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10/25/2019 c71 Darth Nominatis
Laquane, did you get my review idea for chapter 72 of the Jake and Hanazuki fanfic
10/25/2019 c71 Darth Nominatis
On chapter 72[when Mechrilla blasted the group to four different locations in the galaxy], we see a high tech city[no flying cars though] and when some birds were flying by they scattered when a flash came and gone we see Eddy and Doomsday still fighting until they saw a bird fly by and when they looked down they started to fall towards the ground until Eddy was saved by a flying dog while Doomsday kept falling until he landed in a Bush with the flying dog coming to the ground and let Eddy down safely and saw a kid in a blue suit with a blaster on his left hand coming to them saying (? [good boy, Rush] Eddy [who are you?] ? [I'm Mega man, and this is Rush, he's the one that saved you, it's sad we couldn't save that other kid] Eddy [no need to be sad about him, he's a villain, let's go] ? [go where?] Mega man [oh no, not you]) the group then saw an adult wearing a bunch of black armor, even around his head, with two blasters on his back and his right hand transformed into an axe with a robot with yellow paint on his parts, with the left hand a fan cannon and two of them on his back as a jetpack with Eddy saying (Eddy [who are they?] Mega man [the one with the axe for a hand is Breaker Night or his villain name, Lord Obsidian and the robot with the fan for a weapon and a lot of selfishness is Air-man] Air-man [I am not selfish!] Lord Obsidian [yes, you are] Doomsday [I agree]) the whole group turned to see Doomsday out of the Bush walking between Lord Obsidian and Air-man saying (Doomsday [this time Eddy, your done for] Mega man [don't you even dare] Eddy [I don't think the two of us can take on the three of them] Rush [bark!] Eddy [oh yeah, forgot about Rush] Lord Obsidian [yes, a battle against Mega man, his dog and a child] Eddy [this kid knows how to use a yo-yo for a weapon] Air-man [that's just stupid]) Eddy then whacked Air-man with his yo-yo making him stumble a bit seeing how he did it with Lord Obsidian saying (Lord Obsidian [this is going to be a great battle of a lifetime] Mega man [you won't win once I bring you back to prison]) the two groups [Eddy, Mega man and Rush vs Doomsday, Lord Obsidian and Air-man] then charged at each other, the battle went on for while until the heroes knocked the villains down but Doomsday got back up and about to attack until he got a call from Mechrilla hearing him say (Mechrilla [is this thing on? To the villains that got teleported to the area with the heroes don't have very much time, once it's up you'll see blue sparkles on your body and poof, your back to where you stood, bye] Doomsday [what!? No!]) but when Doomsday got near Eddy he disappeared out of site making the others confused until Eddy felt something in his pocket and he pulled out a piece of paper with four keys in the four worlds he and he said (Eddy [four keys? And one of them is in this town, what is this town called?] Air-man [it's not a town it's a city, and it's called silicon city] Eddy [this paper says a key is in this city, any of you know where I can find one of these keys? Mega man, where'd he go?] Lord Obsidian [the key with an arm blaster for a handle, I've seen that key before, Mega man has it] Eddy [but where is he?] Air-man [there!]) the two looked to where Air-man is pointing and saw Mega man riding on Rush in the sky and the group went after them but when Air-man got 1 feet above the ground he crashed into a tree breaking his jet engines and yelled (Air-man [go on without me, I'll catch up!]) Eddy and Obsidian climbed up onto the roof and ran after Mega man but when they got to a warehouse they fell through the roof and landed on the ground but Obsidian got stuck in some boxes and said (Lord Obsidian [I can't get out] Eddy [don't worry, I'll find something to get you out]) but while he was looking he thought someone was watching him and when he picked up a crowbar a robotic woman flew at Eddy but missed and floated to the ground with Eddy saying (Eddy [what the... who are you?] ? [my name is Hypno-woman, and Mega man told me a pink kid was looking for the key Mega man has] and I'm not leaving until I get it, it might lead to something] Hypno-woman [I'm afraid I can't let you do that, hope you like having fun, because we're going to have a blast]) Hypno-woman started to attack Eddy, they were going nowhere with it until Eddy bumped his