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6/26/2020 c7 5Orangebird124
(Joy: And now, ladies and gentlemen, we are back with another chapter of "September 3rd, 1963: The Case of Helen Parr"!) (Sadness: It's already been a month since this story was last updated.) *to Sadness* I know, am I right, Sadness? Now we get to continue right where we left off! (Fear: Man, that was some serious cliffhanger we left off in the last chapter!) (Joy: *singing* Cliff hanger! Hanging from a cliff! And that's why he's called Cliff Hanger!) (Anger: Hey! What is this?! "Between the Lions"?! This is absolutely no time for singing! We've got a chapter to review!) *to Anger* Uh, thanks, Anger, but I'll take it from here. (Anger: *sarcastically* Oh, sure, take over my spotlight. Why don't you do that, OB? I'm pretty sure I won't mind.) (Sadness: Hey, shouldn't be back from Fashion Island by now?) OMG, you're right, Sadness! I remember Disgust making that promise to us that she should be back in time for the seventh chapter! (Fear: *nervously, looking at the recall tube* Uh, guys?) *We all stare at the recall tube until Disgust appears, the recall tube opens* (Fear: *relieved* Whew! False alarm, guys! It's only Disgust!) (Disgust: Duh! I told you I'd come back in time for the next chapter! I gotta say, that manicure and pedicure appointment was a success!)

So, now we left off with the two officers bringing in one of Professor Rickles' men and boy, was Bob so angry that the man kidnapped Jack-Jack! Bob is right, the white man who kidnapped Helen and Jack-Jack while doing what Professor Rickles asked him to do is no excuse! (Anger: Yeah! Screw Professor Rickles!) (Joy: Good thing those cops caught him in the nick of time, otherwise, things would've been worse!) (Fear: That's what you think, Joy! But I believe that things are still getting worse and Bob, Violet and Dash's lives are at stake! This isn't a joke!) (Anger: *punches Fear in the stomach* Will you shut up, beanpole?!) I think that man is still gonna be put into trial and prison for kidnapping and assault and at least he told the truth about where Elastigirl, Jack-Jack, Frozone and the rest of the superheroes were held hostage by Professor Rickles so now Bob, Violet and Dash will be able to save them! (Sadness: I don't know about this, OB, he could be lying and I don't like people lying.) *to Sadness* Well, he did tell the truth and even if he was lying, he could still be thrown into prison. (*Fear screams very loudly and we jump up, startled*) (Anger: *frustrated* Oh, great! Now what?!) (Fear: *stammering* P-P-P-P-P-P-P-P...) (Joy: *concerned* Fear, are you alright?) (Fear: *terrified* Professor Rickles! He, he, he just... Just... Just...) (*Sadness starts bawling loudly*) Why is Sadness crying?! (Fear: *shrieking* PROFESSOR RICKLES JUST DID SOMETHING TO HELEN!) (Anger: *furiously, as his head explodes* DID HE ABUSE HER AGAIN!) (Sadness: *sobbing* It's w-w-w-w-way worse th-th-th-th-than that! *whispers into Anger's ear*) (Anger: *shocked, raising his voice* HE DID WHAT?!) (Disgust: *stepping back* Anger, if you need to get it all out, now is the time!) (Joy: *also stepping back* I'm not gonna get involved in this.) (Anger: *roaring, furiously* AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! THAT IS SO FREAKING IT! FIRST PROFESSOR RICKLES KIDNAPPED AND ABUSED HELEN AND NOW HE (censored) SEXUALLY ASSAULTED HER! THAT PROFESSOR HAS DEFINITELY CROSSED THE (censored) LINE AND THIS HAS GONE WAY TOO FAR!) (Sadness: *crying hysterically* Why would Professor Rickles do something like this?! When I expected Helen to do anything to get Jack-Jack back, I didn't mean like that! Poor Helen!) (Fear: *screaming* It's "Death Into Life" all over again!) Guys, can you please calm- *screams in pain as I get shot in my shoulder* (Anger: *holding up the gun and aims it at me, furiously* Professor Rickles wasn't gonna hurt anyone, you said. Professor Rickles might do something way worse to Helen, you said. *shouting* WELL, GUESS WHAT?! IT JUST HAPPENED AND NOW YOU'RE GONNA GET IT!) Anger, please, I didn't know that Professor Rickles was going to- *gets shot in my left knee* AAAHHH! OW! For God's sake, Anger, listen to me! I didn't know something like this was- *gets shot in my right knee* AARRGH! *punches Anger in the face* (*The Emotions gasp in horror*) (Joy: *horrified, as tears start to fill her eyes* Anger, how could you?!) (Sadness: *sobbing, angrily* Why are you taking this out on, OB?! You've gone insane since chapter 2!) (Anger: *standing up, who is now seen holding a flamethrower* I most certainly have not!) (Fear: *seriously* Yes, you have, Anger. Why don't you put that flamethrower away so nobody gets hurt?) (Anger: *ticked off* STOP TELLING ME WHAT TO DO! THIS BULLCRAP WITH PROFESSOR RICKLES ABUSING AND SEXUALLY ASSAULTING ELASTIGIRL HAS CROSSED THE LINE AND NOW I'M GONNA BURN HIM TO ASHES! HOLLY BETTER NOT HAVE PLANNED THIS SINCE SHE STARTED WRITING THIS GODDAMN STORY!) Well, Anger, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but