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4/10 c7 Syrinx2112
Excellent story! I really like the way the Pokemon world is portrayed in this fic, not as a fantasy world full of friends and cuddly creatures, but as a cut-throat and fragile world with the constant power struggle between humans and the vicious monsters Pokemon would realistically be. My favorite parts of this story are the banter between Blue and Red, and the scene of the Wild Hunt. Just imagining a 4 kilometer long vacuum bomb vaporising thousands of Pokemon is incredible. All in all a great fic, would definitely recommend and read again.
1/5 c1 methman545
good stuff
12/23/2019 c7 Super heavy weapons guy
very enjoyable story and his real name should be redder
12/4/2019 c7 PieKnight
Really liking this story so far. The character interactions are great. Keep up the good work!
11/17/2019 c7 4Professor Donger
this was probably one of the best pokemon fics I've rrad good job
11/9/2019 c7 16BukkakeNoJutsu
This was fucking sweet!
10/14/2019 c6 BreatherOfInsanity
Are there any pokemon stories you would recommend (that are like this one)?
10/14/2019 c7 BreatherOfInsanity
I really enjoyed this fic, and hope you do more stories like it!
10/13/2019 c1 1charlesxlr8
I really enjoyed this story. Great story telling with intricate details and long eventful chapters. Though the ending leaves me wanting so much more. I hope you can find a way to continue this in some capacity and am ready to enjoy your other works
10/4/2019 c7 Guest
I'd really really like a sequel, or maybe an omake collection.
10/4/2019 c7 DarkrangerZero
Hmm... Honestly, I would have liked it much more if it was a story from the beginning of Red's adventures branching off to an alternate pathway (fate) due to Lugia's intervention. But that's just my hunger for a good pokemon fic speaking. This was a pretty good short story anyways. Though I wont say no to another much longer and in depth fic you know!
10/4/2019 c7 Hollow Crypt
Never thought I'd enjoy a pokemon fic so much after so long since I've even touched saga... glad I had the chance of reading this.
Good way to break from my man Caine's usual disasters with deities and such.
I'll be honest, I actually hoped to read more of this, but if that's the end, then so be it. It was a very nice ride.
Be it pokemon, dxd, fate or whatever else, I end up loving your stuff, and am really trying to learn something from it, so I can also improve my writing skills...
My struggle aside, I guess... keep up the great work and take care. I'll be here, waiting for new stuff to read from you :D
10/4/2019 c7 lector123
This can't be it. It' too enjoyable for it to end so quickly
All things around, I loved the story and hope you decide to do a sequel of this one.
10/4/2019 c7 2Aes1r
Aww, I'll miss this. The only enjoyable gijinka Pokemon fanfic I've found so far and it's already done :(

Hope you find inspiration to continue this sometime coz' I honestly think this was pretty good.
10/4/2019 c7 Guest
Why is it so short? Why? Why?
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