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for The Last of his Kind

5/22 c4 Azathot
Oh now i understand how he is wolf...
5/22 c4 Azathot
how he is a pure blooded elf if he has werewolf blood in him?
5/14 c17 DetectivePhantom
First I just wanna say that I'm enjoying the story so far, I'm not usually one for stories with oc's but you've done a good job for the most part. I will say I've noticed some consistency issues; before when you mentioned him crafting his new armor you had him leave it unfinished when he went into the dungeon with Lili while wearing what he got from Welf, but later on when the the armor was destroyed you were talking about it like it was the armor he crafted only to again introduce it in the latest chapter as him having just finished it. Another thing was early on in the story you had him mention Alduin at the hostess of fertility to Mia, Bell, Syr and I think Ryuu was there, but in the latest chapter you had syr suggest it around the others like she didn't already know about it. Those were just a couple of things I noticed and remembered that I thought I would mention.
5/12 c1 ByrdBoi
Its kinda ironic that a snow elf is the harbinger of the companions when Ysgramor and his sons were the ones that nearly eradicated the snow elves. P.S. Love the story so far.
5/10 c17 Guest
lick my balls
5/10 c1 Guest
lick my lolipop biatch
5/7 c17 2TsknRaider
Always good to see this updated. Looking forward to the next chapter. Hopefully there will be some action
5/6 c17 15Shikaku Zetsumei
Reread the story to get caught up with events. I remembered why I enjoyed it in the first place. Your scenarios are interesting, and you're focusing on largely new ground, rather than sticking to the main storyline. Canon still appears to be happening, but it's in the background. You've spent quite a few chapters building up the character, and it feels time for some kind of inciting event to shake things up. I'm looking forward to what comes next.

5/4 c17 1Azreal-007
Nice work. I suggest that you also update the story in Spacebattles. I would love to participate in discussions regarding this story over there.
5/4 c17 Pjo crossovers
I’m curious to see the reactions when it’s fully confirmed that azoth fought and survived alduin
5/3 c17 yahiro365
amazing fic. Really damn fun to read!
5/3 c17 ScreenReadingWipes
Thanks for the chapter!
5/2 c16 yahiro365
really loving everything so far! this story is great. you're doing a wonderful job here
5/2 c13 yahiro365
Seriously, this is so entertaining. I Love this story a bunch
5/2 c12 yahiro365
awesome. love the battles
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