guess what? She planned it. (Disgust: *shudders* I have to agree with Fear about this being like "Death Into Life" all over again.) (*Anger growls and then screams so loudly, he turns his flamethrower on*) Fear: *shouting* Orangebird, run! *I run just as Anger shoots his flamethrower around Headquarters* (Anger: *yelling, at the top of his lungs* COME HERE, YOU! YOU COULD'VE WARNED ME ABOUT WHAT WAS GONNA HAPPEN!) It's not my fault! (Sadness: *crying, into Joy's arms* I didn't expect this to happen, Joy!) (Fear: *howling* Now I'm scarred for life!) *I grab a frying pan* Anger, stand back! I'm warning ya! (*Anger growls while aiming the flamethrower at me*) Okay, I warned ya! *I throw the frying pan right at Anger, only for him to dodge it* Aw, man! I missed! (Anger: *chuckles evilly* I've been wanting to do this to you for such a long time, OB!) *I run as Anger shoots his flamethrower again* (Joy: Is it hot in here or is it just me?) (Fear: I'll get the fire extinguisher! *runs off*) *while running* Fear's right! You've gone insane since chapter 2! (Anger: *shoots his flamethrower at me* Don't call me insane, you piece of (censored)!) Oh-no! I'm on fire! What do I do?! (Sadness: *calling* Stop, drop and roll!) *I drop down to the ground and roll repeatedly, cooling myself off* Thanks, Sadness! (*Anger pins me down with his foot on my stomach*) (Anger: Game over, OB! *holds his axe up in the air*) Oh-no, now you have an ax? You shot me in my shoulder, knees and nearly set me on fire! Why don't you ever learn to control your temper instead of taking it all out on me? (Sadness: *sobbing* Please don't hurt her, Anger! What you're doing is wrong!) (Disgust: Anger, please! You don't know what you're doing!) (Anger: Any last words before I chop your head off?) *sees Fear with a fire extinguisher and smirks* You know what? I got two words for you. Fire extinguisher. (Anger: *confused* Fire extinguish-? *gets knocked out by the fire extinguisher*)

~Please stand by~

(*Anger groans as he wakes up*) Oh, good, he's awake. Well, hello, Anger. Enjoy your beauty sleep? (Anger: *sitting up* What the hell are you talking about? *gasps, as he looks around and sees that he's in a cage*) (Disgust: Like your new home, brickhead?) (Anger: *furiously* Hey! You just locked me in this cage like I'm some wild animal! Let me out of here! Let me out of here right now!) (Joy: *seriously* Sorry, Anger, but this is for your own good. You tried to kill our friend and you nearly burnt Headquarters down.) (Anger: *shouting* Whoever put me in this cage is gonna pay!) (Fear: That was OB's idea and one more thing, the cage is fireproof so you won't be able to bust your way out of here.) (Sadness: You can rage in there all you want.) (Anger: *to Fear, angrily* Why you cotton picking! *strangles Fear*) Hey, hey, hey, hey! Cut it out! *I separate Fear from Anger* (Sadness: *hugs me tightly, tearfully* Thank God you're alive, OB! I don't know what we'd do if you died!) *I hug Sadness back* Don't worry, Sadness. I can regenerate and besides, nothing's gonna stop me now! *to Anger* And Anger, you may come out when the story is over. (Anger: *yelling* WHAT?! YOU MEAN I GOTTA STAY IN THIS CAGE THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE STORY?!) (Sadness: *to Anger, solemnly* I'm afraid so, Anger.) (Joy: *to Anger, seriously* And one more thing, Anger, I'm confiscating all of your weapons and you won't be getting them back until further notice.) (Anger: *madly* Are you out of your (censored) mind, Joy?! I need those to defeat Professor Rickles! You can't take that away from me!) (Joy: *strictly* Too late, I already did. You should've thought about it before trying to kill our friend and going insane in the first place.) (*Anger starts cursing and raging up a storm*) Sorry about that, guys, now where were we? Oh, yes, although, Helen was sexually assaulted by Professor Rickles, that was something I did not, I repeat, did not see coming! *shudders* (Sadness: *sobs* If Professor Rickles doesn't free Jack-Jack and everyone else, I'm gonna cry!) Well, well, well, it looks like the police found the laboratory and I think this might be the big moment where the battle is just about to begin! (Joy: So that means Bob, Violet and Dash are gonna find Helen, Jack-Jack and the superheroes and they'll be reunited!) (Fear: But since Helen got sexually assaulted by Professor Rickles, I just hope that she doesn't end up getting pregnant! I don't want a superhero getting pregnant by a villain! Now I'm traumatized and I'm gonna have nightmares after reading this chapter!) (Sadness: I was afraid of that. Now it's another cliff hanger moment and I also hope that they don't get rid of Jack-Jack's powers. *slumps over to the couch and cries into her pillow*) Aw, Sadness. Well, Holly, it looks like this was a chapter I didn't expect and now that the cops found the laboratory, will Bob, Violet and Dash finally reunite with Helen and Jack-Jack? Find out next time! (Disgust: Bye for now!) (Fear: Please stay safe and to be continued!)
