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for Steven Universe with Spinel

10/17 c8 Frostytail
3 way, all the way I love Poly relationships
9/7 c18 69AVP5
Nice work here and I like the little change with Spinel in Steven's place here. Looking forward to more and take care.
9/4 c18 liziliza
Adoro a maneira que reescreve os episódios de Steven.
Spinel e Pearl são muito próximas e se entendem muito bem.
Ai estou ansiosa por mais.
9/4 c18 1Bloody Rogue dragon deity king
Not bad
9/4 c18 Bagnight
wow that was awesome I love the story are you going to continue Steven watches Steven universe future
8/16 c17 11Crow-DarkHeart
Spinel and Lapis I approve and want to see what kind of fusion they make.
8/13 c2 675mary.okeeffe.16
The Bits, The Bits, The Bits, classic.
8/13 c1 mary.okeeffe.16
I remember this, Also I figure out their acronym

8/4 c17 Guest
In short your Spinel plushie finally arrived
8/5 c17 meistersage1
Can't wait to see more, this was awesome.

I'm sorry to hear about the depression, I understand how that can feel, especially with all the stuff happening.

Just want to say this story is one of my highlights to come and read whenever it posts, thanks for keeping up the awesome work and I hope everything works out for ya.
8/5 c17 69AVP5
Hope you are safe where you are at and awesome work. Be safe and looking forward to more when you got the time.
8/4 c17 liziliza
Spinel é uma boa cupido.
Gostei de como reescreveu esse episodio.
Ansiosa por mais.
8/4 c17 16F-ckthesystem125
Nice chapter
8/4 c17 1Bloody Rogue dragon deity king
7/9 c16 8The Keeper of Worlds
I approve the tri-ship.
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