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for Young Justice: Self Insert

10/10 c2 wyattparr2
You edited the dna used, but didn't include the flash? Speed force kryptonian would be a nice combo.
5/8 c5 Guest
I had a dream!
that next chapter will be out on Monday.
4/30 c5 Diabolos Aides
Thanks for the chapter
3/17 c3 Tony McNucklz
So he just leaves generous samples of his DNA lying around? in a world where cloning is practically commonplace? why not at least flush the thing. bad for plumbing, but better than having cloned bizarro hims running around.
3/11 c4 DarkSolaris57
Hmmm how stupid is the main character? How much you wanna bet shes gonna be pregnant and his future waifu...
2/28 c1 Zsombi
You suck at writing. After several works you don't seem to improve at all. Just stop and do something better with your time.
2/21 c1 Maurz
Seriously? You can't make the MC the most OP combination of powers possible(superman, martian manhunter, aquaman, AND wonderwoman), and then have him fight evenly with... a normal chick that's good at fighting... you're kidding right? Well I guess that answers my question of powerscaling. You nerfed him pretty early on so atleast I can drop this early on. Disappointing.
2/10 c1 Guest
There are certain points in this chapter that read like you deliberately pulled out a thesaurus for certain adjectives and picked the coolest sounding word.
2/4 c1 Guest
if there was no harem i would read not flaming you just a statement
2/5 c5 2edgelord6666
till now can I say one thing.

well reding it was like playing" Getting over it. and tou know the moment when you are at the tower and slipped and land at the starting point. Reading this book was this kind of experience. i came this close to smash my phone.


first at which angle is this an si. he is not pranoid he is downright afraid of himself. he is not doing anything he just wanted to be a hero and that too a hollow one. he is not using his full power, he is not able to kill those cold hearted villans like cheshire who nuked a country quroc in dc.

he knows what is right but is still afraid of doing the right thing. he is just sleeping arround womens and is done with that.

he is so damn I can't find word to describe this mc.

I love your other works but this even sends me in depperession
2/4 c3 edgelord6666
this is so frustrating to read. I always hate it when you have the power to do something but you don't. even if you know that doing that was a right thing.

why aren't you killing her. okay in future she have a daughter and all that but does that mean that all the people she killed, all the children she made orphan, all the families that she destroyed has no meaning.

sorry hitesh bro but this is so furustrating.
1/30 c5 DreadClass
Liking it so far.
1/27 c3 mmngcamphalala
Why isn't the MC doing his own thing? Instead, he's going around playing hero.

Why are DC self-inserts so obsessed with using superpowers for playing hero instead of doing their own thing. The unoriginality is so annoying.
1/24 c2 Guest
weak mc
1/22 c5 6vkg313
great chapter! Cant wait for more!
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