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for KoTas: The Last Lion

7/9 c12 YumiKnowsBest
I hate you. The last I see is the last chapter of the other story and don't see last lion. Then months and months later I look in did stories and see this. Thinking I'll have plenty to read I start. Then the next thing I know this story that's WAY too ducking good is over with caine dead and there's the option for either time travel back or forward with both ways looking to be pretty fucking good that it's impossible to decide. Damn you for being so damn good. Write both damnit since I don't want to decide! 20/10 story. I loved this story so much.
5/21 c12 9Scrumblenut
Hmmm... I think i prefer the previous one, as this one makes it seem that his death was worthless. Think of how Palpatine came back from death in the new Star Wars movies, making Anakin/Vader's death and sacrifice useless. That is how this idea makes me feel. It's still a good idea nonetheless, and this one might even trump the previous in how long it would go for, but i dont know. Something about him doing a Jesus move is interesting, but it just doesnt fit right. He doesnt seem to have a setback for coming back like the time travel idea. Sorry for the rant here, but i just dont really know how to explain what i mean, and this is the best way i can think to state it. Take care.
5/21 c12 Fenryuu
I... I don’t know what to say but honestly it was a good ride. When you killed Caine I actually feeled devastated and it took me almost two days to get over it and am still feeling it. And I wanted a sequel as well so thanks for this.

Since you said these were ideas and you were going to write the next vol according to our reviews I think the second one where he revives is better since it brings a closure even though he lost his family. And I hope you put in Kuroka and Shirone as you did not mention them in this which made me sad. If you are gonna write it can you tell us around when you will release the sequel in your bio.

5/20 c11 blau92
thank you so much! I love KOTAS, and it really shows how much you care about us readers when you give us closure :') !
5/19 c11 Guest
THANK YOU SO MUCH! When I asked for you to do a alt. happy ending, I dodnt know that you would, but I am glad you did. This whole 2 stories honestly were one of the best I have read, and I am glad you gave Caine a happy ending, because he deserves one.
5/19 c11 RandoReader
I like how your giving us the option to choose between new endings for a potential sequel. But this time travel one is definitely a bit on the more meh side of things. It basically accomplishes at unraveling all the pain and tears Caine went through when he first met everyone. To me, this scratches my itch for a happy ending in the wrong way. It does make me happy that Caine can get his happy ending, but it feels...wrong how Caine isn't struggling to exist. A bit odd but its how I feel. Either way I'm happy with what you do. Hope you can pump out a preview for the other sequel u have planned.
5/18 c11 Scrumblenut
Even if not as a proper sequel, would love to read this scenario, even if only an extremely shortened version one day. Especially the meeting with David, as I adored him as a character. Also the whole time travel basis has me remembering my own original basis for my story, and wonder as to how else you would write for it to happen. Take care.
5/18 c11 Dasgun
5/17 c10 1AxelLord20
I'm sad that you arent able to fully write this story for now. But I can honestly say what a wonderful ride it was. The actions were amazing, and the emotions displayed in their interactions is something that is beautiful. I'm... I am very sad of the ending, of Caine's death, but I would be a nasty liar if I said I wasn't expecting it to happen.

I just want to say thank you. Even though you could've left this story to rot and die, you still finished it in a rather unorthodox way, bringing a sense of contentment and closure. I can't wait for the two additions you mentioned.

Again, thank you so much for bringing this wonderful story to life. Thank you.
5/16 c10 Guest
Please, please read this and either 1. go rewrite the ending from the shit one it is, to one where he like takes the power of infinty, and like applies it to his lifespan or something, so he can finaly be happy and content for one time after his family was slaughtered, or 2. make a one-shot of what I just said called KoTas: The Last Lion: Alt End. I mean you said you were going to make some one-shots before leaving for a long time, right. Besides the shit ending, gteat story. I really enjoyed reading this.
5/16 c10 victorsan12345
This was depressing. I really wish for Val and Caine to meet again.
5/16 c10 blau92
5/16 c10 Dasgun
5/15 c9 Gorp2323
I'm sad to see you go. Kotas has honestly been an amazing ride, and its updates always brought a smile to my face.

Hope to see you on here again, friend!
5/14 c9 Dasgun
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