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10/14/2019 c55 Darth Nominatis
On chapter 56, we go to pirate island to see Jake, Hanazuki, Eddy, Ed, Shiverjack and Ultron on the ground looking for a four-leaf clover and counting the leafs at the same time, but when Ed picked another clover with three-leafs and counted to two he saw a catapiler crawl on his hand and while Jake and Hanazuki were looking for the four-leaf clover they jumped when Ed crawled past them getting Shiverjack's attention saying (Ed [I am going to be a beautiful butterfly] Shiverjack [what's with that kid?]) while Ed crawled on the ground we see Eddy picking clovers and tossing them behind him with Ultron scanning each clover he find saying (Eddy [three, three, it's gotta be a four, a four-leaf clover means good luck, and luck means we can get whatever we want] Shiverjack [and with luck, detergent will be a thing of the past] Ed [I GOT IT!]) Shiverjack jumped when he heard Ed screaming and running to the group with something in his hands saying (Ed [I FOUND SOME LUCK!]) but when Ed got half way he tripped on a rock and slid to the group buried in dirt with Ultron saying (Ultron [so where's the clover?]) but when Ed opened his hands he uncovered a rare flower with Eddy saying (Eddy [again with the flower?] Shiverjack [and a rare one at that]) Eddy then grabbed the flower upside down with Hanazuki saying (Hanazuki [Eddy, be careful with it] Eddy [yeah, cute, whatever]) Eddy threw the flower behind him only for Jake to catch it with Ed popping his head out of the dirt saying (Ed [all gone] Eddy [is a four-leaf clover too much to ask for!?] Ultron [well for example...]) just then Eddy found a four-leaf clover and lifted it up to the air saying (Eddy [here it is everyone, feel the magic!]) Just then the group heard a growling sound[which is Ed's belly] and Ed spat out some dirt then looked around to see where the sound was coming from and said (Ed [Eddy!]) and then Ed jumped into Shiverjack's arms holding him right saying (Shiverjack [you're making it hard for me to breath] Ed [it sounds like the howl from the dark werewolf that has come from the belly of hades]) Shiverjack then threw Ed to the ground with a scared look on his face saying (shiverjack [what kind of brain does that kid have?] Eddy [Ed, that's your belly]) Ed then lifted his shirt to see his belly rumbling and says (Ed [I'm hungry] Captain Jake [let's go back in the hideout to make lunch] Eddy [I'll show you fellas how to make pizza] Hanazuki [what's pizza?] Ultron [I'll make the sauce] Ed [and I'll get in the way and make a big mess]) with the group heading back inside the hideout we see Sarah playing hopscotch with a boy a bit taller than her, he wears blue pants, black shoes, light blue shirt, fluffy white hair and white skin and he has a retainer for his teeth, his name is Jimmy, and then Sarah said (Sarah [your turn Jimmy] Jimmy [here I go]) but when Jimmy got to the third square Ed came running by making Jimmy spin around saying (Ed [double cheese, hold the onions]) and when Jimmy stopped spinning Eddy came by and erased the squares around the square Jimmy is on saying (Jimmy [I'm stranded!]) Eddy then walked by with Jake, Hanazuki and Shiverjack behind him saying (Sarah [Eddy, you block-head]) Jimmy then called out to Sarah saying (Jimmy [I'm falling!] Sarah [gotcha Jimmy]) Ultron then walked by with the flower in his hands but stopped when Sarah said (Sarah [look what Eddy did] Ultron [what may that be?] Jimmy [is that a baby blue gym sock?]) the two then smelled the flower and liking it and then Eddy called to Ultron and he gave the to Sarah saying (Ultron [you can keep it]) but when Ultron gave the flower to Sarah she took another sniff and then said (Sarah [me and Ultron were meant to be]) Sarah skipped happily holding the flower in the direction Ultron and the others went leaving Jimmy behind saying (Jimmy [Sarah?]) we then see Eddy, Jake and Hanazuki going through the fridge with Ed and Shiverjack walking by holding a big wheel of cheese in their hands saying (Ed [big cheese!] Shiverjack [things have been a bit weird since you kids joined our crew]) just then Eddy, Jake and Hanazuki backed away from the fridge with a bunch of eggs in their arms with Eddy closing the fridge door saying (Eddy [talking to us Ed?]) then Ultron went to the stove with a big pot on it with tomato sauce in it with Ultron measuring the oraginem (Ultron [now for a dash of oraginem, careful] Eddy [one egg then five eggs]) Eddy was about to slam the five eggs Jake is holding but Hanazuki beat him to it scaring Ultron making him drop the measuring spoon and bottle in the pot then turning to the three saying (Ultron [Eddy