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for The Great Escape - a New Spin

6/11 c7 Guest
Aaah finally! They have met and of course its chaos already! Can't wait for the next chapter
6/10 c7 alex-is-awesome
Love this chapter. Looking forward to seeing more of their interactions. Great work!
6/10 c7 PhantomEtudes
Well that reunion was certainly a deviation from the original story. In a good way!
5/16 c6 Guest
Ah finally we are getting somewhere!
Now he just have to move his butt to get to her...
5/13 c6 Citlalli
You don't have idea how much I love this story, I read the previous version and, God, it was amazing. This one IS MORE AMAZING.
5/13 c6 16PixieKayGirl
Finally! Eeee, I can hardly wait to see where it goes from there!
5/12 c6 alex-is-awesome
Love love love this chapter! So happy it was him :)
5/12 c5 Guest
Ah what a long tease... I need them at least speak to each other. Can't wait
5/10 c5 Guest
I was waiting for the updates. I love this fanfic. Give us MOAR
5/8 c4 Guest
Ah them i thought in this chapter they would finally reunite... I'm waiting for it!
5/5 c4 alex-is-awesome
Love the update! This is such a great story. Very real.
5/3 c3 Guest
When will you update this?
4/13 c3 Guest
Please update this soon.
4/3 c3 Guest
Wonderful chapter. It’s really neat to see C.C. through someone else’s eyes.
3/31 c3 PixieKayGirl
Oh wow. I absolutely cherish the brilliant way you honored your countrymen with this character, I love love LOVE that Marcel knew CC was better than she often allowed to show, and good grief, poor Niles better find out where she is soonfor both their sakes!
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