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6/16 c18 5flame55
This is great can’t wait for more updates
6/4 c15 Guest
I wonder if you made some modifications in this chapter? As after read it again, i noted that Voldemort was executed, and Dumbledore was admited to St Mungo out of insanity.

I ask, because with this changes, the issues with Voldemort and Dumbledore were solved for good, as the Dark Lord was eliminated finally, and Dumbledore ended exposed like a crazy old man that is obsessed with a doubtful prophecy, leaving him like a senile old man that only was aggravating the situation than properly solving this crisis, and he ended being sent to St Mungo, as the old wizard lost his mind by the prospect that his prophecy wasn't acomplished, at least since his closed minded perspective.

Well, then Pax is free from any problem from his former world, with Voldemort and Dumbledore gone for good from his life.
5/31 c18 Kiuby Uzumaki
Another great story hope you can continue with this fantastic story love it so much
5/30 c18 xXCuriousPandaXx
Lookin forward to the next chapters.
Really like this :D
5/26 c1 ChowYong117
So happy you’re back
5/22 c18 wolfco
Thank you for something! Short is not an issue. And, if you are not inspired, then you are not inspired. Don't put pressure on yourself for something that is supposed to be enjoyable for you. If you aren't having fun, then you drain your creativity. It is different when you are working to earn a paycheck. It is different when you are doing something hard because you appreciate someone and want to show that you care. As much as you may feel some emotions in relation to your readers, what is most important is that you can write with your heart's contentment. You say you are having trouble with your HPFFXV crossovers in particular. Do you outline or create graphics for your stories? If I have trouble with stuff I make lists or graphics or something to lay out the facts in a different way. If I am trying to work something out and I need a fresh perspective, I might pull out a piece of paper and write what I definitely want and what I definitely don't want/need/etc... So, in this case I might list out my 'facts' for given characters next to their name i.e. I want 'A' married to 'B', but I don't want 'C' to be resentful. Then I would read back through what I wrote and published in the story to confirm what I said previously set as cannon i.e. has this ability, lost right arm in battle, loves cats, etc... I would write out or draw out whatever things I wanted or did not want for sure. Then I would put it aside and sleep on it. When I come back to my lists I often see something I didn't before like there is a city with boats on the coast or that the cousin I mentioned in chapter 2 has blue hair. Writing is an exercise that exercises your mind. Sometimes you need to let your muscles rest and heal. Sometimes you have to stretch them a bit painfully to work out a cramp. Whether you ever update this story or any other again, please know that your stories are appreciated.
5/16 c18 sailorice95
Things are getting interesting.
5/14 c16 Guest
I wonder if Dumbledore could tries to plans another way to pester Pax and his family?

Because i have a hunch that this old man won't stop in still tries to accomplishes the so called prophecy; "For the Greater Good", after all, Dumbledore showed be a stubborn and arrogant old man that can't accept a no as answer. Adding that he is also too senile and closed minded to accepts other ways to stop Voldemort, than accomplishes the prophecy, making that Dumbledore thinks that Harry still must dies to stop the Dark lord.

Meaning that maybe the so called leader of light, could tries to plans other schemes to pester Pax, or worse, what if Dumbledore get too far to helps briefly Voldemort, and set in motion that the Dark lord can travels to Eos, to orchestrates that Pax and Voldemort end fighting each other, and hope that Pax be killed, to makes Voldemort mortal, as part of the morally questionables plans of Dumbledore; "For the Greater Good".

Regardless, if this old man even tries to plottings against Pax again, i hope that Dumbledore get a notable comeuppance for this, and that his reputation as so called leader of light, end nulled and Dumbledore only be remembered like another wannabe Dark lord in the wizarding world, for his wickeness and callous behavior.
5/16 c18 1Sakihinata
Awesome chapter!
5/15 c18 13Have a Little Feith
Ah, praise be to the Mothercrystal! It has returned! Even if you think it was short, it took me longer than 5 minutes to read it. And I can finish HP5, the longest one, in 6 hours. So that should tell you that it's not as short as you perceive it to be. That's not to say I didn't enjoy it, though. I actually do enjoy this story. I may not be a fan of M/M relationships being shoved in my face, but this one only has hinted at that being a possibility at all. Which is probably why I enjoy it so much.
5/12 c15 Guest
The ministry and Cornelius Fudge were lucky that Pax would managed to exposes the existence of Voldemort, because if would occured a similar outcome like in the Goblet of Fire, in that Harry only claimed the return of Voldemort, i guess that Fudge would be so stupid to start his smearing campaign against Pax, something beyond of logical, as to considers that Pax was kidnapped from Lucis, the magic britain is already in thin ice in terms of international relations, making that dares to start to difames Pax by some claim, only could be like the last straw, and an invitation to war declaration, something that could leaves Fudge with a notable negative reputation, and brings him and the ministry some serious negative backlashes.

Well, this wannabe minister was lucky that Voldemort was exposed earlier in this story, otherwise, Fudge would digs his own grave, in terms political and maybe literally, if he would tries to pester Pax.
5/14 c18 21HaruhiandHikaru
So excited to read the next chapter… I feel the need to read it all over again because it’s been so long though…
5/12 c18 Jostanos
Short or not, Sci, this was still an excellent chapter that was a joy to read. :)

No omake this time.

Matsuo: Not for the lack of thinking of one or whatever music is/was playing at the time of review anyway. *sighs then chuckles* Man.. Pax being back is a godsend. *blinks* I wonder.. *shakes his head* Nah.. My draconic rafter spy persona is probably best served there instead of being 'retroactively bonded to Harry/Pax' in someway. Not that neither Jostanos nor I would know how that would work anyway. :P
5/12 c18 4Nea-Nyx
Oh Regis, Potter genes plus Nyx and Libertus? Chaos. It’s gonna be CHAOS Your Majesty.
5/12 c18 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
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