please, I'm trying to make the tomato sauce]) just then Eddy turned around with six eggs in his mouth and Jake holding two eggs in front of his eyes making Hanazuki laugh saying (Eddy [what?]) Ultron then turned back the pot and started to mix the sauce saying (Ultron [don't they know how bad tomato sauce bruises?] Hanazuki [how much yeast Ultron?] Ultron [just one tablespoon] Jake [not sure how that will make the dough puffy?]) when Hanazuki stopped pouring the yeast in Jake and Hanazuki looked in the bowl to see what is happening with Eddy looking to Ed and Shiverjack saying (Eddy [Ed, stop eating all the cheese!] Ed [cheese, swiss] Shiverjack [pepperoni, Italian] Ed [slicer, aluminum]) when Ultron finished mixing the sauce he heard the bell to the main entrance to the hideout ring and said (Ultron [someone's at the door] Eddy [get that will you?, we gotta pound this pizza dough]) but when Eddy, Jake and Hanazuki punched the pizza dough their hands got stuck and tried to get them out with Eddy yelling (Eddy [Ed, Shiverjack, little help here] Ed [ok Eddy]) just then Ed and Shiverjack jumped on the pizza dough making Eddy, Jake and Hanazuki fly in the air getting their hands unstuck and back onto the pizza dough making Ed and Shiverjack fly in the air and they did it for a bit and then we see Ultron opening the door and looked to see whose there only to be scared by Sarah with a smile saying (Ultron [Sarah] Sarah [whatcha doing?] Ultron [making pizza] Sarah [aren't you going to invite me in?] Ultron [you do know that we're living with Jake, right]) when Ultron backed away from Sarah only for her to follow him and closing the door and then we see Ed hanging on a rope saying (Ed [belly flop!]) and then he jumped and landed on pizza dough with his belly making the pizza dough flat with Eddy saying (Eddy [looks good and flat] Shiverjack [I'll get the sauce]) we then go back to see Ultron still backing away from Sarah but tried to look in other directions but Sarah went to where Ultron was looking and then they entered the kitchen with Ed pouring the sauce on the pizza dough with Eddy saying (Eddy [once we're done making the pizza, you're taste buds will be jumping with joy]) but that was until Ultron back with Sarah walking towards him making Ed drop the pot splashing it on Eddy and Jake's face saying (Ed [Sarah!] Shiverjack [is she okay?]) Eddy then turned to see Sarah walking towards Ultron not noticing Ed and Shiverjack tasting the sauce from Eddy with Jake sliding his finger across his face getting some of the sauce for Hanazuki to taste with Eddy saying (Eddy [what's Sarah doing in the hideout?, and what's she doing with Ultron?]) while Ultron was backing up Sarah didn't see Jimmy pushing his face against the window trying to call to Sarah but didn't hear him then Eddy said (Eddy [Ed, Shiverjack] Ed [uh oh] Eddy [get rid of her]) we then see Sarah talking to Ultron in a cover under the counter saying (Sarah [come out of there silly] Ultron [I'm quite comfortable, thank you]) just then Ed and Shiverjack tried to get Sarah out of the hideout saying (Ed [um Sarah, shouldn't you go outside and play?] Sarah [BACK OFF FISH FACE!]) Sarah then jumped off Ed and skipped to Ultron with Shiverjack saying (Shiverjack [man, it's like she has a megaphone inside her throat] Eddy [hey Sarah!]) we then see Sarah trying to pull Ultron out saying (Sarah [come play with me, Ultron] Eddy [a friend of yours is calling ya!]) Eddy, Jake and Hanazuki then grabbed Sarah and toss her out only to be tossed out by Sarah and walked back to the door only to be pushed back by Ed and Shiverjack landing on them saying (Ed [hi Eddy] Eddy [come on!]) Eddy, Jake, Hanazuki and Shiverjack then used Ed as a battering ram to knock down the door and into the kitchen they saw Ultron on top of the fridge with Sarah trying to reach him saying (Ultron [Eddy, help me!] Sarah [come down Ultron]) Sarah then saw letter magnets on the fridge door and arranged them and when she finished she was happy until Hanazuki pushed her away from them saying (Hanazuki [don't touch my...]) she didn't finish what she was saying when she saw what Sarah made was [Sarah x Ultron] she then turned to the others saying (Hanazuki [Ed, your sister has a crush on Ultron] Ed [and she's a good speller] Ultron [crush!?] Sarah [you're my new boyfriend]) Shiverjack then grabbed Ultron's leg and pulled him away from Sarah saying (Shiverjack [come on Ultron, let's get out of here] Sarah [GIVE ME BACK MY BOYFRIEND!]) we then see the group hiding in a Bush saying (Ultron [I think I'm sitting on a twig] Eddy [are we clear to go?] Shiverjack [all clear, let's go]) but when Ultron came out last his leg got caught and said (Ultron [pesky twig]) but when he pulled his leg out the twig turned out to be Sarah and said (Sarah [want to play with my dollies boyfriend?] Ed [that twig looks like Sarah] Hanazuki [it is Sarah] Sarah [ring around the boyfriend, ring around the boyfriend, piggy back ride] Eddy [we had enough Sarah!] Sarah [mind your own beeswax bub!] Ultron [robots may not have sweat but I can feel it happening]) we then see Shiverjack shaking Ed back and forth saying (Shiverjack [your sister's out of control!]) we then see Sarah trying to tickle Ultron on the chin until Eddy said (Eddy [hey Sarah, Ultron wrote you a poem] Sarah [for me, "get lost", oh that is so...]) but when she figured it out she fell to the ground with Ultron in the group's arms and we then see the pirate pyramid where Captain Flynn live and to see Eddy poking out to see if Sarah is near them but she's not and went back inside and said (Eddy [finally back to normal, hey Flynn, is it done yet?]) we then see Flynn stirring the glue with a pole while Mechrilla[for some reason is wearing a caveman shirt] is using his hands to mix it saying (Flynn [the so called paper mache is ready Eddy] Mechrilla [and lumpy] Eddy [and quick drying]) when the glue dried up quick Mechrilla was amazed by what he saw and then we see Jake and Hanazuki looking at the paper mache leg of a T-rex saying (Hanazuki [this is so cool, everyone is going to love this] Jake [if we can get more metal wires] Mechrilla [I am the dino-head]) Mechrilla then made dinosaur sounds while heading to the ladder Eddy is on to hold it still with Shiverjack holding the ladder Hanazuki is on and Flynn holding the ladder Jake is on with Ultron saying (Ultron [we need more top support, Eddy]) but when Ultron looked at the blueprints Sarah came in and pulled them away Ultron and mixed it up saying (Sarah [boyfriend, this is stupid, dinosaurs, can you ballroom dance?] Ultron [Eddy!] Eddy [Ultron? Sarah! Leave Ultron alone!] Sarah [keep out of it]) Ultron then ran from Sarah and his in Mechrilla's lion cloth making him giggle with Ultron coming out of the collar of the lion cloth to make Mechrilla shut up only for Sarah to pounce Mechrilla making him fall with Ultron running away saying (Sarah [your fun boyfriend]) we then see Eddy's ladder starting to wobble saying (Eddy [steady down there!]) Mechrilla tried to keep the ladder steady but instead he started to run with the ladder leaning until Eddy was on the ground holding the ladder with Mechrilla on top saying (Mechrilla [how is this happening?]) just then the top part of the ladder hit a crack and slingshot Mechrilla back to gear island with Eddy flying towards the tub of glue with Ed coming in the room saying (Ed [hey Flynn, you're out of lemonade]) and Eddy bounce into Ed making him tumble and making the paper mache fly in the air and in casing Ultron in it with Sarah (Sarah [hello trapped boyfriend] Shiverjack [Ed, Eddy, you might wanna see this]) we then see Sarah painting hearts on Ultron saying (Sarah [lots of hearts for you boyfriend] Shiverjack [that's gonna haunt me in my nightmares] Hanazuki [Sarah's weird when Jimmy's not around] Captain Jake [Hanazuki that's it, we have to find Jimmy] Ed [but what about Ultron?] Eddy [he's not going anywhere] Ultron [um guys]) we then see the Jake, Hanazuki, Eddy, Ed and Shiverjack running into the forest to Jimmy and he said (Jimmy [what are you looking at, dork?] Shiverjack [dork?] Eddy [he's talking to me] Jimmy [looking for trouble? Because I'll flip you like an omelette] Hanazuki [omelette?]) Jimmy then started to warm up and tried to punch Eddy but missed and spinned around until Eddy stopped him and said (Eddy [woah, easy squirt, you want Sarah back right? if you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours] Jimmy [where's my Sarah, I want Sarah, I miss Sarah, give her back] Eddy [let's get this over with]) we then see the group getting the two back together and when they did Jimmy and Sarah skipped into the hideout to decorate Bucky with the group sliding down sighing and said (Captain Jake [well, it was better loved then lost] Ed [then lost and found] Eddy [you said it, what a rotten day, so much for good luck, let's go]) when Eddy threw the four-leaf clover on the ground the group walked for a bit until Hook and his crew came by and the four-leaf clover and Hook picked it up saying (Captain Hook [Smee look, it's a four-leaf clover, {gasps}, look Smee, a diamond]) and when they walked away Eddy came back and couldn't believe what he saw and said (Eddy [hey, that's our luck] Ultron [everything's our luck] Hanazuki [I'll say]) the group then heard Ed's belly growl and he lifted his shirt with Shiverjack saying (Shiverjack [don't tell me] Ed [I'm hungry]) and with that shows the epilogue of Mechrilla landing in gear island and crashing into some of the dark soldiers with Undergear saying (Dr. Undergear [told you that would happen] Professor Purple [indeed your right] Mechrilla [hi] Dr. Undergear [hello Mechrilla, Magellan just came up with a plan and it's to make a sea castle] Mechrilla [maybe we can combine my idea of a tournament with the sea castle] Magellan [Mechrilla, that's an excellent idea, if Jake and his crew see the castle we made rise above the sea and put Mechrilla's plan with it we may be able to take those puny pirates down once and for all]) and the chapter ends with Magellan laughing maniacally
