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5/26 c18 1TheOnyxSnake
I love this story an actually good and romantic end for Quasimodo. I’m happy and satisfied x
1/3 c18 3TheRanger101
Wonderful wrap up of this story! So happy for a happy ending for everyone and that you wrote it so well. :) Thanks for posting! :D
1/2 c3 5halwaffles
I've only reached the second chapter so far, but this story is so wonderfully done. The Hunchback of Notre Dame is one of my favorite films, and I adore the way you have chosen to continue the story thus far. Really fantastic work!
12/30/2019 c17 3TheRanger101
I hope you had a good holiday season so far most writers take a bit of a break for the season so it’s understandable. :)
So happy to finally see Sancha happy and free but Wow so much to go through a deal with before she could be free to love her man. :o
A good thriller ending that kept me on the edge till the last moment, so we’ll done! :D
Looking forward to the epilogue, thanks for posting have a happy New Year! :)
12/28/2019 c17 21kamikaze-djali
This is a nice wrap-up. The baddie ultimately ended himself from his own hate. If he'd only waited, he may have been able to sneak off after Quasimodo, Sancha and Esmeralda left.

Am I correct in assuming that Sancha's dress was badly damaged? Yikes, if so. Poor Sancha and poor Quasi. Looking forward to the epilogue.
12/2/2019 c14 kamikaze-djali
Lovely chapter. Marguerite must admit that Quasimodo is Christian. Of all the negative ways she views Quasimodo, this is one trait he has that she values. Letting harm come to Notre Dame's bell-ringer doesn't seem in Marguerite's heart, or any other Parisian's. Given the time period and employer, Quasimodo is nearly untouchable. Unless clergy throw him under the proverbial bus (runaway carriage?)

Sancha using "esposo" does suit the text. Using the Spanish equivalent of "suitor" doesn't have the same impact. Her using the French "Beau" could have been entertaining, especially if Marguerite uses it.
12/1/2019 c14 3TheRanger101
More twists and turns as your story picks up at a good pace! :D
Can’t wait to read how you work this out and hopefully her poor Grandma will come along and learn to at least be happy for her granddaughter.
Love cliffhangers and will look forward to your next update! :)
12/1/2019 c13 little taciturn one
Oh my goodness! Please keep updating us with this story! I love it so much
11/28/2019 c1 21kamikaze-djali
Nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition. :D
This is a nice story, quite sweet, actually. Fresh, too. :) Looking forward to seeing where Quasimodo and Sancha end up, and in what sort of relationship.
11/24/2019 c13 3TheRanger101
Another exciting update, and now things are going back into high gear for the characters of the story! :D
Can’t wait, thanks for posting. :)
11/17/2019 c12 secondratescientist
I adore Esmeralda and Sancha's friendship. Another wonderful chapter!
11/16/2019 c11 secondratescientist
I just absolutely flew through this story in one night, and now I'm itching for more! I love your writing style, and I absolutely adore Sancha. I'd say she's one of my favorite Hunchback OCs for sure. I cannot wait for the next chapter!
11/4/2019 c10 TheRanger101
Another good update, with a sweet romance between the main hero’s of the story and the building storm that’s about to boil over into Paris France.
The next update will be awesome as this story builds up the characters beautifully and throws in some action to keep the pace up! :)
Thanks for posting.
10/28/2019 c9 TheRanger101
Wow that was an intense chapter with grief and love being expressed very strongly! :D
So happy you updated just as I’ve also had a crazy weekend and had a chance to see if you had updated and was glad to see you had, and it was worth the wait.
Thanks for posting looking forward to more updates. :)
10/19/2019 c8 TheRanger101
Great update, the plot thickens as I’m reminded that Sancha has family in Paris, and with Esméralda and Phebose around who knows what will happen! :)
Sorry about Sancha’s Mother and Father but that it illustrates how brutal the Spanish Inquisition was at the time and makes it clear that our Jewess of Toledo is still in great danger. :o
Thanks for posting. :)
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