head on Obsidian's foot and an idea whispering to Obsidian saying (Eddy [hey, I have an idea, once I say now, you push your leg forward, got it?] Lord Obsidian [yes] Eddy [wait for it]) when Hypno-woman got close enough Eddy ducked saying (Eddy [NOW!]) and Obsidian pushed his foot forward at Hypno-woman making her get stuck in some rope and it breaks making a giant hammer crash on the boxes with Obsidian and when Eddy turned around he saw Obsidian come out of the rubble saying (Lord Obsidian [that was your plan? Dropping a giant hammer on me?] Eddy [to be honest with you, I didn't know that was up there] Lord Obsidian [come on, I know where Mega man lives] Eddy [why didn't you say that before!?] Lord Obsidian [you didn't ask]) when they got to where Mega man lives Obsidian said (Lord Obsidian [this is the light residents] Eddy [I have to admit, it's very big, and fancy]) when they looked back to the building they jumped out of the way and saw Mega man above them and went inside the building with Eddy and Obsidian climbing up until they got to the building they started to move around dodging the laser blasts coming from Mega man and his family, Rush, a girl same size as Mega man and an adult professor, while Eddy and Obsidian were dodging the laser blasts Mega man said (Mega man [this key is too dangerous to fall into the wrong hands] Eddy [I can't go back to where I'm from until I get that key!] Mega man [Suna, is namegem coming?] Suna [he's coming through the door right now, you two might wanna look behind you] Eddy [say what?] Lord Obsidian [come again?]) when the two looked back they saw a black and yellow robot that looks like Mega man[except he has a scar on his left eye with some cracks on the helmet] and when he charged at them Eddy and Obsidian ducked for him to stop in front of Mega man and his family saying (? [Dr. Light, you called] Dr. Light [it was Suna who called you] Suna [the pink kid is here for the key, Namegem] Mega man [with all of us together, they won't be able to get it] Eddy [this is one battle we're going to have a tough time fighting in] Lord Obsidian [you think]) the two then ran in different directions with Mega man saying (Mega man [split up and capture them!]) with Suna, Rush and Dr. Light chasing Obsidian and Mega man and Namegem chasing Eddy they went in different rooms until both of them got to the room they started in and when they saw each other Eddy said (Eddy [JUMP!]) and when Eddy and Obsidian jumped out of the way Mega man and his family crashed into each other but when Eddy and Obsidian high five each other they saw Mega man get up saying (Mega man [it's not over yet]) Mega man then pulled out the key Eddy was looking for and the key started to glow really bright and when it was over Eddy and the others saw Mega man wearing strong armor with his arm blaster bigger saying (Mega man/super armor [let's see if your truly the one to wield the robot key]) Eddy then jumped off the light resident's house and into the garden below them with Mega man following him and when they landed on the ground they started to battle it was a tough battle and when Eddy was about to be struck down he saw his chance to beat Mega man, he then jumped in the air kicking Mega man and when he landed Mega man started charging at Eddy only to get hit by a yo-yo from Eddy this went on for a while until Mega man started to slow down and fell to his knees turning back to his normal form only to be held up by Eddy showing compassion and when they walked 3 feet to the house Obsidian and the light family came out of the elevator and helped Mega man with Suna saying (Suna [that battle was intense, I don't even know where to start] Lord Obsidian [Eddy, no ones been able to take Mega man down, that was incredible] Mega man [the way he helped me up, he deserves the key]) the key Mega man held in his hand floated into Eddy's and when Eddy got a hold of it blue sparkles started to appear on Eddy saying (I guess it's time for me to go] Mega man [sure hope we meet again] Eddy [don't worry, I'll find my way back to silicon city so we can play together, I'll even bring my friends, and Lord Obsidian, thank you for your help, if you didn't see Mega man with the robot key, none of this would have happened] Lord Obsidian [I might as well team up with Mega man, since the old war has returned] Eddy [the old war?] Mega man [it's best to talk about it with you and your friends] Eddy [sure hope you heard of Neverland, because that's where me and my friends live, see you all soon]) and with Eddy teleporting away ends the chapter, another chapter ready
