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12/20/2019 c85 Darth Nominatis
You didn't think of a title for chapter 85? Well, maybe the title for chapter 85 would be "the big surprise" how would that sound for chapter 85
12/13/2019 c82 Darth Nominatis
Thanks Laquane, I may be 18, but I would never use bad words, ever
12/13/2019 c82 Darth Nominatis
Laquane, could you please concern that word, there might be younger viewers reading this fanfic
11/14/2019 c78 Darth Nominatis
I'm guessing it's going to be a while for the musical curse has returned chapters to be ready, right
11/8/2019 c9 47Laquane2021
hey you yeah I do I'm talking about you the one who gave me some ideas about not bring Izzy back, I don't like what you are doing to my stories I'm doing it my way and if I want to bring Izzy back I'm going to
11/4/2019 c76 Darth Nominatis
On chapter 77, we see Mechrilla building a machine that looks a bit like the musical machine but smaller saying (Mechrilla [yes, this time they won't be able to defeat me, not even a finale can save them now] Magellan [Mechrilla! What are you doing?] Mechrilla [I'm building something] Magellan [well keep it down, some of us are trying to sleep]) with Mechrilla putting the diamond in the machine and closing it he turned on releasing a wave of music saying (Mechrilla [not only will it affect Neverland but the whole world will be in a the musical curse]) we then go to a town called swell view and to a lair under a shop to see a short man in front of a bunch of computers and when he was about to leave the computers started to alarm making him turn back to the computers with a man in a blue robe walking up to the computers saying (? [Schwoz, why is the alarm going off in the middle of the night?] Schwoz [I can't believe I'm saying this Ray, but the musical curse is back] Ray [FRANKINI!]) with Ray yelling ends the chapter, another chapter ready, you'll have to pick different songs for the new musical because it would be very confusing if you used the same musical from Henry danger
11/1/2019 c75 Darth Nominatis
on chapter 76, we see the legion of pirate villains waiting for the four villains with Mechrilla saying (Mechrilla [I told them about the side effect, but they haven't returned yet]) just then they saw the four villains appear back in gear island, but what they didn't expect was Twisted laying on the ground knocked out, Huntress's spirit yelling and saw Magneto and Doomsday coming at them, Magneto punched Mechrilla in the belly hurting his hand with Doomsday pouncing Magellan when Grim moved out of the way then looked to them seeing Doomsday on top of Magellan with Doomsday apologizing to her only to get beat up with Mechrilla covering his eyes from the beating with Grim and Magneto walking away pulling Mechrilla from them, we then go to pirate island to see Terra playing Uno with Skully, Shiverjack and Kevin, when Kevin was about to say uno they jumped when they saw Jake, Hanazuki, Eddy and Ultron appear out of nowhere saying (Ultron [what just happened?] Eddy [when did you get here, Ultron?] Captain Jake [this is pirate island, we're back in Neverland] Hanazuki [hooray!]) when Hanazuki hugged Jake all four keys started to glow and the four put the tip of the keys at each other and a hologram came out showing Mega man, Spongebob, True and Dedede sitting at a table with a cloaked figure in front of them saying (? [the mission for the four of you is to give the four keys to the Caballeros, when they have proved themselves of defeating you with the super armor, good luck, Determined four] Determined four [yes sir!]) when the hologram ended the four pulled the keys away realizing why they earned the keys with Terra saying (Terra [the Caballeros, it's happening again] Ultron [again?] Eddy [what are you talking about, bro?] Terra [me and three of my friends were the first to bring the worlds back to the way they are, and now it's happening again] Captain Jake [that explains why we've been seeing new people] Hanazuki [maybe the moon gems can help incase the keys get destroyed] Shiverjack [but we only have five of them, we need two more] Eddy [I know who has the sixth moon gem, the color soldier trio]) we then see Zolton activating a security system making sure a diamond is secure then walked over to the couch next to Red Jessica petting Rosie[Rosie's a white kitten with a bow on the back of her neck] saying (Zolton [it took me three hours, but I managed to make the perfect security system for the diamond] Red Jessica [we're lucky Rosie found the diamond] Rosie [meow]) just then they heard a knock on the door and opened it to see Mechrilla in the doorway saying (Mechrilla [hello, I was wondering if you could trade me that diamond with what I have] Zolton [no way, it's too dangerous to be in the wrong hands, good day]) when Zolton slammed the door closed Mechrilla pulled out the sixth moon gem saying (Mechrilla [that's too bad, because I was hoping to give you this purple moon gem for the diamond]) just then the door opened with Zolton grabbing the moon gem and placing the diamond in Mechrilla's hand then slamming then door making Mechrilla flinch then to see Zolton place the moon gem in the security system and when he got everything in place he was panting with Rosie playing with Zolton's robe saying (Zolton [that was a close one] Rosie [meow] Red Jessica [why would you do that? you just gave him the diamond] Zolton [the seven moon gems have a power, the power in this moon gem has the power for anyone that holds it the power to transform into anyone they know, it's more dangerous then the diamond, it's a good thing Mechrilla brought it to us]) and with that ends the chapter, another chapter ready