10/13/2019 c55 Darth Nominatis
Laquane, the first chapter of the Jake and Hanazuki fanfic tells, in the lunaverse we see Hanazuki playing with a yellow hemka until she saw a giant metal air carrier flying over until it stopped above her moon and when she became confused she saw a bunch of black armor soldiers came out of the ship and started attacking with Hanazuki running away but tripped and when she was getting up she touched a green gem shaped like a moon and it started to glow making Hanazuki and the soldiers become scared of what's happening in Neverland we go to see pirate island to see Jake, Izzy, Cubby and skully asleep until a crashing sound woke Jake up and he went to see what it was but when he looked to the right he saw Hanazuki knocked out and with her left arm made of actual crystals now(no joke) and starts an adventure with Jake starting to have a thing for Hanazuki, that is what the first chapter was about and how Hanazuki got the first moon gem
10/13/2019 c54 Darth Nominatis
Laquane, when are you going to bring the first chapter of the Jake and Hanazuki fanfic back, it shows how Hanazuki came to neverland and how she found the first moon gem
10/13/2019 c54 Darth Nominatis
Laquane, why did you delete the first chapter of the Jake and Hanazuki fanfic
10/13/2019 c54 Leaf
This story is a mess lmao. What the hell is even happening?
10/13/2019 c54 Darth Nominatis
Laquane, did you get my review, what happened to the first chapter, it tells the readers how Hanazuki came to Neverland
10/13/2019 c54 Darth Nominatis
Laquane, what happened to the first chapter of the Jake and Hanazuki fanfic
10/12/2019 c56 Darth Nominatis
on chapter 55, when Jake and his crew[with Eddy, Marie, Ed, Sarah, Kevin, Terra and Ultron now part of the crew] got back to pirate island they showed Eddy and his friends every part of the hideout and when they returned back at the beach of the hideout Eddy and his friends said (Eddy [Jake, your hideout is awesome!] Ed [it's real big on the inside!] Marie [the gears inside are extraordinary] Sarah [I didn't even knew the crows nest can come out from the top of the island] Kevin [I got to admit, this place is choice] Terra [in other words, he likes it, same here] Ultron [I didn't even know Bucky's room was behind the waterfall] Captain Jake [no ones ever this excited about what they saw in the hideout] Basil [by the way, how did you meet?] Hanazuki [yeah, it's almost like six of you are from one town and Ultron from the other] Eddy [the story we're about to tell you is all true, even Ed's part of it] Ed [hello!] Ultron [what did I say about the hello thing!?]) just then a flashback started and showed where the story began (Eddy{voice over} [it was summer and me, Ed, Sarah, Kevin and our old friend Double D were building something to get rid of the boredom, and we needed one more item to finish it] Eddy [okay Double D, what the last item we need to finish it?]) Edd or Double D if you want, is a boy, he is the same height as Kevin, he wears red shoes, blue pants with long red socks, a orange shirt and the black beanie[it's a flashback, you'll see how Marie got the beanie], and Double D said (Double D[well, what we need is a type of gem and we don't have the money for one] Kevin [well we can't get jobs because we're not old enough] Ed [I have a gem we can use] Eddy [why would you have a gem] Sarah [he's probably gonna take out a...]) Sarah didn't finish talking when Ed pulled out an actual gem[which is the sixth moon gem] and showed it to the others saying (Ed [gem!] Sarah [well that wasn't what I had in mind] Double D [Ed, where and when did you find it?] Ed [it actually found me in my bed last month at night] Eddy [alright, lets put this to good use]) when Eddy put the gem in the machine and turned it on the machine started to make electricity and it started to hover with Double D saying (Double D [it's a success!] Eddy [yeah baby, we did it!] Terra [did what?]) the group then screamed when they heard Terra behind them and Ed said (Ed [it's Eddy's brother!] Terra [what is it you did?] Eddy [nothing bro]) but when Eddy backed up to cover the gem he bumped into someone, three of them, it was the color soldier trio with Anger saying (Anger the red soldier [watch it kid, or else] Terra [hey, no one picks on my little brother but me]) and when Jake spoke the people in the flashback looked while listening of what Jake is saying[this is a bit like the flashback from an episode in season 2 of the reboot of duck-tales] (Captain Jake{voice over} [wait, why would Terra beat up his own brother?] Eddy{voice over} [keep listening and don't worry about it] Anger the red soldier [for your information, we're not here for a battle, which is what I want, we're here to recover a gem and return it to the museum] Eddy [aw man, and the machine we built was working good with it] Sadness the blue soldier [Anger, we got the moon gem and ready to bring it to the captain for the plans to take over the world] Eddy and friends [take over the world!?] Anger the red soldier [not in front of the kids, what he mean't is that we're keeping this gem safe from any villains that want to take over the world] Sarah [like your captain?] Relaxer the green soldier [I told you they would figure it out fast] Anger the red soldier [it doesn't matter!]) Anger then took the moon gem from the machine and said (Anger the red soldier [there is no way you can save this town, the captain will have you as his prisoners!]) while Anger was laughing maniacally he didn't notice a figure flying above them and taking the moon gem, Eddy and the gang sneaked pasted Anger[Sadness and Relaxer didn't bother catch them] with Ed lifting the machine over his head and followed the others and when Anger finished laughing he said (Anger the red soldier [hey, where they go?] Sadness the blue soldier [they sneaked while you were laughing] Relaxer the green soldier [and they aren't the ones that grabbed the moon gem from you] Anger the red soldier [the moon gem!? where is it?] Sadness the blue soldier [the kids are following the one who took the gem] Anger the red soldier [follow them!]) with the color soldier trio following the kids Eddy and the gang were doing their best to catch up with the figure with Sarah yelling (Sarah [YOU BRING THAT BACK RIGHT NOW OR I'M TELLING YOUR MOM!] Kevin [it's no use, we have to figure out how to get him down]) just then three kids pounced the figure making him crash in the junkyard and when Eddy and the gang got there they saw the Kanker sisters[you already know what Marie look like but in the flashback, it shows how Marie got the beanie and you already know who Ultron is], the second girl wears red shorts, a grey short sleeve shirt, black shoes, yellow hair and her front two teeth are together like a beaver[no joke], her name is May, the third girl wears blue pants, a white tink-top with red polka-dots, black shoes and red hair which covers both her eyes[but she is able to see through it], her name is Lee, with Lee and May attacking Ultron the moon gem rolled to Marie's feet and she picked it up and when she turned around she saw Eddy and the gang run up to them and said (Eddy [alright Kankers, give us that gem]) but what they didn't expect was Marie giving them the moon gem saying (Marie [it has to be in a safe place so no villain can get to it] Lee [Marie, what are you doing?] Marie [I'm not doing this, the gem is too dangerous] May [traitor!]) May tried to pounce Marie but Eddy headbutted May making her hit Lee making her let go of Ultron for him to run over to the kids and tried to grab the moon gem but Terra was holding his arms out making sure Ultron couldn't get it with Double D saying (Double D [I'll take that]) when Double D grabbed the moon gem he put it in the machine and turned it on saying (Double D [don't let them near the machine, it needs to charge] Eddy [you got it Double D] Marie [they won't get past us] Ultron [you don't know what kind of machine you just made] Terra [oh shut it you rust bucket]) Eddy, Marie and Terra started to battle Lee, may and Ultron for a while but when Ultron was about punch Terra he looked up to see lightning in the sky and said (Ultron [this is what I was worried about] Terra [a bunch of lightning?]) just then the color soldier trio came and said (Anger the red soldier [what the, Relaxer, what kind of machine did the kids make?] Relaxer the green soldier [one that is very evil, a dooms day machine] Eddy [Double D, you didn't tell we were making an evil machine] Hanazuki{voice over} [this is the first time I've heard of a dooms day machine] Ultron{voice over} [there's been many before] Double D [you should have known, from the blue prints, but you were too occupied with