10/23/2019 c71 Darth Nominatis
Laquane, where's the rest of chapter 71 of the Jake and Hanazuki fanfic
10/22/2019 c69 Darth Nominatis
On chapter 70 part 4 on revenge of the Colosseum, we see the group in the arena again with Mechrilla's booth coming out with Mechrilla saying (Mechrilla [welcome back to the revenge of the Colosseum, it is time for the Neverland cup, let's see how they'll do in it, let's get it on!]) and with that starts the tournament
(seed 9: pirate team vs snow day[red snow mugs{2x}, green snow mugs{1x}])
(seed 8: pirate team vs robot trouble[crab-borg{1x}, metal shooters{3x}, hover-drones{6x}])
when they got to the seventh seed they saw Chaos Khan riding his elephant name Fernando and said (Chaos Khan [this time you have no chance, I've brought a friend]) and with Fernando stomping his feet the battle starts (seed 7: pirate team vs great chaos[Chaos Khan and Fernando]) when they took them down they saw some titans lift Fernando and walked out of the arena with Chaos Khan following them saying (Chaos Khan [this isn't over, we'll be back]) and with that the team continues to the next battle
(seed 6: pirate team vs winter wonderland[snow snake{1x}, red snow mugs{3x}, green snow mugs{1x}, blue snow mugs{1x}])
(seed 5: pirate team vs robot dilemma[crab-borg{2x}, metal claws{4x}, metal shooters{6x}])
when they got to the fourth seed they saw Ungergear in his crab-mech and Grim come into the arena saying (Grim buccaneer [bet you didn't see us coming] Dr. Undergear [it's time we take you down]) and with that starts the battle (seed 4: pirate team vs robot strike[Grim Buccaneer, Dr. Undergear and his crab-mech]) when they took them down they saw Grim and Undergear come out of the crab-mech and out of the arena saying (Grim buccaneer [we'll be back, one way or another] Dr. Undergear [see you soon]) and with the two out of the arena the pirate team continues the tournament
(seed 3: pirate team vs robot annihilation[shark boat{1x}, crab-borg{2x}, metal claws{4x}, metal shooters{8x}])
(seed 2: pirate team vs snow blizzard[snow giant{1x}, snow snake{2x}, red snow mugs{3x}, green snow mugs{1x}, blue snow mugs{1}])
when they got to the first seed they saw Magellan jump out of the stand and into the arena saying (Magellan [I think it's time we settle this once and for all, bring him in!]) when some brutes brought a cage out they opened it and a dark metal T-rex came out with Magellan hopping on the back of it saying (Magellan [why don't you try and beat me with this]) and with that starts the battle (seed 1: pirate team vs mega darkness[Magellan and dark T-rex]) and when they took them down they saw the dinosaur shrink until it was the size of a ladybug and ran into a cage it's size and got lifted up by Magellan saying (Magellan [don't think this is over, you got one cup left, we'll fight again]) with Magellan walking out of the arena Mechrilla said (Mechrilla [the pirate team have won the Neverland cup, we'll be right back for the pirate team to fight in the final cup, IN THE MECHRILLA CUP!]) and with Mechrilla announcing the final cup ends the chapter, another chapter ready
10/22/2019 c69 Darth Nominatis
Laquane, why did you change your name
10/20/2019 c66 Darth Nominatis
on chapter 67 part 1 on revenge of the Colosseum, we see the pirate team on one side of the arena getting ready to battle with Professor Purple giving each of the four a weapon [a scimitar for Jake, a spear for Hanazuki, a knight sword for Eddy and a giant hammer for Ultron] and then they heard Mechrilla say (Mechrilla [welcome back to the revenge of the Colosseum! it is time for the pirate team to take on the cul-de-sac kids in the peach creek cup, let's get it on!]) the pirate team then got into position to fight the cul-de-sac kids
(seed 9: pirate team[Captain Jake{scimitar}, Hanazuki{spear}, Eddy{knight sword}, Ultron{giant hammer}] vs clucking cluster[roosters{2x}, chickens{4x}])
(seed 8: pirate team vs mud splatters[pigs{3x}, chickens{5x}])
when the group got to the seventh seed they saw Rolf with each animal with him saying (Rolf [Ed-boy and friends didn't think Rolf would have each animal with him right? LET'S FIGHT]) with Rolf and his animals charging at the group the battle starts (seed 7: pirate team vs farm crew[Rolf, Wilfred the pig, Victor the goat and Beatrice the cow]) when the group took Rolf and his animals down they saw Rolf standing back about to charge at the heroes until a friend of Rolf's popped one of his fingers make the animals stampede after Rolf saying (Rolf [STAMPEDE! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!]) with Rolf and his animals running out of the arena the team go to the next battle