6/25/2020 c7 skykill3ers
Oh man, I'm really looking forward to see what happens at the end! Update soon! I'm loving this story!
5/25/2020 c6 Orangebird124
Happy Memorial Day! This is the perfect time to review this sixth chapter! (Joy: We should also thank the veterans and soldiers who sacrificed their lives while keeping our wonderful country safe.) That's right, Joy, and I love your positivity! (Joy: Aw, thanks, OB!) (Fear: Please tell me this chapter doesn't get any worse.) (Anger: *to Fear* Well, I'd be lying if I said it'll be just fine... *shouts* WHICH IT WON'T BE, BEANPOLE! *punches him in the stomach*) (Fear: *groans, as he clutches his stomach* Ow!) (Sadness: *sniffles* Poor Jack-Jack, Helen, Frozone and the rest of the superheroes. Who knows what'll happen to them?) (Disgust: Maybe Professor Rickles will freeze them permanently?) (Fear: Oh, I certainly hope not!) (Anger: Not to worry! *picks up a flamethrower* I can always melt them to freedom!) *to Anger* Whoa! Now you have a flamethrower? Whatever happened to the chainsaws, sledgehammers and the gun? (Anger: Oh, I still have them, but this sucker will keep me handy!) (Joy: *to Anger, seriously* Anger, please be careful with those.) (Anger: *to Joy, reluctantly* I know, I will.) (Disgust: Can we just get on with this review already? I have a manicure and a pedicure appointment at Fashion Island soon.) Sure thing! Here we go!

Oh my God! I did not expect the 'f' bomb to be dropped twice and oh-no! Things have definitely gotten worse since the last chapter and now, Violet and Dash are seriously losing it after they found out that Jack-Jack got kidnapped! (Fear: Now I'm gonna have nightmares!) (Joy: Wait, guys! Dash and Violet found a clue!) (Anger: *rolls his eyes, in annoyance* What is this, "Blue's Clues" again?) (Sadness: That clue must be a syringe under that dresser and that shows evidence that those white men we're trying to use that drug on them back in chapter 4.) *to Sadness, impressed* Wow, Sadness, I'm impressed. You have such a good memory. (Sadness: *to me* Oh, um, thanks, OB. I try to remember as much as I can.) (Fear: That syringe is unacceptable and it should never be touched at all times!) (Anger: *growls* I should've burned it earlier!) (Fear: *to Anger* But, Anger, you don't know whose fingerprints are whose! You could've been drugged if you touch it!) (Anger: *grabs Fear by his neck* Shut the (censored) up, beanpole! I don't need you telling me what to do! *throws him to the wall*) Guys, guys, guys, chill out, will ya?! (Anger: *grabs a gun and aims it at me, angrily* You stay out of this, OB, or else!) *to Anger* Or else what? You're gonna shoot me in both my knees? (Anger: *mischievously* Maybe.) *to Anger* You wouldn't. (Anger: *mischievously* I would.) (Disgust: *face palms herself* Oh, brother. Here we go again.) (Joy: Look on the bright side, guys, at least Violet was a little optimistic that they'll get through it. All they have to do is rescue Helen, Jack-Jack, Frozone, Voyd and the rest of the superheroes and everything will be back to normal and that'll be our happy ending!) (Sadness: *to Joy* Oh, I don't know about this, Joy, what if they never get rescued in time? What if it'll be too late?) (Joy: *to Sadness* Think positive!) (Sadness: *to Joy* Okay, I'm positive that they'll be too late to rescue the superheroes.) (Anger: Oh, so it looks like the B.S. word is now in! Nice one, Holly!) Oh my God, Helen would do anything to get Jack-Jack back! (Sadness: Oh, Jack-Jack. *giving out puppy eyes* Please don't let those white men take your powers away, even if it's the killing powers.) (Anger: *to Sadness* Kid, as much as I hate Professor Rickles and those white men, I would do anything to set him free and make him invincible.) (Disgust: You know what? Maybe Jack-Jack being invincible isn't such a bad idea after all! *realizes* Oh, great. Now I'm beginning to sound like- *gets tackles into a big hug by Joy* ACK!) (Joy: *eagerly, hugging Disgust* I knew you'd agree with me, Disgust!) (Disgust: *struggling to break free* Joy, no! Please put me down! I can't breathe! *breaks free from the hug* Did you seriously have to do that? You almost wrinkled my dress!) (Joy: Oops, sorry. *giggles*) Uh-oh, something tells me that Professor Rickles took Elastigirl up to the top floor and meanwhile, the officers came in with the man from one of Professor Rickles' henchmen!) (Fear: Something tells me that things are not going to end well!) (Sadness: Another cliffhanger moment and now we have to wait for the seventh chapter to come out.) (Anger: *angrily, as his head erupts into flames* ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS, HOLLY?! NOW WE HAVE TO WAIT FOR ANOTHER LONG TIME FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER TO COME OUT! And you better not have Elastigirl be brainwashed like in "The Incredibles 2"!) *to Anger* He might do something way worse, Anger, and FYI, this is just the beginning! (Anger: *angrily, as he clenches