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6/7 c13 Murthor Oathstone
Why are you so jaded, cynical, and angst ridden?
2/15 c13 AgentChan
the note at end so cute i approve
2/9 c1 1Commissar Gaunt
All in for Arthas and Whitemane as a ship.
1/20 c13 ArgentTempest
I greatly enjoyed this story and hope to see a sequel in the future. Subjugating the orcs as vassals is an approach I haven't seen in Warcraft fanfiction.
1/10 c13 Guest
Love the story, but i have a question. Why is there a Sylvanas tag in the story description, when she doesnt even appear once. Did u mean to tag Sally Whitemane?
12/31/2020 c13 Guest
Good ideas! Love the story
12/25/2020 c13 Guest
I have waited for a long time for another chapter. Still as interesting as the first time I read the story. Pls continue with the story and stay safe out there.
12/22/2020 c5 1Ardtornismyname
I love how Muradin is trying to keep Arthas' spirits up while he is despairing over the constant battles against the undead. I really hope Muradin keeps this up as Arthas will need all the support he can.

I will continue to read this.
12/22/2020 c4 Ardtornismyname
And so Mal'Ganis manages to evade Arthas once again. Arthas is starting to get overwhelmed by the constant fighting. It truly sucks being the prince doesn't it?
12/20/2020 c3 Ardtornismyname
OOOO. Arthas is giving the controversial order of digging up graveyards so they can burn them before the necromancers get to them. I am 100% behind this plan. I just hope the rest of Lordaeron will understand this decision.

So Arthas just killed Aiden Pernolde, the traitor king of the Alliance. I wasn't expecting to see that this early.

Anyways, I need to get up early tomorrow. I need to do some last-minute Christmas shopping, but I promise that once I am done, I will read the rest of this story. Really enjoying how Arthas' choices are starting to wear on him. I will read this more tomorrow.
12/20/2020 c2 Ardtornismyname
Sorry for the delay in reviewing, I had schoolwork to take care of with finals and stuff. Now that its over, I can finish reading this story.

So Arthas is still worried about the future of his realm even when there is a celebration going on, he will make an excellent king in the future.

Kind of weird that Muradin was just seeking Frostmourne to put it in a museum, usually that would be his brother's motivation.

Onto the next chapter then.
12/15/2020 c13 TheDragon2000
A very interesting story and definitely one I would love to see more of. If you ever plan on creating a sequel I would love to read it. Thanks for sharing!
11/28/2020 c13 KingZeRoPL
11/20/2020 c13 artilyon-rand
Man GW did CADIA dirty
11/18/2020 c13 6inphernalmenace
Very great chapter. I could really feel the drive and determination from Arthas and the inspiration he gave to his men. He has shown himself to be a truly great leader. With this victory an even greater threat followed, but Arthas has shown that he will stand against the darkness. That is quite admirable and I do feel that the message resonated with me to some extent.
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