(seed 6: pirate team vs baa army[sheep{4x}, pigs{2x}, chickens{6x}])
(seed 5: pirate team vs feather armada[roosters{3x}, chickens{7x}])
when they got to the fourth seed they saw Lee and May enter the arena with another girl, she wears black shoes, blue pants, black shirt with a white tink-top over it and blonde hair, her name is Nazz, the three girls walked into the arena saying (Nazz [you two were right when Marie turned good when Double D became Doomsday] May [were we lying? no!] Lee [hey, focus, we got a battle to win]) with the three girls getting ready the battle starts (seed 4: pirate team vs girl power[Lee, May and Nazz]) when the group defeated the girls they saw them jump on their feet and run away from them saying (Lee [this isn't over!]) the group then went onto the next battle
(seed 3: pirate team vs sheep alliance[black sheep{8x}, sheep{16x}])
(seed 2: pirate team vs pecking revenge[roosters{2x}, bunnies{10x}, chickens{6x}])
when they got to the first seed they saw a kid 5 feet away from them wearing sandles, grey pants with the leg sleeves ripped, a green shirt with a hypno symbol on the front, a ripped cape, rubber gloves and a gourd on his head with a piece of wood with a drawing of a face on it with a blindfold with the eyes drawn on, the wood named Plank[or Timber] is on top of a pole held by the boy named Johnny 2x4[or The Gourd] saying (The Gourd [well Timber, I think it's time we...]) just then Ed came crashing down next to The Gourd making the crowd flinch from the impact with Loki saying (Loki [how long was he up there?] The Gourd [it doesn't matter]) The Gourd then put a red diamond crown on Ed's head making him twitch and grew big until he became what he was when Double D was Good, he is ED-ZILLA, the group stepped back when they saw Ed-Zilla and they braced themselves for the battle against Ed-zilla and The Gourd (seed 1: pirate team vs Gourd time[The Gourd and Ed-Zilla]) when the group took them down the crown on Ed's head fell of turning him back to normal and turned looking up to see Mechrilla and jumped into his booth saying (Ed [hi Mechrilla!] Mechrilla [please not in the microphone, it seems the pirate team won the peach creek cup, they now move on to the new York city cup, we'll be back after the break]) with the crowd cheering Mechrilla pushed a button and the booth raised with Ed inside and when they were out of the arena they walked to a table sitting down and then a little light turned on showing the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause and Jack Frost[the ones from the movie rise of the guardians] at the table with the Easter Bunny saying (Easter Bunny [North, switch seats with me, I don't want Ed to get bloated while we're playing cards] North [sure thing, Bunny] Jack Frost [I didn't know he's allergic to rabbits] Easter Bunny [it's not just bunnies, he's also allergic to eels, cats, butterscotch pudding, in fact, he's got a bunch of them] Jack Frost [that's a lot] Mechrilla [hey, can we get on with the game?] Ed [let's do this]) when Ed slammed his hand on the table five cards went to each player making them surprised[except Ed] with North saying (North [Ed is so weird, he shattered when Nazz yodeled when she came down the chimney] Jack Frost [I was confused when his eyes and eyebrow were on his snow hat]) and with that ends the chapter, another chapter ready
10/20/2019 c65 Darth Nominatis
on chapter 66 of the Jake and Hanazuki fanfic, we see Jake, Hanazuki, Eddy and Ultron in a room with only a wooden door and when Jake woke up he looked around to see he and the others are in the room and he woke the the others up saying (Captain Jake [Hanazuki, Eddy, Ultron, wake up!] Eddy [my aching head] Ultron [how was she able to knock me out? I'm a robot] Hanazuki [where are we?] Captain Jake [that's what I'm trying to figure out, but the only thing that I know about this room is the door]) when Jake pointed to the door it started to open showing Professor Purple with a high tech remote saying (Professor Purple [the four of you are needed] Captain Jake [this must be another one of Magellan's plans, well we're not going]) Professor Purple the raised the remote and pushed a button activating the collar around Jake's neck shocking him with the Professor saying (Professor Purple [each of you have a shock collar, just in case any of you rebel, now come, don't make this any worse]) with the four following the Professor they walked into a place where it looks like an arena and they saw Magellan, Loki, Grim, Captain Dark and Doomsday in a booth with royal designs and when they looked around Magellan said (Magellan [welcome heroes, your wandering where you are, well your in our lair, gear island! and now it's time to finish this, Grim, pull the lever] Grim Buccaneer [right]) but when Grim pulled the lever down a bunch of lights turned on showing a crowd in the stands with a booth lowering from the roof until it was 10 feet above the ground showing Mechrilla in a black robe and when he raised a microphone towards his head he said (Mechrilla [welcome to the revenge of the Colosseum!]) the crowd then cheered with Magellan looking at Loki saying (Magellan [is this your doing Loki?] Loki [the arena was his idea, I had to do it so he doesn't get upset] Mechrilla [with the four heroes in the arena they are forced to battle through until they have won every cup, instead of four cups, there will be five! the first one is against the cul-de-sac kids, they were thinking where Eddy and his friends were, and guess what, I brought them here! the four heroes will face off against the cul-de-sac kids in the peach creek cup right after the break]) and with that ends the chapter, another chapter ready, maybe you should be more specific with the tournament chapters, like chapter 59 the tournament part 3 the peach creek cup, chapter 60 the tournament part 4 the new York city cup, chapter 61 the tournament part 5 the Neverland cup and chapter 62 the tournament part 6 the Doomsday cup, maybe that can help other readers what the tournament chapters are
10/20/2019 c64 Darth Nominatis
Laquane, how long until chapter 65 of the Jake and Hanazuki fanfic is ready
10/18/2019 c63 Darth Nominatis
Laquane, I was thinking the title for chapter 63 of the Jake and Hanazuki fanfic would be "the escape" because it's about Jake and some friends trying to get Mechrilla out of the room
10/18/2019 c63 Darth Nominatis
Laquane, think you could remake the title for chapter 63, because the tournament thing is done when the sea castle Colosseum was destroyed, didn't you remember that
10/18/2019 c62 Darth Nominatis
On chapter 63, while Jake was teaching Hanazuki how to fight they heard an explosion coming from one of the rooms and when they entered the map room they saw Eddy, Marie and Ultron trying to build something Eddy saying (Eddy [Ultron! Marie said connect the two yellow wires, not the yellow and red wires] Ultron [its not my fault that the tech you got is more advanced than what I'm made of!] Marie [come on guys, let's toss it and start a new one] Captain Jake [what's going on in here?] Ultron [we're trying to make something from when Doomsday used to be good, but they won't stay together!] Eddy [all because of the advanced technology] Hanazuki [is that a miniature version of belch mountain?] Marie [be careful when you approach it] Hanazuki [I will]) but when Hanazuki started to climb up the tiny model of belch mountain she stepped on the button of the model the model started to act like a vacuum and sucked Hanazuki's head inside with Jake coming to her side making Eddy, Marie and Ultron laugh until they saw Hanazuki standing with the model on her head saying (Hanazuki[ you think that's funny? Try this!] Eddy [run for it!] Marie [right behind you!] Ultron [wait for me!]) The three then away with Hanazuki slamming the model on the ground and then we go outside to see Eddy, Marie and Ultron running outside and around the island with Hanazuki[without the model on her head] and Jake chasing them through the island until Eddy, Marie and Ultron stopped almost tripping on a tiny rope with bells on it with Jake and Hanazuki pouncing the three making the bells ring with the group stopping the fight and looking up to see Sarah, Ed and Kevin holding sling-shots with coconuts for ammo and wearing wooden armor with Sarah saying (Sarah [no one is allowed on this part of the island] Eddy [don't tell me you're keeping someone that got grounded in this part of the island]) just then Eddy got hit by a coconut from Sarah saying (Eddy [I'll take that as a yes] Ed [you shall not past] Kevin [Sarah told us to make sure nobody gets past us] Terra [it's all fun and games until someone gets a splinter] Hanazuki [what's a splinter?] Sarah [ED! KEVIN! Back to work!]) The three then marched around