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for Chaos on Earth-2

1/19 c33 Ryu Otsutsuki
This was absolutely fantastic bro I love it all especially in the end and now I think it's time for us to activate phase 2
1/17 c33 Jason Hunter
When you do season 3 can you change who's in the Savitar suit I mean it was pretty predictable at who was in the suit that's why I think the perfect person to be Savitar should be a future version of Seth that has speed force powers but this is your story whoever you decide to be in the suit I hope it's a good one anyway this was great chapter have a good day and stay safe.
1/16 c32 Ryu Otsutsuki
Beautiful magnificent brother you have truly outdone yourself and once exceeded all my expectations and more which further proven that you are the best and most talented writer and author there is in fanfiction I look forward to seeing when the revelation of Olivia's secret come to the light
1/12 c33 1Starpottergeek
good job once again cant wait to see what happens next
1/11 c31 Igcasas
Disculpa que moleste pero, vas a hacer que seth regresé a la tierra 2 y se reencutre con mera Tony y el resto de sus amigos. Serían de mucha ayuda en la guerra contra zoom
1/11 c31 Guest
Ya que dejaste a Eliza con vida, pero congelada, vas hacer que seth busque una forma de curarla no ?. Si lo haces podrías,hacer que de alguna manera mantenga sus poderes?
1/5 c31 Ryu Otsutsuki
Genius absolutely pure genius I love it bro you are doing a fantastic job every chapter get better and better
12/30/2020 c32 1Ultimatrix bearer
Well Frankie owes magenta some chocolate.

12/25/2020 c32 1Starpottergeek
good job keep up the good work cant wait for the next chapter and to see if frankie and magenta wiil confront olivia about being pregnant. merry christmas
12/18/2020 c31 Jason Hunter
There's something else I thought about maybe you can have Earth-X Seth's Symbiote be Riot from the 2018 Venom movie. These are merely suggestions.
12/18/2020 c31 Jason Hunter
I just thought of something once you do the elseworlds crossover could you have Seth be in it like Barry as Venom, Oliver as Flash, and Seth as Green Arrow this is merely a suggestion anyway this is a great chapter I wonder how the time travel is gonna play out.
12/13/2020 c31 Zero
12/14/2020 c31 1Ultimatrix bearer
Well that explains why venom keeps getting wrecked.

12/13/2020 c30 Ultimatrix bearer
Papa venom was hilarious!

12/12/2020 c31 1Starpottergeek
good job cant wait for the next chapter and the possibility of us getting more symbiotes. if Catlin were to get a symbiote I have some names for it and they are tundra, blizzard, snow, frost, freeze, fog, mist, ice, and icicle.
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