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for Echoes of the Dark

12/10/2020 c62 Cooldude101011
This chapter has to be on some kind of watch list
12/9/2020 c116 6SilentHeroX
This is so cool from start to finish! This has been on my mind almost every day. It also make me think about a what if scenario of if Uzume was in that dimension instead of Neptune.
11/14/2020 c116 21DarkWitchFanBoy
Alright first of all this was a very interesting story from start to finish I enjoyed it a lot and I'm normally not a fan of dark stuff but you managed to create a nice flow of light hearted moments in addition to of course the dark moments and I especially love how you didn't mix them, when moments were light hearted they were light hearted and when they got serious they got serious, aside from the slight quips they did here and there.

Secondly I loved the Void interlude chapters seriously you could've very and I mean very easily taken the easy way out and written them off as pure evil right from the get go but no you showed us that the Voids themselves were also victims of this world and it doesn't end there a very nice touch was the fact you didn't make the Voids copy paste evil tyrants you made them evil in their own ways and hell one you didn't even make evil just misguided so massive props to you for that.

Now lastly Neptune herself I love how you wrote her in this story she was still her usual cheery self but eventually the world slowly ate away at her and broke that to where she still had moments where she was the Neptune we all know and love but eventually realized the thought of "No more joking around" I also love how she saw the flaws within herself as well too.

All in all you different accomplished something amazing here this is definitely a fic you should be proud of writing.
11/6/2020 c116 Guest
What an amazing story!
11/6/2020 c29 Cooldude101011
9/24/2020 c116 2Shiena
Bravo! Bravo! Bravo, Nanya! This is why you are on my favorite list! What a masterpiece! XD
9/24/2020 c115 Shiena
D’awwww! Such a beautiful chapter! I just want to give Neptune all the hugs! XD
9/24/2020 c114 Shiena
I for sure though that Gamworld Nepgear would go with Ultra Vert.
9/24/2020 c113 Shiena
I like this epilogue. Had me crying and remembering all the pain that Neptune went through. I’m so glad everyone is healing now. Ugh! Such a good story!
8/3/2020 c116 AmethystPone
Well written story I must say. Take the my Favorite and begone. I am never ever going to re-read this story again.
There is so much darkness that it choked me up; only continued reading due to morbid curiosity.
I like my relatively light hearted and zany Neptunia stories. Not this Edge of a Cliff of a story.

5/22/2020 c116 PlaneptuneNeptune
Great Story, would recommend. Dark but great.
4/2/2020 c35 3Iffykun
Seems like Noire isn't badly corrupted
4/2/2020 c3 Iffykun
The fuck? What happened to Iffy?
3/18/2020 c111 2Shiena
That was beautiful! Though I feel the like the beginning would have been better if it was left at the end of the last chapter because my gods I was crying. I didn’t even have time to soak in all the feelings before we moved on to people leaving Gamworld and going straight to Hyperdimension. So it a way it felt rushed. I feel like the beginning was the most important event and the placement of the event was not great in my opinion. Something beautiful like that where all the dead CPUs come together to beat Kurome is meant for an ending not an opening to a chapter! But your story, so I won’t tell you how to write it. I still loved the chapter either way and I’m gonna read the beginning over again because that was magnificent! XD
3/18/2020 c110 Shiena
Just how shallow can that Kurome go!?
I can’t believe this was her plan all along. She wanted to take over Neptune’s body. If she was able to do that with gamworld’s Uzume of course she could do that to Neptune! Fuuuuuuck!
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