his teeth* What did you say?) *to Anger* You heard me. (Anger: *grabs his flamethrower and a meat cleaver, yelling* If Professor Rickles tries to brainwash Helen or if another superhero gets kidnapped one more time, I will burn him to ashes and chop his head off!) (Fear: *whimpers, then screams* I'm getting out of here! *runs off, then quickly comes back* Please make sure that Headquarters has every single security system on so no one will break in! *runs off again*) (Disgust: Well, it looks like it's time for me to head to Fashion Island. *heads over to the recall tube*) *to Disgust* Have a great time, Disgust! Oh, and I hope you come back in time for the next chapter! (Disgust: Don't you worry, OB, I'll be back in time! I promise! Toodle-loo! *the tube closes around her and gets sucked out of Headquarters*)

So now we got a big cliffhanger and I can't wait for the next chapter to come out! Maybe it'll tell us how Jack-Jack got his killing powers! (Joy: Who knows? We'll just have to find out next time! Oh, and once again, have a safe Memorial Day!) (Sadness: To be continued... *slowly falls down on the floor*)
3/18/2020 c5 Orangebird124
Oh, is this what I think this is? Is this the fifth chapter?! (Joy: It's here at last!) (Anger: And this is where we left off.) (Sadness: Two months later, we got a new chapter and now we're stuck with this virus.) (Fear: You mean the coronavirus?) (*Sadness nods her head*) (Disgust: *bringing out the hand sanitizer* Okay, people, before we get started, on reviewing this chapter, I want everyone to use the hand sanitizer!) *We all sanitize our hands* Thanks, Disgust! (Disgust: No problem! Ever since we heard about this coronavirus that's been going on, Fear and I have been taking the time for all of us to keep us safe.) (Fear: That's right! Although the virus does scare me, we still have to take extra precautions! Wash your hands at all times, don't touch your face, cover your mouth when you sneeze or-) (Anger: *interrupting* Okay, okay! We get the picture, beanpole! Can we just get started on reviewing this story already?!) You got it!

So it looks like I still don't know how and why Jack-Jack has killing powers and oh, boy, more drama ahead. (Sadness: This is why I hate drama...) *to Sadness* I feel you, Sadness. (Anger: Bingo! Another curse word I found!) (Joy: *to Anger* You just like to read stories with bad language, don't you, Anger?) (Anger: *to Joy* Duh! It's what makes a story less boring!) Once the police and the detective arrived, they saw the dead bodies of the white men that Jack-Jack killed and Bob wants Jack-Jack's killing powers to be gone and he wants to have Jack-Jack's memory erased by him not having killing powers! (Anger: What?! They can't do that! Because then how is Jack-Jack gonna use them when those white men come back again?!) *to Anger* You know what? That's a good question, Anger. Oh my God, one of the police officers found a logo and they know who's responsible for this! It was Professor Rickles! He was the one who sent those white men out to take Bob and the kids! (Joy: No way!) (Anger: *growls* Why that Professor Rickles! Once I see him, I'm gonna strangle him to death!) *to Anger* Like what Homer Simpson does? (Anger: Exactly!) Oh, wait a minute. Wait just a minute. (Sadness: What is it, Orangebird?) That Professor Rickles is abusing Helen too much even with an electric shocker and oh-no, Holly! Heck, no! You did NOT just do that to poor Jack-Jack! (Fear: *anxiously* Jack-Jack has been kidnapped?! Are you kidding me?! First it was Helen, then the superheroes, then Lucius and now Jack-Jack! *screaming* HOLLY, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!) And you let the fake police officer drug Jack-Jack and now his powers are gonna be taken away too! (Anger: *furiously, as his head erupts into flames* ALRIGHT, THAT (censored) DOES IT! NOBODY KIDNAPS JACK-JACK AND HURTS HIM LIKE THAT! NOBODY! *grabs his sledgehammer* Where is that Professor Rickles?! I'd like to hit him in the head with my sledgehammer!) Anger, Anger, Anger, please calm down. I'm sure that Helen and Jack-Jack are gonna fight back and escape! (Anger: *grabs and pins me to the wall, furiously* Every time you say that, Helen gets abused some more and another hero gets kidnapped!) Yeah, well, my prediction can't always be correct! That's what makes the story more interesting! (Anger: *leans in close to my face, threateningly, but quietly* Say that again. I dare you.) Go spit. (*Anger yells loudly and throws me down to the ground and flips me over on my back*) (Joy: *seriously* Anger, whatever you're doing, I wouldn't do that if I were you.) (Sadness: *in a small voice* Jack-Jack got kidnapped and then drugged? *bursts into tears loudly*) (Anger: *furiously, to Joy* You stay out of this, Joy!) *to Anger* Don't you talk to Joy like that! (Anger: Oh, yeah? What are you gonna do about it?) *I grab the sledgehammer from Anger and we struggle over it* (Anger: *furiously* Let go of the