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for Worlds Unseen (Calling You and Me)

1/31 c4 DragonLark
Beautiful chapter mate!
Have a Wonderful Wonderful day!
1/29 c4 3jikker jack
How can something be so happy and sad at the same time!
1/29 c4 1Dragon Lord Draco
... oh... oh wow... that's...
1/8 c3 Guest
Are you going to work on a melody of second chances anymore? It is my favorite fanfic of all time
1/7 c3 3jikker jack
I have to admit, I couldn’t remember who Bast was at first, but I really like how you’ve reimagined his character and I’m curious where you’re gonna take him and how he and Aloy with react to all the machines that rule the land, now that he understands what they really are.

Question though, is he actually going to have magic of his own after coming in contact with the Astrals, or did he only get skills.
1/7 c3 DragonLark
Beautiful chapter mate!
Have a Wonderful Wonderful day!
1/6 c3 1Dragon Lord Draco
Oh yeah, that's awesome. rost has no choice but to learn japanese, anyway, mild confusion, I thought this followed bast in final fantasy, on top of that, why would he forget his native language, or his parents?
10/15/2019 c2 DragonLark
This is Certainly interesting! Beautifully written. Unique storyline. Using a character that not many use (Gonna be honest I had to Google Bast). Anyway.
Beautifully done mate!
Have a Wonderful Wonderful Day!
9/1/2019 c2 PheonixQueen15
This story is a bit confusing, but awesome so far!
9/1/2019 c2 Dragon Lord Draco
Well thats... not ominous at all. Also where are the Japanese to English translations In chapter two? I uh... dont know any Japanese
8/31/2019 c2 2ShadowWolf223
This is an interesting story. Can't wait to see how it all unfolds as it continues.

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