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for Harry Potter and the Dance of Death

13h c14 Elpatron11
kill Minerva, and dumbledore
1/16 c37 CrowDemon
Honestly I feel for Fritz, poor bloke
1/14 c45 2Dreams of NoBody
Finished this faster than I thought I would, glad there's a sequel ready
1/14 c46 Dreams of NoBody
Will the death camps for muggleborns still be a thing now that Umbridge is gone? Shouldn't be right? If the death eaters are running things they'd just straight up kill them.
1/12 c18 Dreams of NoBody
So Gabrielle is to young for Harry but Fluer isn't too young for Bill?
1/11 c46 2Thundramon
Woah, things really changed all at once with a lot of time & events being covered this chapter.

I loved the scene with Aberforth especially the ending where Harry said he won't fight with stunners. Most of it is taken from chapter 29 of casting shadows but it was still nice to read it again.

Harry should never be an actor, but I imagine he would make a great stunt man, definitely any special effects from his movies would be beyond the norm for even the best wizarding stars :D
1/6 c46 fraewyn
Love it!
1/5 c46 DeadFish37
A lot of different elements here. I feel like I've seen Aberforth do this somewhere before, but it worked. Everything seems to be ramping up. I enjoyed how you used the cabinet, though not sure how much sense it makes for everyone to have stayed in the shop to celebrate rather than go to someone's manor. Was wondering when Harry would get to nethermancy, so that's good. Fun plan, faking Harry's death.
12/3/2020 c45 fraewyn
Love it!
12/3/2020 c45 1Bearmauls
Seems crazy for Dumbledore not to let Harry in on the Snape-related plans. Not much point in having a spy if nobody believes any intelligence he relays.
12/3/2020 c45 3badgerlady
"Imperious" is an English adjective. The name of the curse is the Latinate "Imperius."
12/3/2020 c44 Guest
Awesome timing, you updated while I was reading the last chapter :)
Really enjoying the story, thanks!
12/3/2020 c45 toto32000
Always a pleasure !
12/2/2020 c45 5Frickles
Excellent battle. So fast paced, it was exciting and shocking and heart-pounding all at once. Fantastic!

I also was relieved to see Harry forgive Dumbledore. I don't know why, but I judge him much less harshly than I do the students that made Harry's life miserable, even though they have much more of an excuse. I guess I can see a lot of the utlitarian logic that DD employed, whereas the kids were just cruel.

Great update!
12/2/2020 c45 9RyuuKage5400
Are you implying THE James Chadwick - the one who got the Noble Prize for discovering and proving theexistence of Neutron in atoms and can also be singularly credited for making my Atomic Physics lessons a hell? Because if you are then he is a British Physicist and mostly certainly not American. A great chapter as always BTW but when are you updating Casting-Shadows again dude? That is truthfully much more fetching in my personal opinion.
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