sledgehammer, punk!) You let go of it! (Anger: *angrily* I will not allow Jack-Jack to be drugged and kidnapped! This has crossed the line and enough is enough!) *to Anger* You need to learn to control your temper, Anger! (Anger: Never!) Very well then! *We continue pulling on the sledgehammer until it slips out of our hands and starts hurling towards the Emotions* Guys, look out! (Fear: Incoming!) *They all dodge out of the way in time as the sledgehammer flies towards the window and breaks* (Joy: Is everybody okay?) I'm okay! (Sadness: *still crying* I'm okay, even though poor Jack-Jack got kidnapped and I didn't even know that was gonna happen!) (Fear: Code blue! Code blue! We're all gonna die! *starts screaming and runs around the place*) (Anger: *turns to me, very angry* You're lucky I didn't hurt you!) *to Anger* You looked like you were gonna hit me in the face with that sledgehammer of yours! (Anger: *walks over to his closet and pulls out another sledgehammer* I have plenty of more sledgehammers like *points to it* this in my closet. Professor Rickles has crossed the line and nobody, I repeat, nobody ever hurts Jack-Jack this way!) (Sadness: *sobbing* Why would you do this, Holly?! WHY?! *continues crying as she sprays her tears in her mouth*) (Disgust: *cringes* Ew, gross. Seriously?) (Fear: *freaking out* This is terrible! Just terrible! Now Bob, Dash and Violet are gonna notice that Jack-Jack's missing! WILL THIS STORY NEVER END?!) (Joy: *shocked* I've got nothing to say except that I hope the next chapter will have something positive for us.) (Fear: *to Joy* I'm positive that this next chapter will have another superhero getting kidnapped!) Or maybe Bob, Dash and Violet got tricked because that fake police officer who works with Professor Rickles probably got Jack-Jack distracted. (Anger: Do you really think so? Because if I find out that your prediction is incorrect again, *hollering* I am gonna gut you like a fish!*) (Joy: *quickly, stepping in* Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Okay, none of that! We don't want any more drama here, thank you very much!) (Anger: *threateningly, to Joy* Reprimand me one more time, Joy and I will strangle you to death!) *I hold Anger back* Don't do it, Anger! (Anger: *furiously* You wanna be next? Then stay out of it, Orangebird!) (Sadness: *crying* Anger, please don't do this! You don't wanna hurt both of them!) (Disgust: *running over to us* Hey, break it up! Both of you! *separates us* The two of you need to just calm down, okay?!) *to Disgust* Anger started it, Disgust! (Anger: No, Orangebird started it.) (Disgust: I don't care who started it! I don't ever want to see this type of drama ever again! We love you both and listen to me: You are not in a competition with each other, okay?) Okay, sorry, Disgust.

(Sadness: *hoarsely from crying* I hate to interrupt this confrontation, guys, but it looks like Fear passed out and he's been like that for the past fifteen minutes.) Oh, you gotta be kidding me! Thanks for the heads up, Sadness. (Sadness: Just trying to help, only now we have to wait for the next chapter to come out and that's gonna be a long, long, long time.) (Anger: *grabs his sledgehammer* Once we get to the next chapter, I'm gonna end Professor Rickles' career once and for all.) (Joy: *while carrying Fear* Well, you know what they say, to be continued!) I hope I get to see you in the next chapter and it was great one, even though I didn't expect Jack-Jack to be kidnapped because I did not see that coming! (Disgust: News flash: Neither did we!) (Anger: *glaring* I will be coming for you, Professor Rickles! You just wait!)
3/18/2020 c5 31FrozenTinkerbellPotter-Lover15

But seriously, good job with this story. When will you update next? Just curious, so take all the time you need.
Umm... That has to be my favorite Incredibles fan fiction I've read yet! Can you please post the rest?! Or is it done?
1/26/2020 c4 5Orangebird124
Holly, you have no idea how long I've been waiting for this fourth chapter to come out! (Joy: It's already been almost a month and now we're in a new decade! Woohoo!) *to Joy* Yep, that's right, Joy! Now we'll get to see what'll happen next and oh, man! I can tell it's gonna be a good one! (Sadness: I don't really know about that.) (Disgust: *to Sadness* What is it, this time, Sadness?) (Sadness: I feel like the more I keep reading this story, I may have a feeling that this story might not have a happy ending.) (Joy: *to Sadness* You never know, Sadness! Maybe this story will have a happy ending and besides, I'm sure good things will happen!) (Fear: If I had a quarter for every time I heard you say that, Joy, I would put it in my worst case scenario jar.) (Anger: *growls* This better be good or I'm gonna blow my top off!) (Disgust: *sighs* Okay, can we just get on with the reviewing before this whole thing becomes a role-play?) (Joy: *gasps eagerly* Did somebody say role-play?! I'm in!) (Disgust: *rolls her eyes in annoyance* Oh, brother...)

