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3/26 c1 Whittweet
This is now going to live as head-canon. So beautiful. I wish there was more to the Love and Horcrux story and could have been taken all the way to the moment Harry sacrifices himself. So, so BEAUTIFUL.
9/13/2021 c2 1Wanderlustatheart
Wow. Beautiful.
It made me think of a passage in the books (or movies, I don’t remember) when Dumbledore tells Harry he’s more like his mother than he thinks. Could it be that his love and « soft side » came from Lily’s magic?
I think this is a good chapter to explain how Harry had some protective factors against becoming an angry and resentful child. However, I do feel like it would be nice to explain that the older Harry gets, the less powerful the love becomes so that Harry’s power becomes more his own and less influenced by Lily’s power.

Thank you for this story!
9/13/2021 c1 Wanderlustatheart
had always thought James and Lily married only out of love but this story made me realise that there was a high probability of societal pressure as well. What you wrote is logical, because I was also unable to reconcile Lily, being mature and independent, with marring so young.

I wonder what Lily’s career would have been had there not been a war. Potion maker?

It’s odd how simply you put it. War loneliness lots of money and free time why not have a kid? But I like it! It makes it come out as a decision and not a mistake which I really prefer!

This was so sad... Lily’s moment with Severus was so powerful. Lily talking about the future and reading it when you know she’ll die really hurts.

Lily telling James to listen to her and him simply going to the door...

The way Lily used so much love with dark arts was brilliant. She used so much she wasn’t able to use it for herself?

Honestly, Sirius’s lack of trial was one of the most infuriating thing in the universe.

This was beautiful!
2/17/2020 c2 4Overpoint65
God this is so brilliant, and so interesting and so utterly, utterly heart breaking. It makes so much more sense than cannon, and really highlights how clever and skilled Lily is- and how vital for the war effort- despite not being a frontline fighter. The little detail that she had the tickets to flee oversees (with India and Nigeria being the super powers of the magical world!) in HER POCKET just...ripped my heart out and stamped on it. Ow. bravo. But OWWW.

There's this harsh, but enevitable feeling of the rope closing around her neck as the whole of soiety just walls itself off from her- the magical one rejecting her whilst cutting her off at the knee wrt the muggle one. (and her determination to over come, again ow.). God I normally don't like 'Lily and James survive' AUs but I'd love one in this universe- especially Lily...or even just Lilly...She's so dynamic and complex and flawed (and imagining the long term effects of the Love...gives me chills of excitement).

I also enjoy the changes in Harrys early years- the ways it sheilded him from the very worst effects of the Dursleys abuse. And Harry understanding as he grew up what hs mother really did, what she actually sacrificed for him. And that he coudn't do that, because of his own rocky mental stability. GOD DAMN YOUR'RE KILLING ME

Im working my way through your other Harry Potter fics at the moment, and im enjoying them just as much.
11/18/2019 c2 1ShadowFest
Wow. Amazing. I like this explanation for how Voldemort was defeated and how Lily's Love continued to assist Harry through the rest of the series. You have done a fantastic job with showing your concept for the Love. Thank you for sharing your time, imagination, and talent with us readers.

-As an idea for more, it would be interesting to see how the Love and the Horcrux react to the TriWizard Tournament and the graveyard.
10/9/2019 c2 A Strawberry
You made the war and all of its feelings so much more real through Lily, and really, the change of secret keepers and Harry’s survival is much more compelling through this tale of Dark Arts.
You really made the sentience work, the draw of the Dark Arts, the Love’s lack of trust, and limited power after Lily splintered.
Fascinating how without the house explosion she might’ve survived.
The opposing forces of the Love and the Horcrux was also very compelling in a somewhat disturbing way, but really, this was so perfectly written!
Definitely a favorite of mine, perfect as a twoshot. Thank you for that glance into Lily and Snape, and the ambiguity you put in for all the ‘survivors’. (Snape, Sirius, Peter,) all damaged but not all necessarily just evil and doing things TO BE evil.
I’ll stop gushing now, lol! ;-)
10/2/2019 c2 38ChocolateTeapot
This is a fascinating perspective! I really liked this as a reason why Harry turned out comparatively well adjusted.

I liked that bit of world building about how the killing curse worked.

The Love narrowing down onto Harry was excellently done.

“The Horcrux, broken of the Whole” I wonder if that should be “off”.

Being able to work with the Horcrux on one thing was great, and I really liked the difficult relationship between the Love and the Horcrux.

The Love being able to use that Petunia loved the house and Dudley was very interesting. I really liked it getting Petunia to call the police and influence the intruders so that they would breach the Statute of Secrecy. The details about the Statute were great world building.

The Love’s distrust of others was an excellent characterisation.

The reactions to the meeting at Hogwarts were very interesting, and I particularly liked how they influenced the meeting with Snape.

The fight with Quirrel was great and I liked what Harry figured it was compared to what happened.

Making the burning into the frying pan memory was an excellent detail.

The Love’s happiness at Harry’s first year was lovely.

The Horcrux’s satisfaction at the outcome made for a brilliant and disturbing ending.
9/28/2019 c1 ChocolateTeapot
Excellent work! The worldbuilding is great and I really like how you portray Lily.

Lily thinking about how Snape trying to say that he didn’t see her as “mudblood” didn’t actually make it better. Her asking the prefect to see Snape off after he did sit with Mulciber again was good.

Her thoughts about why she was marrying James were fascinating.

I liked how Remus hedged the information about how Severus got the apprenticeship. Lily’s surge of anger at hearing he’d joined Voldemort was great.

I adored Lily’s thinking that having got married at eighteen and being in a war, she might as well have a kid young too.

The reasoning behind James’ name made me smile.

Lily’s uncertain feelings about going to Severus were fascinating. I really liked their last encounter. Lily’s responses to Severus asking if she could forgive him were excellent.

Her wondering about Voldemort’s sanity and motivations was interesting.

I really liked the reason why they switched secret keepers.

Her realisation that anti-apparation wards were set up was hard hitting. I got the chills when James died.

One nitpick: I think the killing curse is “Avada Kedavra”.

The forced calm as she prepared her shield as Voldemort closed in for the kill was excellently written. I liked her drifting last thoughts as well.

Peter’s side of the story was suitably tragic.

Harry’s thoughts about him slowly learning this were very interesting.
9/21/2019 c2 Kay
I enjoyed this story for the glimpse into Lily's life and mind, and especially for painting a picture of how it could have been to grow into adulthood as a muggleborn during Voldemort's reign of terror. I like the idea of The Love being a semi-sentient protective force and an example of dark arts being used for good.
9/4/2019 c1 Lisa
Thank you for writing this story. It makes a lot of sense for it to have happened just this way.
9/4/2019 c1 1LadyElizabethDarcy
This is really beautiful! I had tears in my eyes by the end. I hope you write more one shots of Lily and James.
9/4/2019 c1 174Qoheleth
Dear Anla'shok:

Well, of course there was a King Harry. Doesn't Lily know her Shakespeare? "Follow your spirit; and upon this charge / Cry, 'God for Harry! England and Saint George!'" (Not that he was much of a unifying figure, to be sure - but, hey, it's still a better namesake than old Shadow-of-the-Valois-Yawning-at-His-Mass.)


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