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3/27/2022 c2 5RT89
Definatley interesting concept. I'd love to see you get back to this.
8/1/2021 c2 2zaber999
fun and funny but sad st see it go so long with no tlc
6/1/2021 c2 Superjukes2
I won’t lie I want more
4/18/2021 c2 Guest
I loved that can't wait for the next part
7/15/2020 c2 YurikaAnne
Yoooo! It was good!
I love how Deku cursed lmao
11/2/2019 c2 Guest
Dr deku x harem
10/26/2019 c2 17Xireana Prime
dude. This needs to be continued! I hope all might will be in it. The stone heals even lethal wounds! (Wink Wink)
9/27/2019 c2 2dirtrevor
Interesting but try to add more details. Also, please make the chapters longer.
9/22/2019 c2 5Gamelover41592
this looks full of potential let's see where this goes
9/20/2019 c2 yoyo3841
lions have quirks now. well that took an intense turn very suddenly
9/18/2019 c2 Cylon One
Liked it.
Glad to see this continuing.
Look forward to next time.
9/16/2019 c1 Cylon One
First crossover for me with Dr. Stone in it.
Not a bad start.
Hope to see it continue and see where it goes.
Nice it's crossover-ed with one of my top-favorite anime's.
9/15/2019 c1 13Jessiejellybean
This is a really good story with so much potential, like to see where it goes
9/6/2019 c1 Guest01
We need more Dr. Stone crossovers.
9/3/2019 c1 4TheLeon1236
Will follow story for giggles :D

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