Whoa, I'm afraid Bob has gotten worse and he's even more angrier and worried for the past two weeks! I also understand what it feels like whenever a parent freaks out over their kid or a loved one missing for two weeks and believe me, it's really painful. :( I hope the detectives are doing their job well and they're doing everything they can to bring back Helen home safe. (Anger: Okay, time out! I can see that those detectives aren't really trying at all and their not doing their job right!) *to Anger* Whoa, Anger! (Anger: I can tell that those detectives are just ready to give up because Professor Rickles is just too smart and if they're not gonna find Elastigirl, then I will! This will be a one-man job and I'm not gonna rest until she is brought back home safe!) (Sadness: I have a feeling that this chapter is getting worse...) (Fear: *worriedly* What are we gonna do?! Without Elastigirl, the Parr family is nothing without her and even most of the superheroes almost look dead! I can't take this anymore! *starts banging his head against the wall*) *to Fear* What are you- Are you hitting your head against the wall?! (Fear: *flipping out* WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE I'M DOING?! *continues banging his head against the wall*) Holy mother of Megazon! Helen cursed at Professor Rickles?! (Anger: Now that's something I'd enjoy! Helen has access to the entire curse word library! I hope she dropped the 'f' bomb!) (Joy: Or the sugar honey iced tea word!) Ouch! That's gotta hurt the way Professor Rickles punched Helen in the face! (Disgust: And of course, those creepy white men had to drag her away.) (Anger: *angrily, as his head erupts into flames* OKAY, THIS IS STARTING TO PISS ME OFF! I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR SUCH A LONG TIME FOR HELEN TO ESCAPE, BUT NO! THESE (censored) WHITE MEN HAVE BEEN DRAGGING HER AWAY AND NOW THEY'RE GOING TO GIVE HER A SERIOUS PUNISHMENT?!) (Sadness: *to Anger* I'm afraid so, Anger.) (Disgust: *to Anger* And if I were you, Anger, I would curse less in this story or maybe not curse at all.) (Anger: *grabs a gun and aims it at Disgust, angrily* How 'bout I do that?) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Anger, how about we put the gun down so nobody gets hurt? (Anger: *aims his gun at me* I don't have to listen to you, OB! You don't even have a soul!) Ow. (*Fear screams very loudly*) (Anger: *yelling, to Fear* Now what's wrong, beanpole?!) (Fear: *screaming* Those white men tried to break into the house and take Bob and the kids! THIS IS A PERFECT TIME TO PANIC!) (Joy: But look! Bob was able to get the kids to safety and he fought back! Good thing he learned a lot about self-defense!) Go, Bob! Go! (Fear: Oh my God! Alprazolam?! So that's what these men use to make the superheroes drowsy! I should've known! It's so dangerous!) *Disgust starts feeling nauseous* (Sadness: Uh, Orangebird? *points to Disgust*) *I notice Disgust and approach over to her* Disgust, what's wrong? (Disgust: *about to vomit* Excuse me while I go throw up! *runs off*) Okay... Oh, my... Although, Bob was able to knock the white men out, I just discovered that Jack-Jack has killing powers?! *The Emotions gasp in shock* I didn't see that coming and I didn't know that he has killing powers! (Disgust: *recovering* I just can't bare to see those dead white men.) (Joy: This might be a good thing because he can use them to fight back against those white men and save Elastigirl and the superheroes! Holly, you are a genius!) (Sadness: *sobs* I can't help but see that Jack-Jack started crying in the end. Do you think he made a mistake?) *to Sadness* I can assure you that he was only trying to protect Violet, Dash and Bob. You know, it might be a good thing and maybe Professor Rickles will fall to his death. (Joy: Oh, yes! That would be fantastic! Wait, no, incredible if Professor Rickles falls to his death because then we won't ever have to see him again!) (Sadness: Now that this chapter if over, it looks like we'll have to wait for the fifth chapter to come out.) (Anger: It better not be another month or I'm gonna go insane! In fact, Professor Rickles is insane!) I definitely agree with you about Professor Rickles being insane, but sorry, Anger, you're gonna have to wait again. (*Anger curses under his breath*) (Fear: I can't wait that long anymore! I wanna know what'll happen next! I wanna see the superheroes get the powers back! *begging* Please don't make me go crazy or I'm not gonna get any sleep throughout all of these nights!) (Disgust: *walks away* That's it, I'm done.) What an incredible chapter you wrote, Holly! Keep up the good, amazing, terrific, well-written work and I'll see you in the fifth chapter! (Sadness: I don't know how long that will be and let's hope that this story won't have a sad ending. *lays back down on the ground*) Oh, Sadness!
