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for Averting the End

10/4 c34 OtaconandhisJapaneseAnimes
After reading the whole fanfiction, I would say that this is pretty decent plot-wise. (I've started binge-watching SVTFOE for a month now from Season 1 to the finale and I'm hooked)

Of course, there is the obvious grammatical and spelling errors every chapter which always catches my eye everytime and frankly annoyed me. But, just like what my bio said, I'm more forgiving on the grammatical and spelling errors as long as they don't ruin the reading experience. (And I understand that typing on a phone is more prone to grammar and spelling errors. Especially if you don't have auto correct to assist you)

I hope that if you were to remake the whole fanfiction, I hope you fix the grammar and spelling issues. Doing so can make this whole story feel more polished and more enticing to read.

I also really wished you did focused more on character development. Like have some dedicated chapters all about how the characters are progressively starting to know each other and feel comfortable by being with them as the show progressed.

But other than that, this is a nice fanfiction to read throughout.

P. S: It does suck that only snippets of dialogue from the episodes can be shown and not the whole transcript due to copyright. But you just have to deal with it. Copyright is Copyright.
9/16 c1 15JDH1080
I want to like this, but sadly the writing just isn't very good. It not like this idea is original or anything, but I've seen other stores in other fandoms pull it off well. But this needs some major revisions. Go back through and fix your grammar. Add some 's. Make it easier to tell who is talking and slow down a little and let the characters develope a little.
8/28 c34 Draconic123
Good story
8/17 c34 Guest
Anti-magic users will give the magic commission and other magic users a hard time. Ex:

-Kamijou Touma (A Certain Magical Index) with Imagine Breaker can deny contact with his right arm any supernatural abilities including magic, psychic powers, blessings or curses of the gods.

-Asta (Black Clover) his grimoire contains swords capable of canceling spells, nullifying attacks, reflecting them, absorbing them, cutting entities composed of magic, etc ...
-Particles Bane (Fairy tail) particles capable of canceling magic in the environment, they are highly toxic for magic users
8/5 c36 18Julayla
Yeah copyright does kind of suck, and it is annoying. That's why I turned to the Ghost of the Vanguard for stuff like this. And also, re-reading this story and all, well...Capturinggod200 kind of did have a point on some things feeling forced, but that's just me. But I digress: I just hope you find the right site to place your stories in while having the stories in PDFs temporarily 'til you do.
8/5 c36 Matt
We know, you posted the same thing earlier this week, in fact nothing has changed.
8/5 c36 TheJoker96Italia
OMG! NO! I hate the copyright!

Can you send me the link or the name of the account on AO3 please?
8/4 c1 5OmegaDelta
you could try again ao3 has gotten a bit better.
8/4 c36 10ImperialStar
for some reason ,you links dont works.
8/4 c36 showbizrex
I cant seem to able to go see them on the link you posted, like it just get me to a page that say there nothing there, you should put it on Ao3
8/4 c36 narutodragon
ao 3 is pretty safe as well
8/3 c36 Matt
Was it the one with Connie’s dad?
8/3 c36 6vangian13
As far as I know Ao3 is okay with using the transcripts. So you could try publishing there.
8/3 c36 1Wicked.A
While I have already read this story, thanks for this notice since it was a story that was definitely worth a read
7/15 c35 Wicked.A
Awesome story! More doesn't have to be said!
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