and the other group saw Mechrilla under a lid and Eddy said (Eddy [come on, let's help the big guy out of there] Captain Jake [I don't think we should get involved in this] Ultron [what could go wrong?]) We then see Mechrilla looking outside then down until he turned around to see the little drain shake and then expanded with Terra and Ultron coming out first with Jake, Hanazuki and Eddy climbing out with Terra saying (Terra [ha, I told you the expansion of a hole would be good for entrances] Ultron [this just gets weirder and weirder]) just then Mechrilla went to the group and hugging them and pulling them away from the hole saying (Mechrilla [Jake, Hanazuki, Eddy, Ultron, Terra, it's so good to see you all] group [Mechrilla, no!]) When they got pulled away from the hole it shrunk back down with Mechrilla spinning around with the group in his arms saying (Mechrilla [hello!] Eddy [Mechrilla!] Mechrilla [hello!] Eddy [Mechrilla!] Mechrilla [hello!] Eddy [Mechrilla! Knock it off, we're busting you out!] Mechrilla [but I'm grounded, I can't leave the room]) Mechrilla then dropped the group and walked back to a cardboard box and crawled in only getting his head in with Eddy pulling Mechrilla to the side and pulled his metal parts off[except his head and hands] exposing the endo-skeleton and then Eddy put a Hawaiian shirt, shorts and shoes on him and then to the metal parts putting them in the box with the legs sticking out saying (Eddy [that should do] Mechrilla [who's that guy?] Eddy [shut up and get in the drain!] Hanazuki [somethings missing] Captain Jake [I know]) Jake then put a book in front of two little holes saying (Captain Jake [there we go] Hanazuki [yeah, that should do] Ultron [don't know how it works, but it will do] Eddy [come on!]) Eddy then grabbed the three and went in the drain we then go outside to see a water hose and then see a few lumps coming through it then to see Mechrilla come out first then Terra, Ultron, Hanazuki, Jake[he and Hanazuki were embarrassed when Jake landed on Hanazuki] and finally Eddy came out saying (Eddy [welcome to the outside Mechrilla]) but when Mechrilla heard the word outside he yelled (Mechrilla [OUTSIDE MECHRILLA!?, I'M GROUNDED!]) Mechrilla tried to get back in the room but Eddy, Terra and Ultron grabbed Mechrilla by the legs saying (Eddy [not this again, come back here!] Captain Jake [has it been open this whole time?] Hanazuki [guess we didn't check] Ed [WHO GOES THERE!?] Eddy [quick, inside!]) When the group went inside the room we see Sarah, Ed and Kevin looking over the wall but nothing was there and then Sarah walked over and looked through the window to see the metal parts[she, Ed and Kevin think Mechrilla is still in there saying (Sarah [keep it down In there!]) When the three left we see The other six hanging on the light on the roof saying (Terra [this is just great, now we're stuck in here until Mechrilla is ungrounded] Ultron [tell me about it] Eddy [hey fellas, no sweat, all we have to do is go up the stairs and...]) but when Eddy turned around he didn't see the stairs saying (Eddy [seriously!?] Mechrilla [this is just like from your town, right?] Ultron [it's my first time not to see stairs where their suppose to be and it's disturbing] Terra [not to worry, I have a plan]) we then see Terra bring out a Bobby pin[a big one] and thrust it into the ground saying (Terra [alright big guy, just keep Hanazuki in your grip until we get outside the hideout]) when Terra pulled Mechrilla over the Bobby pin launched Mechrilla with Hanazuki, then Ultron with Jake and finally Terra with Eddy, the kids and Terra enjoyed the ride with Ultron and Mechrilla frightened of what happened then getting up with Terra saying (Terra [and here we are, allow me]) Terra was about to open the door until the got whacked to the side when the swung open making them stumble backwards with Sarah pulling a red wagon with Kevin pushing it with Ed sitting in the wagon holding his hand that has a splinter on his finger and when the group stopped and regained balance they heard the other three and went upstairs hearing them say (Sarah [Ultron's lucky he can't get splinters] Ed [mother nature can be so cruel!] Kevin [what was that?]) The three look up but didn't see anything while the group crawled on the ground with Eddy, Jake and Hanazuki holding Mechrilla by the feet with Terra and Ultron covering Mechrilla's mouth with the other group saying (Sarah [it must of been your imagination] Kevin [yeah, it must be] Ed [splinter, fellas!] Sarah [don't worry big brother, once we find the tweezers, we'll get that splinter out]) we then see Eddy, Jake and Hanazuki enter a room putting Mechrilla's feet on the floor saying (Eddy [the coast is clear] Terra [we almost got out when they entered the hideout]) but when Terra and Ultron uncovered Mechrilla's mouth he yelled (Mechrilla [I'M GOING TO BE GROUNDED FOREVER WHEN THEY FIND OUT!] Eddy [not to worry, because I know what to do next]) we then see Sarah's group walk up to the door to the room where Mechrilla is supposed to be with Sarah and Ed looking through a peephole of their own saying (Sarah [lunch time] Kevin [Mechrilla must like bananas, I mean, how can he eat three bunches of bananas] Ed [he's just like me, he's even reading a book] Sarah [book!?]) Sarah then ran at the metal parts yelling (Sarah [WHERE DID YOU GET THAT BOOK!?]) But when Sarah reached the parts she crashed into them with Ed and Kevin looking over the door saying (Kevin [I think I'm gonna be sick] Ed [it's just his metal parts, Mechrilla is probably wearing clothes so he doesn't get embarrassed]) but when Sarah picked up one of the parts she got really angry and yelled (Sarah [MECHRILLA!] Mechrilla [THEY FOUND OUT, I'M GROUNDED FOR SURE!] Terra [we heard, keep your shorts on]) we then see Mechrilla with his shorts down until Terra leaned over and pulled Mechrilla's shorts back up saying (Terra [really, keep your shorts on]) we then see Kevin running outside holding a slingshot with Ed and Sarah going up stairs with Eddy finishing the kite and then Ed and Sarah barged into the room only to see the group jump out of the window with Ultron flying in the air with Jake and Hanazuki on his back with Eddy, Terra and Mechrilla flying in the air while hanging onto the roll with the string of the kite above Ultron but when they got 5 feet above the ground the string on the roll to the kite ran out with Eddy saying (Eddy [I forgot this happened] Ultron [then me, Jake and Hanazuki shouldn't be under you three, right?]) The group then started to fall and crashed through the ground with Kevin under them and when Mechrilla poked his head out of the ground Terra and Ultron popped their heads out of Mechrilla's mouth with Eddy, Jake and Hanazuki popping their heads out of Terra's mouth and with Kevin popping his head out of Eddy's mouth saying (Kevin [I think I'm gonna heave] Ed [don't worry Kevin, I'll get you out of there!]) Not only did Ed get Kevin out but he got the other five out too with Sarah walking to Mechrilla Holding up his head saying (Sarah [Mechrilla, I'M TELLING UNDERGEAR!]) when the others got up Eddy said (Eddy [I forgot to mention a thing called the parental circle] Captain Jake [looks like we're going to get it now]) we then see Jake and Hanazuki in a room just like Mechrilla's but with two cans hanging from a hook with string attached to them until they started to shake for to Jake and Hanazuki to hold them up to their ears saying (Captain Jake [Jake and hanazuki here, over]) we then see Eddy and Terra appear saying (Eddy [this is Eddy and Terra here to tell you I got grounded for three weeks, over] Terra [is this thing even working?] Hanazuki [It sure is, while you guys were talking Terra didn't over when he finished talking, over] Terra [I got grounded for a month] Captain Jake [one week for me and Hanazuki, it gives us more time to...] Terra [ONE WEEK!? why that no good...] Ultron [hello, can anyone hear us, Mechrilla and I are using the only can in our room, over] Mechrilla [hello?] Terra [Ultron?, Mechrilla?]) While they were trying to hear what Ultron and Mechrilla were saying they didn't notice the string to their cans be pulled out the window until they got pulled towards the wall smashing into it[with Ultron getting stuck in the wall due to him and Mechrilla only having one can] then hang from them saying (Eddy [just like old times] Terra [this happened when Double D was good?] Captain Jake [hope this ends soon] Hanazuki [same] Ultron [this is gonna get annoying] Mechrilla [again!]) The group then got pulled towards the wall again smashing into it and we see Sarah, Ed and Kevin on some trees pulling the strings to the others cans with Kevin saying (Kevin [they so deserve this, can I have a turn?] Sarah [go ahead]) with Kevin pulling the strings making the others smash into the wall ends the chapter, another chapter ready
10/17/2019 c62 Darth Nominatis
my gmail is
10/15/2019 c59 Jenny
Hey Darth Laquane asked me to ask you if you can resend ur Chapter 60 idea?
