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11/18 c17 Enoch
I can see a funny where James has accidental magic that drags him and Hermione to Pax
11/6 c17 Read
Nyx ulric in retinue
10/26 c17 1Terra-Fair
Nyx Ulric can swore an oath to Pax and maybe with Crowe, Libertus and never did like there life played out.
10/22 c17 Keto
love the story. Is he gonna use stuff from HP verse? I mean stuff like brooms, wards, portkeys and runes.. and the wide range of charms that they have like unbreakable and impervius most importantly Patronus
10/16 c17 xXxnarusasuxXx
I like.
10/11 c17 Laesk
A good chapter, thank you for updating. I enjoyed it. A lot. Now wondering who will be Harry’s shield... I am thinking maybe Nyx and his friends... I look forwards to reading more as you update. Thank you
10/12 c17 Lady Kaiki
Love it !
10/11 c17 PercyJthewizard
love the story. can't wait for the next chapter! can't help but wonder if you are going to give pax an arranged marriage with lunafreya with him being second in line.
10/11 c17 1Sakihinata
An awesome chapter!
10/10 c17 Jostanos
omake?: "Man~" a mauve haired lad complained "I'm fresh out of school like Noctis and his retinue, and instead of being with the Glaive I'm.." "SHUT IT, CADET!" a passing officer shouted at him "You didn't really think that you'd be joining your school chums so easily did you?" "Sir, no sir!" "Goood! Because your *bleep* is on KP duty for the next week and a half!" "WHAT?!" "Do ya want to make it an entire month, Cadet?" "SIR, NO SIR!" "That's what I thought. Carry on!" "SIR!"
10/10 c17 MattKennedy
I'm looking forward to finding out who Pax's Retinue will be!
10/10 c17 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
10/10 c17 Vampirelord101
I am happy with this, give me more...please.
10/10 c16 1firesage101
no chapter 17?
10/10 c17 Lord Halcyon
Great chapter cant wait for the next one.
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