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for Naruto the Manly Man Among Men

6/7 c14 JuanKui
I need to see another chapter. Please don't let it end like this. Holy shit. One of the best stories I've read. Either way, It was a fun ride :] Do what you do best and I look forward to your other stories.
6/7 c10 JuanKui
All I can say is brah... The quality of this story is so much more than I thought it was.
6/7 c9 JuanKui
H-holy shit. I am crying like a child. Gaah the feels. They hit so hard. Holy shit..
6/7 c14 gmhribrahimsoleh89
I saw what you did there. In a way it’s like remembering his past incarnations way of life. Like Avatar, legend of Ank & Kora. Hope you will continue with this story. It is getting interesting.
5/30 c14 HK
IDK how to go from this but pls keep him op as much as he progress throughout your works, and pls more plot you can think off its already nc that you won't see in any other dxd fanfic
4/19 c14 pilitaangomas
You will not continue with this story I am very excited for the next chapter
3/1 c14 2Naruto Newgate Otsukitsuki
Will Naruto still be a Human or will he become a Demon?
2/18 c14 blunt.raps69
I forgot about this gem. It's a good thing I stumbled across it again
12/28/2020 c14 Guiltyofmycrimess
I hope Naruto dumps Rias because in the Anime Rias was a manipulative Bastard in the anime She purposely let issei get killed because She wanted out of the marriage in Riser
12/4/2020 c14 leonsacacajose
mas caps te lo ruego!11
12/4/2020 c13 leonsacacajose
me gusta este cap bro
12/4/2020 c12 leonsacacajose
ou yesssss
12/4/2020 c11 leonsacacajose
12/4/2020 c10 leonsacacajose
12/3/2020 c9 leonsacacajose
me gusto
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