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for Where I Belong?

2h c28 SAS94
Great updates! Can't wait for the next chapter.
2/27 c28 2ZodiacsKlaroline
Damon please.
2/27 c28 Mileku Celaena

Great story by the way. It is epic.
2/26 c28 10animefreak112097
love the story.
please update soon
2/26 c28 1Lyryenn
Neither i vote for Finn or Klaus or a Mikealson...
i think Stefan is in love with a katherine look a like i wouldnt put my spoon on that like never! and he's already with Elena. Damon always loved Katherine so I wouldn't like to be second place to the same woman that destroyed her life.
2/26 c28 Mfoto
Damon and Valerie nice chapter great to get stefans background
2/26 c28 1harlequin320
interesting, I can see this going either way, I am curious which you will choose
2/26 c28 3BrookeWorm3
2/26 c28 Trld
Between those two... Damon. Stefan took his fiancé, his lover and his mortality... not to mention if someone is deeply disappointed in themselves for cheating why would they end up in a relationship with her double?
2/26 c28 2xrysatsan
Damon because even though Stefan knows he was compelled, he still chose to date Elena. So even though all this happened he still cares about Katherine. Even a little bit. And that’s a no no by me. She deserves better.
2/26 c28 Guest
2/26 c28 Reader237
I think I would prefer Damon in this instance something about Stefan and Valeria just doesn’t seem to fit.
2/26 c28 Assenavira
Team Damon !
I seriously think it would be forced if stefan and val are together, because at this moment he is with Elena ... also as she was pregnant with him and because of Kat's obsessive love they buried her alive. As I see it, it would be traumatic to be with him because in the first meeting with him in this life he wanted to eat her by overturning his car
2/26 c28 aileyelliott38
can she end up with both stefan and damon. instead of just one of them.
2/26 c28 bornfree27
i vote for damon. i just don't see how stefan and valeria can end up together. if she ever befriend him she'll probably doubt his words more often than not andshowing her his memories just increases the chances of making valeria wary of him than the reunion stefan seems to be wanting (even when he's still with elena, so greedy) because of the way lies rank high on valeria's list of things she hates and stefan being so close to being a compulsive liar what with him lying to himself and everyone around him.
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