getting the items we need for it] Ed [you are in big trouble when you're parents find out] Double D [they won't once I destroy the cul-de-sac!]) Double D then hopped on the machine and it started to gather junk from the junkyard making the machine a giant with Double D saying (Double D [behold, your final day on earth!] Ultron [this is why I took the gem, to stop his evil plan to destroy this town] Eddy [you won't get away with this!] Anger the red soldier [I believe he will]) Eddy and the gang saw Anger with his two swords out, Relaxer with his bo staff in his hand, Sadness with his eyes about to tear up, Lee and May getting pumped up to fight Eddy and the gang and with Double D's dooms day machine looking like a titan the two groups started to battle, the battle had gone on for an hour until Double D said (Double D [the machine is almost charged up to destroy not just the cul-de-sac but peach creek too] Eddy [we have to find a way to knock that machine down to our level] Marie [Eddy, if you can swing your yo-yo around one of the legs, Ed can pull the string real hard to make the machine fall] Ultron [better make it quick, because it's about to fire it's laser]) while Ultron flew up to the sky to distract it Eddy threw his yo-yo around one of the machine's legs and then Eddy and Marie grabbed hold of it to keep it in place calling to Ed (Eddy and Marie [Ed!]) Ed looked to Eddy and Marie to see them holding the string of the yo-yo and realized what they're doing and ran over and pulled real hard making the leg of the machine come apart and made the machine fall apart it made Double D fall over with his hat flying of and into Marie's hands and when the machine is down the main part was on top of the pile with Double D pulling a bucket out of the pile and putting it on his head with Sarah saying (Sarah [you might wanna put that back] Double D [you don't tell me what to do, I AM DOUBLE D! and you will all bow down to...]) Double D didn't finish what he was saying when he heard a creaking sound from behind and saw the pile falling apart with the machine falling towards the screaming Double D and crushing him[he's not dead] and Eddy and the gang were shocked of what happened while rain started to come then looked up to see the color soldier trio on a hovercraft with Anger holding the moon gem saying (Anger the red soldier [thanks for the moon gem, love to stay but we have somewhere to be]) and the trio flew into the sky with Eddy and his friends heading back to the cul-de-sac saying (Ed [I can't believe Double D is gone] Sarah [and he became a villain when he came up with the dooms day plan] Ultron [my guess is that there will be more adventures here, looks like I'm going to be a hero with you kids] Terra [I can tell] Ultron [don't push it] Terra [sorry] Kevin [wonder what we're going to do next?] Eddy [didn't you hear what Ultron said, there's going to be more adventures of what happened, we're now a team]) Marie then put Double D's hat on her head and said (Marie [he's right, with all of us coming together, we became a team]) just then the group heard a growling sound with Ultron saying (Ultron [what's that sound?] Sarah [it's just my brother's stomach]) Ed then lifted his shirt to see it growling and said (Ed [i'm hungry] Eddy [let's go to my place and make some pizza] Marie [i'll make the sauce] Sarah [me and Kevin will make the pepperoni and cheese] Ed [and i'll get in the way and make a big mess] Ultron [is Ed always like this?] Terra [hey, this is the second time I hear something stupid from him]) and with that ends the flashback with Eddy saying (Eddy [and that is how we met, hey, when did the giant robotic gorilla get here?]) the group then turned to see Mechrilla behind them and said (Mechrilla [when someones telling a story I come over and listen, it was sad you lost a friend] Kevin [at least we won't see him as a villain] Mechrilla [I better head back, don't want Magellan to get mad at me]) Mechrilla then jumped onto a little boat and sailed back to gear island with the others saying (Cubby [what did happen to Double D?] Skully [I've been wondering that too] Shiverjack [did you go back to help him?] Eddy [afraid not, Double D is not coming back]) but what they didn't is from the flashback when they left Lee and May came out from hiding and lifted the machine up to see if Double D is under there but he's not, when they put it back down a robotic hand came out of the machine with lightning strikes meaning Double D is alive but turned evil saying (Double D [those fools have not see the last of me]) and with that ends the chapter, what do you think of the new chapter idea
10/11/2019 c55 Darth Nominatis
Laquane, did you get my review idea?
