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6/16 c5 Guest
Hope a lot of those maybes are moved into the harem proper

I also hope you considering adding Piper to the harem to and I hope you consider adding Hemera ( Kate Upton ), Nyx, Reyna, Bianca, Hazel, Rachel
6/3 c5 Vestor
if you're taking votes for the harem id say either yes to them all or leave out Hestia, Artemis, and Calypso. there just the ones paired the most often
6/3 c5 Chue19
Great chapter and I really enjoyed it the fact he was logical and fought calm and collected is something I admire. Also how he is not afraid of the gods not from ignorance but knowledge of how the gods behave. As for the paring I would take off hera she doesn't seem like the kind of character that would fall for Naruto's current character.
6/3 c3 Unde4d Ninja
Aphrodite as amber heard? Was this after the depp case?
6/3 c2 Unde4d Ninja
Doesn't make sense for Chiron to be in the wheelchair still when he's been at camp. Also have you read the books or is everything going to be from the movie? If you haven't you really should they are way better.
6/3 c5 lilhuesos
excellent keep going
6/2 c5 Sageofchaos
hope to read more.
6/1 c5 lillito15
when are you going going to post the next part of the fox in the game part 2 the originals
5/31 c1 Archangel Uzumaki
Why did you make kushina hashiramas granddaughter? That would make her more senju then uzumaki at this point…
5/29 c5 Just a wee guest
You know a wee thought occurred to if when down the series of this series , Great job on the story by the way, if and when Naruto encounters Pan and Pan later on decides to make Naruto his Champion or new God of the Wild and Shepherds before passing on either way he be more in tuned with the wee forces of Nature.
5/29 c5 FoxDemon1023
I't been so long that I had to read chapters 1-4 to remember what was in this story
5/28 c5 SkyPopZeus
Its pretty gross you have him defend his father's rape.
5/28 c1 rsshra4
There is some serious perspective issue in this chapter
5/28 c5 4Hammy953
Skipped ahead a few chapters to read the Author Notes to see what the pairing was. So I'll just give my thoughts on that right now since you seem to be narrowing it down.

If it was me personally, I'd take Hestia out of the running and put her more in the "Tsunade" Role. Adoptive Mother type role if that makes sense.

Likewise I'd take Hera out, if for no other reason than she's just incompatible given her hatred for all things demigod.

Khione, I really don't care about, but could be interesting if you implement her in some way. Personally, if you want a "snow girl" I think it'd be a better route to reincarnate more Naruto characters, and add Fem-Haku as her daughter instead of the Goddess herself.

As for kymopelia, I really didn't even know who she was until I started reading this. One of the countless Greek gods I've never heard of before. So I'd reccomend against her since it'd be an entire OC, and you'd have to build her up from the ground up and try to endear her to the audience while not allowing it to drag on for too long.

Honestly, the only goddes left on the "maybe" list I kind of like the idea of is Gaea, because that could set up an interesting long term dynamic. Naruto, being a sage, as pointed out in the first chapter, naturally draws her attention. So setting her up as an ally, and love interest, allows for more creative flow with other characters and setting up a new "big bad" in the hero's of olympus era and beyond. Maybe Ouranos make's a comeback instead? Building a villain OC is a lot easier than a protagonist, since a well wrote villain doesn't HAVE to be liked. In fact, it's usually good if they're hated, and you can add various nuances to your taste.

So yeah, I like the idea of Gaea. And while I like Artemis smut, I'll be honest, if a semi serious story it rarely works given her canon character. I'd think a "big sister" role would be more fitting. Shows character development (doesn't hate all men), but still in character.

I also like the idea of Calypso and Silena since canon percy had a good thing with Calypso, and Sielena is one of the more tragic chracters, so saving her is always nice.

Now since I've crapped on the majority of your choices I'll make a few suggestions as well.

First of all, Thalia and Bianca. The obvious two. Thalia an obvious choice is you go the big sister Artemis route, since you could save Zoe, and let Thalia and Bianca survive/non become part of the hunt.

Thalia kind of has that "Kushina vibe" personality wise, being a tomboy and whatnot. And Biana has the "hinata vibe" going on, which could be worked into another reincarnation thing if you went that route.

So I feel like there's chemistry there.

Assuming somehow, my suggestions are actually chosen, that would lead to nine girls (Annabeth, Clarisse, Aphrodite, Silena, Calypso, Haku, Gaea, Thalia, and Bianca) which I personally think is plenty, but you originally had 13 slots if I counted right, so if you want a few more suggestions that I just don't want to flesh out right now here's some more to consider and look at yourself.

and of course, you could always reincarnate more Naruto characters to make it more of a cross over instead of "Insert Naruto into other story". That's not a criticism mind you, just a suggestion.

That's my two cents for now
5/27 c4 pappinjordan17
Why is it that everyone seems to reference 2 people when talking to Naruto from time to time, and grover even says “fathered two new mortal heroes”?
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