12/30/2019 c3 Orangebird124
OMG, is this what I think this is?! (Joy: The third chapter is finally out!) (Anger: Well, it's about time! I was this close to filing a complaint!) (Sadness: *confused* What are you talking about?) (Anger: I was going to file a complaint by saying that this story has been on a cliffhanger for so long, I demand to know what happened to Frozone!) (Fear: Will this story never end?!) (Disgust: Oh, and FYI, guys, this might contain a lot of drama, so watch out!) Thanks for the heads up, Disgust! (Joy: Let's get it!) (Disgust: *to Joy* Who are you, Berleezy?) (Joy: *winks at Disgust* Yep!)

Oh, my, poor Helen. She really misses her family so much and I'm beginning to think that the superheroes are held captive in prison. (Disgust: Uh, Orangebird, they're already held captive in prison.) (Fear: *screams* I knew it! I knew Frozone was kidnapped!) (Anger: *shouting* WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!) *to Anger* I don't know, Anger, but it looks like Holly was probably planning on letting Frozone get kidnapped and look, the guards aren't even gonna let Helen scream for help! This is madness! It looks like we got a new antagonist and his name is Professor Rickles! (Anger: *growls* Professor Rickles?! What does he want?) According to him, it looks like he wants to eliminate all of the superheroes! (Anger: WHAT?! Okay, that does it! We're going to bust these superheroes out once and for all!) (Sadness: But how are we gonna do that? We don't have super powers.) (Joy: Well, uh, you know what? I can't really think of anything.) *to Joy* Oh-no, Joy, you gotta think of something! You just have to! (Joy: *sighs* I don't know. These villains might be stronger than the superheroes.) (Sadness: They're really tough to defeat. Plus, I hope this doesn't have a sad ending. *sniffles* The funny movie where the dog dies already had a sad ending.) (Disgust: *to Sadness* Are we still talking about that?) (Fear: Oh-no, no, no, no, no, no!) *to Fear* What's wrong, Fear? (Fear: Professor Rickles and Evelyn Deavor were inventors and then she betrayed him and went to do her own thing! Now he's planning on eliminating the superheroes his way! What are we gonna do?!) (Anger: *angrily, as his head erupts into flames* Nobody eliminates the superheroes! *grabs a chainsaw* When I see this guy again, I'm gonna kill him and he will pay for this!) (Joy: Maybe Professor Rickles' defeat will be him falling to his death!) *to Joy* Joy, you're not spoiling the story, are you? (Joy: I'm just making a prediction!) (Sadness: *to Joy* But what if your prediction is inaccurate? What if the story does end up having a sad ending?) (Disgust: *rolls her eyes* Here come the tears and if it starts flooding all over the place, then remind me to grab an umbrella to use as a boat because there's no way that I'm getting Sadness' tears all over my dress.) Disgust! Sorry about that. You know, if Professor Rickles had a voice actor, I'm guessing that he'd be voiced by either Kevin Costner or John C. Reilly. (Joy: Was John C. Reilly the actor who voiced Wreck-It Ralph in "Wreck-It Ralph" and "Ralph Breaks the Internet"?) *to Joy* Yep, that's correct!

(Sadness: I had a feeling that Honey would be freaking out after Frozone got kidnapped. It's just like I expected...) *to the Emotions* Hey, guys! A police officer and a detective just showed up! (Joy: That means there's evidence!) (Disgust: I'll bet this has something to do with the superheroes going missing!) So, the video must be when Evelyn and Professor Fallon Rickles planning to eliminate all superheroes and even though Evelyn betrayed him, he's planning on killing Elastigirl, Violet, Dash, Jack-Jack, Bob and everyone that knows her! (Anger: *to us* Guys, cover your ears.) *We all cover our ears* (Anger: *rages, as his head explodes into flames* WHAT THE (censored) IS WRONG WITH THAT PROFESSOR?! I WILL NOT LET THIS HAPPEN! THAT (censored) PROFESSOR IS GONNA PAY! YOU ARE NOT TAKING THE KIDS! (Fear: *freaking out* Okay, now this is definitely the perfect time to panic! *screams, as he starts running all around the room*) (Sadness: *tearfully* I think I'm about to enter a sadness spiral again!) (Disgust: I am so disgusted with Professor Fallon Rickles right now and if he thinks he can capture every superhero and take their powers away, that's where I draw the line!) (Anger: *shouting, furiously* THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! PROFESSOR FALLON RICKLES IS SUCH AN 'A' HOLE!) *to Anger* True that, Anger! This is even worse than I thought it would be! I will not rest until the superheroes are brought back with their superpowers safe and sound or my name is not Orangebird124! (Joy: Well, happy New Year, Holly! We'll see you in the fourth chapter!) (Sadness: To be continued...)