10/11/2019 c55 Darth Nominatis
Okay, from where you left off on chapter 54, when Basil saw Cubby in his pirate clothes he said (Basil [my word, so that's what the shadowy guy meant by you and your friends being pirates] Cubby [what shadowy guy?] Basil [he has a hat that makes a little shadow over his eyes] Cubby [Grim buccaneer!? He's a villain] Basil [a villain!? Wait until I get my hands on him, but first we have to heal your other friends, where are they anyway?] Cubby [follow me]) when they got to the door Cubby went through the door to see Jake and Izzy reading a comic but when they heard the door open they looked up to see Cubby walking in saying (Cubby [ahoy mateys] Captain Jake [Cubby, your back on your feet] Izzy [but how did this happen?] Cubby [I would like you to meet someone]) Cubby then signaled Basil to come in and said (Basil [salutations, I am professor Basil, or Basil if you want, I used this potion to heal Cubby's injuries and I can do the same with hanazuki]) but when he walked up to the side of hanazuki's bed he turned the bottle until it was upside down meaning it was empty and he said (Basil [I'm out, how am I going to make another, I don't have the ingredients for it, here Jake, hold this]) when Basil gave Jake the moon gem he was rambling on but Jake was busy with what the blue moon gem does and then when he walked up to the side of hanazuki's bed he put the moon gem in hanazuki's hand and a flash came and when it was over they had their eyes covered and Basil waved his arms around when the hospital gown flew in his direction and when they uncovered their eyes they saw Hanazuki's injuries healed and with her right leg made of crystals now with Basil saying (Basil [remarkable, I'm speechless, why this is a grand discovery, nobody has ever seen before, why I...]) Izzy then pulled Basil to her height saying (Izzy [I thought you were speechless?] Captain Jake [mateys, hanazuki's waking up]) the group then went to hanazuki and saw she was waking up and when she opened her eyes she saw her right leg made of crystals now and said (Hanazuki [what just happened?] Basil [that's what we're trying to figure out, why I've never seen anything like this happen before, what were the first three you found?] Hanazuki [the first one I found was in the lunaverse, which was green, Zongo found the second which is yellow and the third one was in a musical machine built by Mechrilla which is red] Basil [I see, the power in the red moon gem is strength, it makes anyone around it stronger, the power in the yellow moon gem makes anyone around it fly in the sky and the green moon gem only shoots shards at enemies, GREEN MOON GEM!?]) Just then another rumble came making the group wobble around and when it stopped Basil said (Basil [do you have a hideout?] Captain Jake [to the roof, that's where our ship Bucky is]) but when they got to the hospital roof a giant metal hand came up and blocked their path and saw a giant robot stand up and looked towards them with Basil saying (Basil [I knew it was a bad day to leave my scanner on the island]) just then they heard the roof door open and close making them turn to it seeing five kids[three boys, two girls], one teen and a robot, the first boy is wearing a blue pair of pants, red shoes, a yellow shirt with a red stripe going from up to down, not to mention short, pink skin and three strands of hair, his name is Eddy, the second boy is wearing black pants, a green shirt, shoes, a red hat and his chin is like a shovel, his name is Kevin, the third boy is taller than Kevin and is wearing a blue pair of pants, a red and white striped shirt with a green jacket over it, black shoes, a single eye brow[it's all across above his eyes] and his eyes are very apart from each other, his name is Ed, the first girl is a bit taller than Eddy, she's wearing blue pants, shoes, a pink tink-top, orange and has a big mouth[no joke], her name is Sarah, the second girl is wearing blue pants, shoes, a black tink-top, a black beanie and blue hair that covers one of her eyes, her name is Marie, the teen boy has the same skin color as Eddy, he wears blue pants, red shoes, a football shirt that says 64 with a red pladed long sleeve button up shirt unbuttoned over it, a hat and a pair of sunglasses, his name is Terra, the robot is a bit taller than Terra, he doesn't wear any clothes only a red Cape and the light from his eyes and mouth are red, his name is Ultron, when Jake was about to ask who they are they ran up into the battle and Eddy said (Eddy [no time for introductions, we have to take Ultimo down] Cubby [that's the robot's name] Captain Jake [Izzy, get on Bucky and distract him] Izzy [I'm on it]) when Izzy hopped on Bucky they lifted up into the air and sailed around Ultimo to distract him and while she was doing it the others were building something to take Ultimo down and when they finished Basil went up to Jake and said (Basil [Jake, when I met you three Izzy seems to be pretending to be good] Ed [look out!]) The group then saw Ultimo's hand and jumped out of the way when Ultimo lifted his hand the machine they made was destroyed and they looked towards Bucky to see Izzy holding the fifth moon gem[the orange one] while laughing maniacally and Jake said (Captain Jake [Izzy, what are you doing?] Izzy [isn't it obvious, I'm using this moon gem to control Ultimo, the power in this one gives the holder the ability to control anyone who is knocked out] Captain Jake [you knew about the moon gems all along, didn't you?] Izzy [exactly, and now I Izzy... no, I Huntress, will strike you