The healing at the end, and Lyra's reaction to it, was a bit odd. Why insist on not using magic, and then the instant you've won, you use magic? It's like Sirius wanted to make the fight into a bit of sport (muggle baiting?) instead of caring about the Statute, and I suppose he IS a Black, but it didn't really fit in with the whole moral stance he was taking here, what with calling Lyra Bellatrix for playing with her food. After all, he was playing with his food himself with the whole "look ma, no magic!" thing, and breaking bones instead of using stunners is rougher play than kicking a gun around. Then Lyra says that they didn't use any magic on them to dismiss the need for memory charms, as if spontaneous healing of broken limbs was A Thing That Just Happens Sometimes to muggles, and expected them to just shrug it off. Maybe she doesn't really care, being anti-Statutorian and all, but the conversation didn't really read like she was out to mess with the Obliviators or something, but rather genuinely not seeing healing as magic somehow. Oh well, maybe they were all still high, and Harry DID comment that it would make more sense not to break bones in the first place...
5/10/2022 c26 mumphie
I know this isn't a 'Harry' story, but...I still want him to be more than he is. He needs to know Potter magic - come on Liz Potter! He needs to show more talent and not be a follower. He needs to know what he should have been taught all along. I'd love for him to have magic love him like it did his mother. I guess I'm tired of Lyra getting all the good stuff since she already has so much...
11/26/2021 c28 Aratherfluffyfatcat
Enjoying the story thanks
10/7/2021 c28 Caver Floyd
Reading this reminds me why I stopped reading when I finished the first one like a year ago instead of immediately checking out this sequel. All the characters are written basically the same. You mention that Sirius and Lyra are basically the same which is fine because they are both immature crazy Blacks, but you have Harry’s thought processes reading very similar to Lyra or Hermione’s which really throws me off of the story. It all seems like just one character who is playing different roles with different names through the story.
1/26/2021 c27 Magicthunder1
that sounds intreasting, a one-shot of tam and angel becoming friends!
11/22/2020 c3 geekzgalore
Regarding comment, you mean City of Colombo in Sri Lanka?
9/25/2020 c23 Shirabe
are u ever going to arrange these scene into chronological order?
they are still out of order
9/25/2020 c20 Shirabe
want to see more interactions between teachers like Ashe and Snape and Sinistra
also see Lyra messing with them
has Daphne and Tracey joined the dueling club?
9/23/2020 c28 PrettyPinkCupcake
I loved the just go the fuck to sleep spell. (It reminded me of the times I wished my kids would just go the fuck to sleep).

Thanks for writing this wonderful tale.
9/13/2020 c20 2TaylorMade
Had an idea for a title for you guys. Ready for it?

"Wait, There Was A Plan?"
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