11/1/2019 c75 Darth Nominatis
Laquane, you forgot the title for chapter 75, the title will be named, the fourth key to dreamland, maybe fix the title for chapter 74 like the third key to rainbow kingdom, please
11/1/2019 c75 11Hamza9236
10/30/2019 c74 Darth Nominatis
On chapter 75, we see a town with a bunch of cappies walking around, the adults were working while the kids were playing, we then see a cappy with a chef uniform sitting at one of his tables reading a newspaper saying (? [another day with no customers, at least I can catch up on the daily newspaper]) just then he jumped when he saw Ultron and Magneto appeared out of nowhere saying (Ultron [what kind of town are we in?] Magneto [I don't know, but what I do know is this!]) Magneto then punched Ultron making him stumble into a table and when Magneto was about to finish Ultron he got whacked by a frying pan held by the cappy chef and helped Ultron up saying (? [you must be new here, my name is Kawasaki] Ultron [I'm Ultron, thanks for the help Kawasaki]) when the two heard Magneto getting up they got ready to battle, it was tough but they managed to beat Magneto and when Magneto was about to attack blue sparkles started to glow with Mechrilla calling saying (Mechrilla [is this thing on, to the villains that got teleported to the areas with the heroes, you don't have much time, once you see sparkles, that means your time is up] Magneto [I'm not leaving yet!]) Magneto almost punched Ultron only to be warped back to Neverland with Kawasaki saying (Kawasaki [that was weird, hey a piece of paper] Ultron [paper?]) Ultron looked at the ground to see the paper and picked it up to see what is on it and said (Ultron [it only shows this town, the other three are unknown, wait a minute, this paper says there's a key in this town] Kawasaki [hey, it says here that the most determined holds the key, that's Kirby!] Ultron [Kirby?] Kawasaki [follow me, I know where Kirby might be]) but when they exited the restaurant they moved out of the way when three knights came at them turned to Ultron with the knight in the middle saying (? knight [you must be the one after the key Kirby has?] Ultron [you got that right, who are you?] ? knight 2 [I'm Sword Knight] ? knight 3 [I'm Blade knight] ? knight [and I am Meta knight, and you will never get past us] Kawasaki [be careful, Meta knight is very powerful] Ultron [don't worry, I've had worse]) Ultron and the three knights start to fight, it was a tough battle but Ultron was able to defeat the three knights with Meta knight getting up saying (Meta knight [you are stronger than I thought, you are worthy of getting the key] Ultron [so Kawasaki, do you know where Kirby is?] Kawasaki [follow me, I think he might be at his house]) when they got to Kirby's house they saw a little yellow bird on top of the house and when he saw the two he panicked and flew around the house saying (? bird [EMERGENCY, EMERGENCY!]) just then three kids [two cappies and a pink blob] the girl looked at the bird and said (? [what's the emergency this time Tikori? it better not be another one of your ideas to get Kirby out of the house again] Tikori [this time it isn't, look!]) when the three looked to where Tikori is pointing at they saw Ultron and Kawasaki walking to them with the girl saying (? [thanks for the help Tikori, you can go inside] Tikori [thanks Tiff, I've been needing to get some sleep]) with Tikori going into the house to sleep the three kids ran to Ultron and Kawasaki with Tiff saying (Tiff [Kawasaki, why did you bring him here?] Kawasaki [he something from Kirby] Ultron [even if I have to fight for it] ? [well your not laying one finger on Kirby!] Kirby [poyo] Ultron [that's Kirby!? He's a baby!] Tiff [he may be a baby, but he saved us many times, right Tuff?] Tuff [yeah, so you better watch out, because he can whip your butt even without a weapon] Ultron [I would like a challenge] Tuff [alright Kirby, suck up this sword]) when Tuff threw the sword in the air Kirby sucked it up and transformed into sword Kirby with Tiff saying (Tiff [you said you would like a challenge, so me and Tuff will help Kirby fight you] Tuff [you won't be able to keep your head on once we're through with you!] Ultron [bring it]) Ultron and the three