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5/19/2020 c2 9Over The Dreams
and it was in that moment he knew. he fed up.
5/19/2020 c1 Over The Dreams
noooooooo emberrrr! you were to beautiful to- to-... to die again? :v to turn in to soup? man what happened to her?
4/3/2020 c15 5MsFrizzle
I like how you developed the idea of how the rest of the world explains the unbelievable phenomena of Amity Park and then bring it home.
4/1/2020 c15 9ellameno
lol i love all of these! short funny sad and sweet. great job!
4/1/2020 c15 ReflectiveReader
Those last three lines were gold!
4/1/2020 c13 ReflectiveReader
I really want to know if they are clones and how many of them there are. For all I know, there could be a time loop or dimensional thing happening.
4/1/2020 c12 ReflectiveReader
To be fair, those old habits probably kept her alive.
4/1/2020 c13 36Dp-Marvel94
Ohhhh this the one I suggest! I still love it!
3/5/2020 c8 1PhantomOfProcrastination
Bless. Thank you so much for sharing these. I know I've mentioned how awesome these are on Tumblr, but, to reiterate, these stories are amazing and were totally worth the reread!
12/28/2019 c8 5MsFrizzle
I sort of forget sometimes that Danny has a pranking streak. April Fool's day must be a nightmare in the Fenton household.
12/20/2019 c8 36Dp-Marvel94
Omg this was hilarious!
12/11/2019 c6 5MsFrizzle
A perennial complain of mine has been the way many authors (and the show itself for that matter) keep giving Danny more powers. You have cleverly taken this to the furthest extreme.
9/26/2019 c6 Wesfan
Lol Vlad go talk to your assistant as well in the meantime
8/30/2019 c5 27User724
How do you do that schizo text?
8/30/2019 c3 User724
Dang it Daniel

Back at it again with the Clark Kenting
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