10/14/2019 c58 Darth Nominatis
on chapter 59 part 3 of the tournament[peach creek cup] of the Jake and Hanazuki fanfic, we see Mechrilla walking into the booth and announced the battle saying (Mechrilla [attention battle fans, we are proud to present the first tournament of the sea castle Colosseum, and if the pirate team manage to make it through the whole cup, ring any type of bell to let us know you want to battle the winner, and without further do, let the tournament for the peach creak cup begin!]) Jake, Hanazuki, Eddy, Ultron and Terra entering one side of the arena and getting into fighting position to battle what type of animals is in seed nine and to their surprise a bunch of farm animals came into the arena and the two teams began their battle (seed 9: pirate team[Captain Jake, Hanazuki, Eddy, Ultron and Terra] vs pecking hens[roosters{1x}, chickens{3x}])(seed 8: pirate team vs baa baa[sheep{2x}, chickens{4x}]) Jake and his crew were able to get to the seventh seed only to see that Wilfred is a pig with Eddy saying (Eddy [told you Wilfred is an actual pig]) the team then saw Wilfred and the two chickens charging at them (seed 7: pirate team vs snorters[Wilfred the pig, chickens{2x}]) when the pirate team took Wilfred down they saw Wilfred warp away meaning that they won the battle and went to the next (seed 6: pirate team vs baa baa black sheep[black sheep{1x}, sheep{2x}, roosters{3x}, chickens{5x}])(seed 5: pirate team vs clucking roost[roosters{6x}, sheep{1x}, chickens{4x}]) when the pirate team got to the fourth seed they saw Victor with four chickens coming into the arena and stopping in front of the pirate team with Eddy saying (Eddy [just a heads up, don't let Victor chomp at your shirt, he did that to me once] Hanazuki [that would be embarrassing if he got me]) they then heard Victor do his loudest baa telling the others it's time to battle (seed 4: pirate team vs shirt eater[Victor the goat, chickens{4x}]) when the team defeated Victor they saw him warp away meaning they move on to the next battle (seed 3: pirate team vs mud shooters[pigs{2x}, roosters{4x}, chickens{8x}])(seed 2: sheep armada[black sheep{6x}, sheep{12x}]) when the team got to the final battle they saw Rolf enter the arena holding a pitchfork in his hands with six chickens following him with Eddy saying just to let you all know, Rolf can be very determined when he's fighting for something] Rolf [enough talk, let's fight!]) with Rolf and the chickens charging at the team starts the battle (seed 1: pirate team vs the farm crew[Rolf, chickens{6x}]) when they defeated Rolf he fell on his rump with the pirate team celebrating until they heard a bell with Eddy saying (Eddy [I know that bell, it's a cow bell]) the team then looked behind Rolf to see a cow walking up to Rolf picking him up and putting him on his back with Rolf saying (Rolf [Rolf would like Ed-boys friends to meet Beatrice the cow] Ultron [the girl Beatrice you were talking about is a cow?] Beatrice [moo] Hanazuki [I like her, moo] Beatrice [MOOOO!] Rolf [pirate team be in for it now!]) meaning another battle is going to start (challenger: pirate team vs moo madness[Rolf, Beatrice]) when the team defeated Rolf and beatrice the pirate team celebrated with Rolf getting flattened by Beatrice falling on him saying (Rolf [get the crane] Mechrilla [looks like the pirate team have won the peach creek cup, come by next time for when the new York city cup is presented]) with that Magellan turned the monitor off with one of the medic soldiers wheeling Rolf in saying (Medic soldier [here's the patient you requested] Magellan [what happened out there?] Rolf [they were too strong for Rolf, the flower head girl is much stronger then Rolf thought] ? [maybe I can lead the new York city cup, since it was my idea] Magellan [ah yes, Kingpin, I see you got my invitation, so who are the two that will join the new York city cup?] Kingpin [you'll see soon enough]) and with that ends the chapter, another chapter ready
10/14/2019 c57 Darth Nominatis
On chapter 58 part 2 of the tournament of the Jake and Hanazuki fanfic, we see the sea castle Colosseum with dark ships flying through Neverland, peach creek and new York city with two pods flying to peach creek and new York city to broadcast the tournament with Mechrilla saying (Mechrilla [welcome everyone to the peach creek cup of the sea castle Colosseum, there can only be nine seeds and the tenth has to beat all nine to advance to the next cup, let's see the ten seeds, Grim]) when Grim pulled the rope it shows ten seeds with Mechrilla saying (Mechrilla [the first seed is called the farm crew and the ones in that seed is six chickens, two roosters and Rolf] Eddy [WHAT!?] Mechrilla [and the other eight seeds are his animals with the fourth seed having four chickens and Victor the goat, Victor how does it feel to be in the tournament?] Victor [baaaa] Mechrilla [there's that and on the seventh seed are two chickens and Wilfred the pig, Wilfred how does it feel to... hey, let go of the microphone, now that Wilfred got to where needs to be for the peach creek tournament cup and the team that are in the tenth seed is the pirate team, Captain Jake, Hanazuki, Eddy, Ultron and Terra, the team are going to try and get to the final seed to fight Rolf, we'll be back after the break]) and with that ends the chapter, another chapter ready
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