11/29/2019 c2 Orangebird124
Holly, I've been waiting for so long for this second chapter to finally come out and now it is finally here! (Joy: Yay!) (Anger: Well, it's about time! Now we'll finally get to see where Helen has been held hostage! *clenches his fists*) (Sadness: Although, this second chapter came out two months later, it was still worth the wait.) (Fear: Two months?! I've been worrying about Elastigirl this whole time and I'm beginning to think that-) (Disgust: *interrupts Fear* You are such a worrywart, Fear! Why don't you ever learn to chill out?) Oh my God... (Fear: What is it, Orangebird124?) Elastigirl's been kidnapped and she's all chained up! She couldn't even fight against those three men and that duct tape, oh my God! This is one suspenseful moment! (Anger: *growls* You don't ever mess with Elastigirl!) You tell them, Anger! *We high five each other* (Disgust: Uh, guys, I hate to break the news to you, but Helen isn't the only one captured.) *to Disgust* What do you mean, Disgust? (Disgust: The rest of the other superheroes, including Voyd is held captive too!) (Fear: WHAT?! Voyd too?! She's the one who pinned Violet up against the wall and tried to put the hypno-goggles on her! *shudders* That part was so scary!) (Joy: *to Fear* Look on the bright side, Fear, at least Violet fought back and they're destroyed!) (Sadness: If Helen was quick enough to write that note to her family by saying that she's in trouble, then the men wouldn't have thrown it away.) (Disgust: Those men really disgust me right now.) *to Disgust* I actually agree with you Disgust. (Sadness: I can't help but feel bad for all of the superheroes, especially Voyd and Helen. It was like a normal day and then all of a sudden, they get drugged and knocked out fast. *sadly* Tsk, tsk, tsk. I'll bet that Helen is very worried about her family.) (Joy: *to Sadness* You know, Sadness, I do agree with you and I just wish there was someway Helen and the rest of the superheroes can do to fight back.) Whoa, that creepy man in a tuxedo just appeared and oh-no! He made his men drug every superhero and they lost all of their powers! (Anger: *shocked* They did what?! *growls, as his head erupts into flames* NOOOOOOOOOOO! YOU ARE NOT TAKING THEIR SUPER POWERS AWAY! YOU CAN'T DO THAT! I WILL (censored) GUT YOU LIKE A FISH AND I WILL (censored) BURN YOU!) (Fear: *rushes over to Anger* Anger, calm down!) (Anger: *punches Fear in the stomach* Shut your goddamn mouth, beanpole!) (Disgust: *to Anger* Anger, watch your mouth! This is a K rated story!) (Anger: *to Disgust* I don't have to listen to you!

Oh my God, maybe Evelyn escaped from prison and ordered her men to kidnap Elastigirl as revenge and Violet could be right! (Joy: *seriously* I think we're in big trouble.) (Fear: *whimpering* Oh, this is bad, this is really bad! First, they took Helen and now all of the superheroes are taken too! I hope they haven't taken Frozone!) Gee, it's a good thing Violet and Dash called Lucius on the phone and as much as their worried about their mom, they're worried about him too and even Lucius' wife is worried about him too! Wait, stop right there. The moment Lucius felt that little pinch on his neck, he started to have a blurry vision! (Fear: *screaming* Oh-no! Now they got Frozone too!) (Anger: *furiously* Whoever is doing this is ridiculous and I know that it's Evelyn! She must've decided to have her revenge!) (Sadness: What are we going to do?!) (Joy: *to the Emotions, seriously* I think we may have to go into lockdown mode, guys. This is not a drill.) (Fear: *whimpering* Those men in the white jackets are going to give me nightmares now!) (Sadness: *sniffles* Now how are the superheroes gonna use their powers?! I don't really like this!) (Joy: I'm pretty sure that they'll figure a way out and get their powers back, if they can.) (Disgust: *nervously* Is this a good time to start going in a panic mode right now? I feel like I'm about to hyperventilate!) I have some brown paper bags for you to breathe in them if you need it! (Fear: I got my first aid kit!) (Anger: *angrily* Nobody, and I mean nobody drugs the superheroes and take their powers away! They'll pay for this!)

Holly, this second chapter was really worth the wait and it looks like this story is going to be realistic and so far, I'm still enjoying it! Keep it up and hopefully this story will have a happy ending! (Sadness: If it doesn't, then I'm gonna bawl my eyes out! *sobs*) I also have a feeling that I'm smelling Déjà vu or maybe history might be repeating itself! (*Fear faints*) I hope the third chapter won't be too bad, I don't even know. Poor Helen. :( Maybe the superheroes will get their powers back! (Sadness: That's for Holly to know and for us to find out. You never know.) (Joy: Stay tuned until next time!) I guess I'll just have to find out for myself in the next chapter and once again, fantastic job writing this! :)
9/9/2019 c1 1Tripledent
Yikes, that's terrible for the Parr family to deal with! Hopefully Violet shares the clue with everybody so she doesn't feel she has to figure out what happened to Helen by herself. And I agree with Violet, I don't know why Ms Paula would have such a bad rep, I trust her to keep Violet's secret.
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