down!]) Huntress then commanded Ultimo to attack and when the heroes thought they were done for Hanazuki started to grow big and landed on the street as the same size as Ultimo and said (Hanazuki [it's time I take you down Ultimo]) Hanazuki and Ultimo were fighting nonstop until Hanazuki got Ultimo in a headlock and put his head on the hospital roof for the others to attack and when Ultimo was taken care of Hanazuki tried to catch Bucky but she kept getting hit by the cannonballs with Jake saying (Captain Jake [where did she get the cannonballs?] Kevin [don't ask me, we just met]) Just then they saw a dark ship chasing Bucky[who is being controlled by Huntress] and the heroes heard a familiar voice saying (Magellan's spirit [looks like you needed some help] Captain Jake [Magellan, what are you doing here?] Mechrilla [we're here to help]) just then Magellan, Grim, Mechrilla and Captain Dark jumped onto Bucky but Mechrilla stumbled and fell hanging onto the rail with Magellan saying (Magellan's spirit [alright Izzy, stop this right now!] Huntress [oh Magellan, if you didn't know, it's no longer Izzy, it is now Huntress, and I think you will have to get through him to stop me]) Huntress then shot a hypnotic wave at Mechrilla mind controlling him and when he was about to attack Hanazuki swung at Bucky making Huntress drop the moon gem with Marie tossing Sarah in the air catching the moon gem and into Terra's arms and when Huntress turned towards the villains Magellan flew into Huntress's body making her spirit fly out and when Magellan[who is now in Izzy's body] popped her neck she looked over the rail then walked away when she saw Huntress's spirit bigger than her with a duel sythe with flames on the shoulders and head with a tiara and Huntress said (Huntress's spirit [don't think this is over, I'll find a new body, and I'll get my revenge]) Huntress then disappeared without a trace and then the two ships landed and when they got off they saw Skully's ship the leaky beak flying in with Shiverjack on board and when they landed Shiverjack said (Shiverjack [is everyone okay, we saw a giant robot] Captain Jake [we're alright, but it turns out Izzy really did become a villain, or should I say Huntress] Magellan [love to stay and chat but we have to go and make sure Chaos Khan didn't mess with anything at our lair]) while the legion of pirate villains were heading back to gear island Jake and the others were boarding Bucky and the leaky beak but when Jake turned around he saw Eddy and his friends coming on board and Jake put his hands up saying (Captain Jake [sorry, but you can't come with us] Eddy [not to worry, we told our parents that we're on an adventure to fix the galaxy] Hanazuki [and they believed it?] Terra [that's right] Marie [hey Sarah, don't you have anything to give them?] Sarah [oh yeah, here you go]) when Sarah gave the moon gem to Hanazuki it made a flash and when it was over the whole group saw hanazuki's waist now made of crystals with Ed saying (Ed [way cool! This is just like the...]) Ed didn't get to say anything when Ultron grabbed Ed's mouth and tied it in a knot and let it go saying (Ultron [don't even go there Ed, they'll have nightmares if you tell them, trust me] Captain Jake [welcome aboard, there's always room for new mateys]) and with that Eddy, Marie, Sarah, Kevin, Terra and Ultron came aboard and while they were sailing back to pirate island Jake was teaching Hanazuki how to steer a ship with Shiverjack and Basil talking (Shiverjack [it's good to see you again, ol' friend] Basil [same to you, and it's a good thing I have my book of ingredients I need for potions]) Basil then took out a book and started to read it with Shiverjack saying (Shiverjack [here we go again]) and while they were sailing back to pirate island we go to gear island to see the villains come in to see gear island a mess with Chaos Khan asleep on the work bench with Magellan saying (Magellan [he got into the candy again] Mechrilla [it's a good thing I eat vegetables with my bananas, remember kids, eat healthy food or you'll get a stomachache from all the sugar or a sugar rush like what Chaos Khan had] Captain Dark [who are you talking to?] Dr. Undergear [it's best not to know]) and the chapter ends with a big ship flying towards gear island with with colored soldiers with capes on the front of the bridge with the red soldier saying (red ? [We are nearing our destination] blue ? [Are you sure about this, Anger?] green ? [Sadness, please calm down, we have no worries, the captain called for us] Anger the red soldier [right you are Relaxer, and once we get to the destination, the captain will be proud to see what we have]) and the chapter ends with Anger holding the sixth moon gem[the purple one] in his hand, what do you think, also I plan on making a list of every boss from the Jake and Hanazuki fanfic that's being made, hope you like it
10/7/2019 c54 Darth Nominatis
When will the rest of chapter 54 be done?
10/7/2019 c54 Darth Nominatis
You did chapter 53, twice
10/7/2019 c52 11StrawberryorangeSoda
She might as well or at least she should seek someone else, neither of them honestly seem to genuinely love one another no matter how many times it writes that they do. Just make them break and move on.
10/6/2019 c53 Darth Nominatis
Laquane, could you make the battle part 3 chapter 25 because it's making me confused when it's next to chapter 18 and 16
10/6/2019 c53 StrawberryorangeSoda
Ok... so is Izzy bisexual now? Or is she just going to reck Jake because of his betrayal?
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