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for Heirs of the Old Ones

11/5/2020 c9 Azarune
Damn this was a big one.

First off, that title drop really took me in for a dozy. Wasn't prepared for the impact it would have on me. I would keep gushing about it but don't want to take away any of it's power if a reader is checking the reviews!

The conversation between Kroak and Sigmar is definitely one of interesting questions of responsibility and the different in morals between a lizardman and human perspective. Do you let a society be safe or let them learn? But is it right for the lizardmen to allow humanity suffer when they could help? When they could educate. I think that this mindset of everyone involved is both a great way to show differences between Lizardman and human but also the differences between Warhammer and reality.

The lore you put in this story definitely was tinged with the hint of more over the horizon. The truth that Kroak spoke as a final parting.

As always your lizardman names are top form. I smiled.

I'm really fascinated by the ritual will change both humanity and the lizardmen. Can't wait to see if more changes are deeper than just the surface!

Stay safe and best wishes!
11/2/2020 c9 SkylordF
I am still so in love with this, despite a lot of the POV jumping between chapters but they are well explained and are contained but still a part of a greater whole.
10/30/2020 c9 1SomeGuy300
This story is really underrated and you are right with the fact that End Times is shit, and Age of Sigmar should be judged on their own, rather than something akin to expanding the fantasy genre. This interlude has definitely been a favorite since now things are getting interesting now since the Gods themselves are getting involved even more now.
9/1/2020 c8 Woot87
Praise Sigmar it returns! This story is great so far and I look forward to more. Hopefully life will treat you better.
8/31/2020 c8 Azarune
Hope you've been safe and that you're making it through! Happy to see this updated!

Wasn't expecting the perspective of the Slaaneshi captain and her son. The sweetness between them was unexpected and showed that even monsters can have people they care about. The fact that the Dark Prince him/her-self took them welcomed them almost makes Slaanesh seem benevolent. But that might how I interpreted the wording

Surprised to see, what appears to be, Tehenhauin and his forces make an appearance. I'm interested to see if there will be interaction between him and Mazdamundi.

Best wishes!
8/30/2020 c8 SkylordF
It would seem that Khorne was too slow with that offer.
6/15/2020 c7 Grz
Great story, I hope you pick it up again soon
2/28/2020 c7 DocKuc
This is a unique and interesting story, I hope it continues on.
11/22/2019 c7 gliscor
fascinating fanfic, I wonder when will be the next chapter
10/29/2019 c7 Azarune
Holy crap did Oxyotl sabotage the walls without informing anyone? Thought that was a tactical move by the toadboy himself. Fascinating,! Very much a calm before the storm chapter, interesting to see when it all comes crashing in some warmbloods. Best wishes!
10/17/2019 c6 Sortablepick
This is pretty damn good I haven't read a fic that has Lizardmen as the protags before and gotta say i Like it. Got a question tho will any of the elves especally Teclis since he has a decent relationship with Lizardmen be making an apperance?
10/18/2019 c6 Azarune
I got a very space marine feel from the way Kroq-gar (and by extension Ra-tok) speaks and acts. Something I full-heartedly approve of! I was a little off-put by how eloquent the saurus were, but I really only have Total War Warhammer as reference, and in taht they spoke in short and often poorly structured sentences. It's interesting how you had Kroq-gar offer deference to Nakai, given that he is a kroxigar. But there fact that he is from the First Spawning of Kroxigars means Nakai is by a least a few centuries older then the Last Defender himself.

Took me by surprise that the chameleon skink we were following was going to be He That Hunts Unseen himself, Oxyotl. It is cool to see how he has his own sense of morals in how he treats enemies. I wonder if it is something that he developed due to his age, or because of his journey through the Wrap. Starting to see the entire cast come together! Hopefully we'll see what Tiktaq'to is doing. Best wishes!
10/18/2019 c5 Azarune
Finding these little entries to be interesting treats. I love myself some world building and I think these entries might be a great way to do them without interrupting the story with long paragraphs of exposition for the inner workings of your story. Best wishes!
9/29/2019 c4 Azarune
First off I never commented on this but thank you for going with the time honored tradition of lizardmen name puns! Good old Oku-Los and Teenee-Tymm, I was grinning like a loon when I first read them. Definitely noticed some grammer/spelling issues here and there but nothing too bad, but another glance over is a must since it really will help this story shine like the gem it can be. I'm love the hint of some kind of grand alliance of man, lizard and dawi. Now all we need is some Asur and we're golden. Best wishes!
9/17/2019 c2 Azarune
Really good chapter. I can sympathize with Mazdamundi's decision to burn Skeggi to the ground. Damn Chaos corruption giving me that horrible insane trait. The dwarfs at the end took me completely by surprise! Can't wait to see what happens next, best wishes!
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