kids fought until Ultron managed to knock them down and then Ultron walked up to Kirby holding the paper out to him saying (Ultron [I would like the key now] Kirby [key, key!]) what Ultron didn't expect was Kirby running towards the castle with the others following Kirby when they got half way they saw Meta knight join the chase saying (Meta knight [is something wrong?] Ultron [Kirby is running away from me because he has the key I need!] Meta knight [what key?] Kawasaki [the dream key, the paper said the most determined holds the key] Ultron [and Kirby has the key, get back here!]) when they caught up with Kirby they him fly over the castle wall and lowered the draw bridge for the others to enter with Ultron saying (Ultron [so you know where the key is, right?] Kirby [poyo] Ultron [he's still in training, right?] Meta knight [yes] ? [halt!]) the group turned to the voice and saw a bunch of waddle dees holding spears with a waddle doo holding a sword at the group saying (Waddle Doo [what kind of business do you have here?] Kawasaki [Kirby brought us here to find a key Ultron is looking for, do you know the key he's looking for?] Waddle Doo [the only key I have is this one, it goes to the throne room, but you won't get it, waddle dees, attack!]) with Waddle Doo running all over the castle the waddle dees charged at the group with Ultron saying (Ultron [this is gonna be harder than I thought] Kirby [poyo!] Ultron [Kirby, what are you doing?] Tiff [he's helping, but he's not the only one that's going to help] Tuff [yeah, we're here for you] Meta knight [the only way to get that key is to work together] Kawasaki [that's how it is in dreamland] Ultron [this is it, it's time we finish this adventure]) the group started to fight through the waddle dees while fighting Waddle Doo, they were able to beat Waddle Doo with Ultron saying (Ultron [alright Waddle Doo, give me the key] Waddle Doo [didn't you hear what I said? this key goes to the throne room, follow me]) the group followed Waddle Doo until they got to two giant doors, when Waddle Doo unlocked the doors he pushed them open revealing a blue penguin wearing kingly clothes and a giant snail, when Ultron, Kirby and Meta knight entered the room Tuff ran into an invisible barrier making the group look saying (Ultron [what the, what just happened?] Meta knight [King Dedede, what is the meaning of this?] King Dedede [Escargoon, bring in the first monster] Escargoon [yes sir]) when Escargoon pushed a button on the throne the group saw the roof, floor and the four pillars show some tech with Ultron saying (Ultron [what is this?] Meta knight [the monster delivery system] Kawasaki [this barrier won't let us through] Tiff [Kirby, Meta knight, Ultron, be careful in there!]) the machine then brought a flaming monster with Escargoon saying (Escargoon [this monster is Batafire, he's going to burn you alive] Ultron [I may be a robot, but I can tell that this is going to hurt]) the group started to fight the monster until it hit the limit and exploded with Escargoon pushing the buttons bringing another monster saying (Escargoon [this time you'll get a chilling reaction, meet mr. Frosty, he'll put you on ice, literally!]) mr. Frosty charged at the group starting the battle but when mr. Frosty hit his limit he blew up with Escargoon pushing the buttons with anger bringing two monsters at the same time saying (Escargoon [this time you'll be done, meet the day and night duo, mr. Shine and mr. Bright]) the duo charged at the group starting the battle but when they got to the limit they blew up with Escargoon looking through a catalogue of what monster to order next until Ultron walked up to Dedede and said (Ultron [the most determined holds the key, it wasn't Kirby, it was you!]) but what Ultron didn't expect was for Dedede to punch Ultron in the face stumbling back and regain his footing and threw his fist at Dedede's face only to be caught making the others gasp and when Kirby and Meta knight tried to help they got punched out of the throne room with Escargoon following them and when it was just Ultron and Dedede they jumped away from each other with Escargoon saying (Escargoon [Ultron, you have to survive one hour against the king] Ultron [I can tell this is going to be tough] Kirby [poyo]) Ultron was dodging and hitting Dedede through the castle, the first twenty minutes were in the throne room, the second twenty minutes were in the hallway and the last twenty minutes were in the courtyard, when Ultron survived the battle the group ran to him and were about to congratulate him until they heard Dedede stand up saying (King Dedede [it's not over yet, if you want the key, you'll have to beat me]) when Dedede pulled out the key it made a bright glow and he flew into the sky and stopped 200 feet above cappy town and the glow was getting brighter it shot a beam at the group with Tiff saying (Tiff [Ultron, you have to move, that beam is targeting you] Ultron [I'm not afraid of