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9/1/2019 c1 15CharlieCharly18
I'm trying to hold muy tears because its the last season, then I created more origins from the heroes in the next fragment:
"This story begins when a god, that which is son from the Lord of the Universe, he felled into the planet Earth. He was helped by a human from the Mushroom Kingdom then in gratitude he gives him a magic mushroom that gives the power to gain power ups from certain objects, those persons are your ancestors, Mario and your brother Luigi." Millenium Star explained.

"For that reason, me and Luigi can transform in Fire and get a flying cape." Mario said.

"After that, your ancestor met much heroes, a gorilla with an incredible strength, a skilled swordsman wielder of the Sword of Evil's Bane, a gunner bounty hunter equipped with an armor made from the Sheikah and Chozo technology, an angel with incredible fly powers, two skilled mountaineers, a robot that can analyze the items made with the Sheikah technology, a tame wolf in company of a bird called Raphus cucullatus, a boxer from the Indian tribe, a human kid with magic pockets, a Star Warrior that can copy abilities from the inhaled items, a dwarf that commands little creatures called Pikmin, an anthropomorphic fox with nice pilot skill, a powerful driver that brings car made with the same Sheikah technology, a human prince that commands mysterious creatures called Pokémon, other skilled swordsman but strategic, a boy with psychic powers, a human teen with future sights, a driver in company of an Aegis Blade, a man with nice stealth skills, a hedgehog that was before a god with incredible speed power, other person that was a god before with fly and dreams powers, a Tasmanian tiger with a big knowledge, a human and half genie with magic powers, a primal super fighting robot, a yellow ball creature that eats ghosts, a bandicoot master in the madness, a dragon that was chosen by his tribe for protect the world, a anthropomorphic bear expert in puzzles, three wielders of the Keyblade, other skilled swordsman that surpasses his own limits, an Umbra Witch that decided help at the heroes, a vampire hunter related with the Belmont family, a Kung Fu warrior, a Shaolin Warrior, a Lin Kuei Ninja, a Shirai Ryu Ninja, a Saurian Warrior, a warrior from a kingdom called Edenia, a limbless hero, three knights that hunts undead monsters, an assassin that search the justice, other swordsman with a sword made of demon blood, a man with mutated powers, a man with electric powers, a man master in explosives, the Dream Traveler equipped with a magic ring, the ghost of Sparta, a being half human and half squid, a bandit that search the justice, a squirrel convinced for help the heroes, two guardians from other planet, a detective that solves mysteries, an outlaw that search cleans his name, four living plants with nice gunner skills and the Hero of the Balance Caleb. The leader it was your ancestor, Mario." MS explained.
"Later the team called Super Smash Brothers joined forces with the Digidestined and the Ancient Warriors to defeat Apocalymon and they won. Later they brought services to protect the Aether Kingdom, an advanced civilization that they also used the Sheikah technology. Then other team of heroes, formed by Digimon, called Sacred Knight bowed respectfully at the Super Smash Brothers and joined at them. Now the Aether Kingdom had protection from any dark and evil forces, then the twin brother from the god that felled in the Earth tried to take all the control from that kingdom, his name was Tabuu that he killed at his twin brother, but the Super Smash Brothers could defeat him. After that Tabuu has been court by the Elder Gods including the Lord of the Universe, Tabuu has been sentenced to be sealed in a place called the Subspace. They thought that threats are over but… Other god followed the steps from Tabuu, his name was Shinnok. He used the power from his amulet to destroy the Aether Kingdom, the people from Aether Kingdom and the Super Smash Brothers lost their lives, the Digimon partners sacrificed by their human partners, the Hero of the Balance felled fainted defending at the princess, he was brought at the Life Sanctuary and he slept 1,000 thousand years. The only living hero was one of the three Keyblade Masters, he used all his energies and defeated Shinnok, after his last struggle he finally perished. Shinnok was badly injured, but he was imprisoned by the Raiden and the Elder Gods. Shinnok was sentenced and sealed in the Nether Realm. The Aether Kingdom was destroyed in his totally, but some people could survive from Shinnok's rage, probably will take some years, but the worlds will need the help from the Super Smash Brothers in a distant future."

In memory of your greates stories. Thank you, Tiger of Darkness.
9/1/2019 c1 14FireFlamerx9z
Can't wait!

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