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10/27 c20 Capturinggod200
This story is really forced like Marco and Star romance happening earlier or Marco instantly deciding he doesn't like Jackie anymore because there alternate canon got together. It also keeps the flaws of the degradation of the Magical High Commission that only happened because the writers wanted Eclispa and Globgor to look squeaky clean in comparison. Tell me how does season two's version of Omnitraxus,Heckapoo, and Rhombulus even remotely become biggoted idiots of season 4? Heck Rhombulus felt bad about switching Meteora and Festivia in season 3. Was it even necessary to have the extras from Echo Creek involved in the story? Most characters came off as your mouth piece to bash MHC and Mewni or Mina. Why is that Mina is still somehow the bad guy when Solaria was the one who preyed on her fear and weariness of monsters to turn her into a crazy magic super soldier? No body who stans Eclispa, Meteora, or Globgor seems to rightly call out Solaria for her part in Mina's existence as antagonist of season 4.
8/28 c35 3Lord-Chrono
Awesome ending! Absolutely love the story and thought it was well done!
7/19 c2 Guest
or with another anime
7/19 c1 Guest
I really like this fic you could do one of the owl house
5/6 c35 6Joanne Frances Tiano Cajilig
Now this, this is an ending... Wait what happened to toffee?
5/1 c35 Guest
grate chapter but i look it over and i think you are missing Sleep Spells episode
5/1 c35 7ROTHEM
4/30 c34 18Julayla
Also, forgot to mention: as for the entire story itself, it's interesting that the humans and Mewmans with their allies see the actual show while being critical at some parts. Thank you for this.
4/30 c35 Julayla
Well, the story has now come to a close, but I still feel like there is something missing...

Bonus epilogue from before the time skip:

"Years had passed since the time of being in the dungeon. Toffee knew it because he no longer wore the suit and wore prison clothing like Mina had.

He didn't know how they found him or why, despite his hatred for Moon on what she did, but...

It was then three familiar faces arrived to where Toffee was slumped to his cell, the door briefly opening as he glared.

"What do you want, Hekapoo?" Toffee glared, "Aren't I punished enough as it is?"

"Yes, but we decided to bring you one gift..." she replied, "Your ONLY gift."

A body was tossed inside, the body comatized as he looked.

The lizard was stunned at the body that had been left, him slowly starting to realize in horror as the cell door closed once more.

"We figured that this person was evil too!" Rhombulus concluded, pointing, "After all, ALL lizards are evil!"

Hekapoo only face palmed in annoyance, clearly frowning that Rhombulus who, despite having know the entire situation from the clips and such, STILL did not learn anything.

"What did you do to-!?" Toffee glared in anger, holding the body with sadness.

"We're doing you a favor." Hekapoo only said, "And besides, SHE is just as evil as you because SHE helped in killing the previous queen."

"You don't get it!" Toffee snapped, "You don't get anything about my reasons!"

Mina, having watched from the other cell, only mockingly pointed, "Ha-ha! Your girlfriend is dead!"

"SHUT UP!" he snapped.

"Don't make me get Gemini to torture you guys!" Rhombulus snapped.

Hekapoo only groaned as she continued, "Just look at it this way...at least it's not Mina Loveberry that will spend eternity with you. So I hope all three of you stay to rot..."

Toffee only death glared, cradling her body hidden from the shadows as the Commission had left.

Toffee, once they were gone with Mina quiet once more, finally turned to the body, sadly hugging her.

He knew never to show any emotion around to anyone, especially with Mina, but on that day, and perhaps for the rest of his life...he would only shed tears for his love who would never wake up...

Perhaps forever."

As you can tell, I deliberately left the potential love interest up for anyone's interpretation for Toffee (since I do like the Toffee x OC and figured that if Toffee's still evil, at least give his love interest karma and have him truly break down in an ending that feels bittersweet for this story, kinda like Asriel returning as a flower after freeing everyone)...but that's just my opinion. And well...anyway, at least your story at least made sense.
4/28 c35 4Gamelover41592
34 & 35: great job on these chapters and thank you for the epilogue and again just a great fanfic :')
4/28 c35 19Biancamanda16
Que gran trabajo fue genial que Star le diera la varita tanto Eclipsa como a Moon y asi dividir el Reino . La solución para deshacerce de Mina fue genial, y Tifani o como se llame recibio su merecido . Es bueno que haya terminado con su fic satisfactoriamente lo he seguido desde el año pasado que nostalgia . Gran trabajo
4/28 c35 Hennia
That was beautiful
4/28 c35 7Starco4everr
I love reading your story.
4/28 c35 17duskrider
Fantastic ending.
4/28 c35 Karlos1234ify
Outstanding end to this story
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