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for Harry Potter and the Dance of Death

3/7 c52 2HermesPotter
Wow… I have read hundreds of FanFictions but this one was just amazing! Thank you for your great work!
3/6 c24 GloriouSin
This whole story is "Bad Rubbish" ;p
The author just vomits ideas all over then constantly debuffs his characters.
Honestly at this point writing what's wrong with this sack of shit would be too much, but then again should be obvious from the start, prequels always suck cos the author rushes towards a pre-made ending never works. Ever.
Also author has NO control over his own story which is just... i mean you are not really making an organic story here, you have the ending made, so just write it backwards and upload it whole. Retard
1/24 c52 1Thyrokio
Very awesome story. It was amusing to see some canon things making an appearance and others being different, such as Molly killing Bella, but not defeating her.
1/24 c48 Thyrokio
That was epic af!
12/22/2022 c1 Red555
rereading this yet again. read some of the reviews and can't understand why people flame so much. I get it might not be liked by some, but bashing the author just shows immaturity and a lack of tact.
11/15/2022 c52 ProditorMagnus
Feels like too close to canon deaths, like unwilling to kill anyone who didnt already have expectation of being dead.
11/15/2022 c51 ProditorMagnus
I have classified 'A Simple Act of Vengeance' as depressing and wont read its sequel.
11/4/2022 c45 ProditorMagnus
Harry went to meet Ginny for Dinner in the Great Hall. Her NEWTs were going well, and it'd be nice to spend time with her when she wasn't manically studying.
Should be OWL.
10/27/2022 c33 ProditorMagnus
Makes me think I should check Casting Shadows after this,
10/27/2022 c32 ProditorMagnus
Oh heh, it was only AN of this chapter that I realized it was not Demonic.
10/27/2022 c31 ProditorMagnus
Oh I didnt consider option of minerva killing her not umbridge.

Seems fitting that severus is paying for the replacement familiar.
10/25/2022 c22 Bosmer1701
If you need to have lengthy author notes in your story to explain what you wrote, you must realize you are not doing a good job in writing your story.
10/25/2022 c14 Bosmer1701
If you read reviews first. You will see that some call this the best story made. They are nothing but 13 yr old dumb fucks.
10/25/2022 c12 Bosmer1701
This story is the perfect example of horse shit.
10/25/2022 c7 Bosmer1701
You are not writing a story, you are writing summaries.
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