it, watch]) Ultron flew at the beam and tried to push it back but it was too strong, Ultron was starting to lose the will to go on until the spirit of Tony Stark appeared saying (Tony's spirit [giving up already?] Ultron [Stark?] Tony's spirit [Ultron, ever since the worlds become one you have been trying to be good] Ultron [that's just it, I don't have the will to be good] Tony's spirit [yes you do, the will to be good isn't about proving things it's about the friends you have, and your friends are always with you, in your heart]) when Tony's spirit disappeared Ultron started to glow with his cape turning yellow and when it was finished Ultron started to punch at the beam making it go backwards and when he got to the main beam he punched right through the giant shield shattering the whole shield, when all of the shield disappeared Ultron saw Dedede wearing armor all over his body with a giant hammer saying (King Dedede/super armor [it's time we finish this, ONCE, AND, FOR, ALL!]) the two started to battle, it was a tough one but Ultron managed to defeat Dedede, when the glow appeared and disappeared it showed Dedede back to normal and started to fall with Ultron going under him and when they hit the ground we see the group run to see if they're okay and when the dust settled they saw Ultron holding Dedede over his shoulder then gently placed him on the ground with the others running to them with Dedede waking up saying (King Dedede [I'll be, no ones been able to defeat me] Kawasaki [that battle was intense, how did you two survive?] Escargoon [are you okay, sire?] King Dedede [of course, Ultron is the first to survive in dreamland] Tiff [wow] Meta knight [a villain turned good] Kirby [poyo] Tuff [cool] Waddle Doo [most impressive] Kawasaki [you and your friends must be good at what you do?] Escargoon [I agree] King Dedede [Ultron, here is the dream key]) when Ultron got a hold on the key blue sparkles started to glow on him meaning it was time to go and said (Ultron [looks like it's time for me to go] Tiff [we'll miss you] Kirby [poyo] Ultron [don't worry, you can come visit me and my friends in Neverland] King Dedede [sure thing Ultron, we'll see you there]) with Ultron disappearing back to Neverland ends the chapter, another chapter ready, Laquane I know I said I didn't want any deaths in the Jake and Hanazuki fanfic but in the show and games of Kirby the monsters don't live very long, you should watch the show, it's on YouTube, watch the first episode and then the next one until you get to the movie
10/28/2019 c73 Darth Nominatis
Laquane, did you read my review idea for chapter 74 of the Jake and Hanazuki fanfic
10/28/2019 c73 Darth Nominatis
On chapter 74 the key to the rainbow kingdom, we see Hanazuki free falling from until he landed in a tree and plopped on the ground, but when she got up she moved out of the way when Twisted came at her and when he was about to charge again a black cat pounced Twisted making him stumble into a tree with the cat jumping off and helped Hanazuki up saying (? [your new around here, I'm Bartleby] Hanazuki [I'm Hanazuki, the black unicorn over there is Twisted, you can probably tell he tried to attack me] Bartleby [as a member of the kitty nati, it's my job to help others, besides the rainbow kingdom doesn't approve of attacks] Twisted [this kingdom will have it approved once I'm done with you two] Bartleby [bring it on, I'll show the skills I got from the kitty nati]) Twisted charged at the two starting the battle it was a tough one but they managed to knock Twisted down but when they did they saw Twisted glow blue with Mechrilla calling him saying (Mechrilla [is this thing on, to the villains that got teleported to the areas with the heroes, you don't have much time, once you see blue sparkles around your body it means you're going back to where you were]) just then Twisted teleported back to Neverland with Hanazuki looking up to see the paper and caught it to see what is on it saying (Hanazuki [the place I'm in is the Rainbow kingdom?] Bartleby [that's right] Hanazuki [and it says that there's a key somewhere in the kingdom, do you know where it is, it's called the rainbow key?] Bartleby [I'm not sure what your talking about, it definitely isn't my friend True who has the key which she is at the castle]) Bartleby then covered his mouth realizing his mistake with Hanazuki saying (Hanazuki [a friend of yours has the key, where?] Bartleby [the key is too dangerous in the wrong hands, True told me that, you won't get the key, never!]) Bartleby then ran from Hanazuki back to where True is with Hanazuki following but when she got to a town she lost sight of Bartleby and decided to look around the town to see if someone knows where True is, but when she got half way through the town she saw a giant pink diamond as a three wheeled race car with a little princess wearing a red dress and a crystal crown even her puppy is wearing a crystal crown, they stopped before Hanazuki got hit and when she walked to the side of the race car she said (Hanazuki [um, hello?] ? [hello, my name is Grizelda and this is Frookie, you need any help?] Hanazuki [yes, you see I'm looking for someone named True, do you know where I can find her?] Grizelda [of course, I can take you to her, hop on and hang on tight]) when Hanazuki hopped in the race car she hanged on while Grizelda was driving to the castle, when they got to the castle Hanazuki hopped off saying (Hanazuki [thanks, the next time someone asks you for directions, drive a bit slower, because I just lost my lunch] Grizelda [sorry about that] Hanazuki [It's okay] Grizelda [True is in the wishing tree up on top of the castle, defeat the Rainbow King and he'll help you up to the tree] Hanazuki [Rainbow King?] Rainbow King [over here!]) Hanazuki turned to the voice and saw a creature a bit smaller than Bartleby with a red cape, a golden scepter and three colored orbs on three sides of his head, blue, yellow, red, he even has two rainbow guards with him, they have giant spears and their bigger than Grizelda's race car, the Rainbow King went up to Hanazuki and said (Rainbow King [Bartleby told me about you trying to get the key from True, but I won't let you through, rainbow guards, get her!] Grizelda [don't worry, I've got your back, the only way to stop the guards from coming is to defeat the Rainbow King] Hanazuki [thanks Grizelda, let's do this]) the two start to battle the Rainbow King and guards, Hanazuki was fighting hand-to-hand while Grizelda used her race car to fight, it was a tough battle but they managed to defeat the Rainbow King and he got back up saying (Rainbow King [since you won, I might as well make a path to the wishing tree for you]) the Rainbow King then made a rainbow path up to the wishing tree on top of the castle and when it was done Hanazuki said (Hanazuki [thank you Rainbow King] Rainbow King [make sure to snap True out of it] Grizelda [ever since she found that key, she's been solving some of the problems in the kingdom with fighting, it's getting out of control] Hanazuki [don't worry, I'll bring True back to her senses] Rainbow King [thank you Hanazuki, we wish you luck]) Hanazuki then walked up the path and when she got to the wishing tree she entered the tree and Bartleby talking to a boy and a girl, the boy is wearing white clothes with his hair purple, the girl is wearing yellow boots, white shirt, pink skirt, a pack on her back that holds up to three wishes with her hair blue, Hanazuki heard Bartleby say (Bartleby [Zee, True, I'm telling you most of her body is made crystals, I don't know how but... AHHHHH! it's her!] Zee [you weren't kidding when you saw her] True [get yourselves ready, because this will be a fight she won't forget]) the three charged at Hanazuki only to miss, Hanazuki had to take them down one-by-one, first was Bartleby, then Zee, finally True, when Hanazuki took them down she saw True getting back up about to attack again until Zee put his hand on True's shoulder saying (Zee [True, enough, she won] True [never]) when True pulled her shoulder away she pulled out the rainbow key and it made a bright glow and True shot out of the wishing tree, when she stopped in the middle above the kingdom the glow stopped showing True wearing armor all over her body with a big sword in her hand, we then see Hanazuki, Bartleby and Zee come out of the wishing tree with Bartleby calling to a cloud named Cumulo and the cloud flew to the three with Bartleby saying (Bartleby [hop on, Cumulo can help you get to True easier] Zee [it's the only way] Hanazuki [I'll do my best, let's go]) Cumulo then flew up to True's level and went in front of her with Hanazuki saying (Hanazuki [True, stop this madness right now, your going to destroy the rainbow kingdom] True/super armor [I will not stop until you are down]) the two started to battle in the sky it was very tough but Hanazuki managed to defeat True, but when she did True started to glow and she turned back to normal and started to fall until Hanazuki used her hand as a grappling hook and lifted True until she was on Cumulo and flew back to the wishing tree when Hanazuki helped True onto the ground Zee came over and helped True stand saying (Zee [I got you] True [thanks Zee, Hanazuki, if you hadn't teleported to the rainbow kingdom, I wouldn't have been able to get control of myself, here is the rainbow key]) when Hanazuki got a hold of the key blue sparkles started to glow on Hanazuki with her saying (Hanazuki [looks like it's time for me to go] Bartleby [will we be able to meet again?] Hanazuki [ever heard of Neverland? that's where me and my friends live] Zee [we'll be sure to visit] True [we'll even bring our friends] Hanazuki [hope to see you again]) with Hanazuki teleporting back to Neverland ends the chapter, another chapter ready
10/26/2019 c72 pressraid
UHM WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THIS STORY?! Just the story already it’s no longer making sense.
10/26/2019 c72 Darth Nominatis
On chapter 73 the key to bikini bottom, we see Jake and Huntress's spirit float down until they hit the ground and when they got up they saw three strange houses, the middle house looks like a tiki head, the house on the left is a pineapple and the house on the right is a rock with an antenna, Jake then turned to Huntress and saw her charging at him and moved out of the way losing his in the process and when he thought he was done for a snail jumped onto Huntress making (Huntress's spirit [this snail is bigger than Skully it can fill someone up]) just then the snail yelped and attacked Huntress making her panic in pain and when she started to glow blue she grabbed the snail and threw it at Jake only to be caught with Huntress getting a call from Mechrilla saying (Mechrilla [is this thing on, to the villains that got teleported to the area with the heroes, you don't have much time, once you see blue sparkles on your body it means you're going to be warped back to where you were] Huntress's spirit [what!? NOOOOO!]) Huntress then disappeared with Jake putting the snail on the ground saying (Captain Jake [thanks for the help, I thought I was done for, what might your name be?] ? [meow] Captain Jake [your name is Gary?] Gary [meow] Captain Jake [nice to meet you Gary, my name is Captain Jake, Jake for short]) when Jake felt something in his hat he lifted it and grabbed what was inside and it was a piece of paper[a copy of the one Eddy has, there's four of them] and when Jake looked at the paper he said (Captain Jake [it looks like this paper is telling me that one of these keys is in the this town, do you know where I can find one of these keys?] Gary [meow] Captain Jake [your owner Spongebob squarepants has the key] ? [the ocean key]) when Jake turned around to who spoke he saw a sea star walking up to the two with Jake saying (Captain Jake [who are you?] ? [I'm Patrick, and with that paper in your hand shows the four keys and the one you need to get is the ocean key] Captain Jake [ocean key?] Gary [meow] Patrick [see, Gary agrees, four keys means four towns, the robot key is in silicon city, the ocean key is in bikini bottom that's where we are, the rainbow key is in the rainbow kingdom and the four key is in a unknown town, that anyone that went there for one of the keys never made it out alive] Captain Jake [he's kidding, right?] Gary [meow] Patrick [come on, I can take you to where Spongebob is, let's go]) with Patrick dragging Jake by the arm we see a telescope looking at the two and then we see a tiny sea creature with one eye walking up to the phone [since he's the size of a marble, everything around him is huge] and hopped on the numbers until he got off and went to the phone and hearing someone on the other side of the call say (? [hello] ?2 [Krabs, the one that is after the ocean key Spongebob has is here] Mr. Krabs [what does the fellow look like, Plankton] Plankton [this one is a kid wearing blue clothes and... you know what, you'll see the kid with Patrick, he's helping him] Mr. Krabs [WHAT!?] Plankton [tell Squidward about them, and I'm going to use my robot incase the kid gets past you] Mr. Krabs [make sure it's well oiled and I've got me claws ready for action] Plankton [be prepared Krabs, because this kid is stronger than he looks] Mr. Krabs [thanks for the information, see you later]) when Plankton hanged up the phone he he went to his lab and climbed into a robot and pressed some buttons activating it, we go back to Jake and Patrick to see them arriving at the Krusty Krab with Patrick saying (Patrick [here we are, the Krusty Krab is where Spongebob works, which reminds me, I need to get a krabby patty]) when they entered the Krusty krab Jake saw a squid wearing a brown shirt and a weird hat on his head when Patrick went up to him he said (Patrick [hi Squidward, I would like one krabby patty with extra cheese] Squidward [anything for your friend?] Patrick [he's actually here for a certain key] Captain Jake [do you know where I can find someone named Spongebob squarepants?] Squidward [Mr. Krabs, someone is here for a key, Spongebob has]) just then a crab[who is Mr. Krabs] came out of a room wearing blue pants and a light blue shirt walking over to Squidward saying (Mr. Krabs [who might that be mr. Squid... AHHHHHH! Squidward, that kid with Patrick is the one you're supposed to keep an eye out for] Squidward [how was I supposed to know] Mr. Krabs [alright kid, hold still] Patrick [duck!]) when Jake and Patrick ducked Mr. Krabs crashed into some tables then getting back up saying (Mr. Krabs [why you little, come back here!]) Mr. Krabs and Jake started to fight, mr. Krabs used his claws while Jake used his sword, the two were fighting until they got on the planks above the dining area and when Mr. Krabs was about to charge at Jake he was tripped when Jake pushed his foot forward at Mr. Krabs's legs making him fall to the ground and crashed through the floor with Squidward walking over to the hole with Mr. Krabs saying (Mr. Krabs [I'm okay] Squidward [hey Spongebob]) just then a sponge[this is Spongebob] came out of the kitchen wearing brown pants, white shirt, red tie, black shoes, white socks with blue and red lines on them and a hat same to Squidward, he went up Squidward and said (Spongebob [yes Squidward?] Squidward [you might want to run out of the krusty krab because that kid up there is after the key you have and he was able to defeat Mr. Krabs] Spongebob [permission to run while screaming, sir?] Mr. Krabs [permission granted]) Spongebob then ran out of the Krusty Krab screaming with Jake following him but when Jake got outside he saw Spongebob not screaming with his spatula out for a weapon in front of a giant robot that looks like Plankton [except the hands and feet] and then a microphone was turned on from the robot hearing Plankton say (Plankton [my name is Plankton and you will not take the key from Spongebob!] Captain Jake [we'll see about that] Spongebob [bring it on, kid, BRING, IT, ON!]) when Jake charged at the two they started to battle and Jake was having a hard time until he got an idea and started to slash at Plankton's robot and it started to get wobbly saying (Plankton [Spongebob, the plank-bot can't keep going like this, the legs are starting to become unstable] Spongebob [we have to keep going]) but when Jake and Spongebob looked towards the plank-bot they saw it was starting to fall down and Spongebob ran to one of the legs and climbed up until he got to the roof of the chum bucket with Jake following him, when they got to the roof Spongebob turned to Jake saying (Spongebob [It's time we finish this]) Spongebob then pulled out the key and it made a bright glow and when it was over Jake saw Spongebob wearing armor all over his body with his spatula bigger than before saying (Spongebob/super armor [this time you won't stand a chance]) but when Spongebob was about to attack he got hit by a patty with Jake turning around to see Squidward holding a weapon that shoots patties and when Squidward ran to Jake's side he said (Squidward [don't worry, I've got your back]) the two then saw Spongebob charging at them and they moved out of the way and they started to battle Spongebob, it was a tough battle but when Jake swung his sword one final time he launched Spongebob into the air making a glow turning Spongebob back to normal and started to fall until Jake caught him in his arms and then let Spongebob back on his feet and turned to him saying (Spongebob [that is amazing, no ones been able to beat me with the super armor] Squidward [I'm surprised as you are] Captain Jake [so no ones been able to beat you] Spongebob [the four keys go to four different towns if the worlds become one galaxy] Squidward [and the fourth town is unknown, no one knows what the town is] Spongebob [you know what, you earned it Jake, here is the ocean key]) and when Spongebob tossed the key to Jake blue sparkles started to glow on him saying (Captain Jake [looks like it's time for me to head back, if you want, you can come over to Neverland] Spongebob [sounds like a good idea, I'll even bring my friends] Captain Jake [can't wait to meet them]) and with Jake warping back to Neverland ends the chapter, another chapter ready
10/25/2019 c71 Darth Nominatis
The first key, silicon city, that's what chapter 72 is
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