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8/22 c53 1Mighty Pen 20
Very interesting story. Well done. If I am honest with myself, the part after the grail war is the most exciting one, because you move from the archetype that most stories are molded in and you do your own thing with this universe. I can't wait for your sequel.
8/16 c16 Im a guest
I can ship this.
8/11 c17 fallin460855
Not sure if it is OTP or BROTP, but lancer/saber (Laber? Sancer? Ooh, C├╣turia!) Is precious as hell and I am HERE for it!
8/11 c11 fallin460855
"Tonight, Emiya joins the hunt..."
7/25 c14 WesternReader
But seriously. The whole thing with Archer is that you can say his actions weren't really ever wrong. From a reasonable perspective what he did is for the best for pretty much everyone else. Just not him. And a big part of his character is that he died with no regrets. So the only issue is that he doesn't like being a counter guardian and one of the reason he's okay with UBW shirou at the end is because he's strong enough that he probs won't be forced to become a counter guardian. Also he kinda remembers why he's did what he did originally. Honestly, counter guardian Shirou is a pretty alright dude suffering from depression.
7/25 c13 WesternReader
Kinda lame. Archer kinda realized his ideal just not in the way he wanted.
7/17 c53 Sypho Dias
Man this is one of the most awesome stories ever! Please don't leave it here! You really need to continue this! One of the few stories where shirou is not a fucking retard... so please update soon! Can't wait for the next chapter! And do use some method to give shirou more circuits. This weakness is grating. Why does he have such abysmal magical potential everytime? Maybe he can get a new body with more magical circuits?
7/16 c43 Sypho Dias
You wrote illya instead of rin by mistake.
7/16 c42 Sypho Dias
Are you actually French? You keep mentioning them too much to be a coincidence...
7/16 c33 Sypho Dias
Meh... why can't UBW have better noble phantasms! Mou! He should have atleast gotten Ea. Shiro with Ea would have been awesome! And isn't it supposed to be quadruple accel? Meh...
7/16 c32 Sypho Dias
Lol! Artoria x cu Chullain is awesome! Never seen than one before!
7/16 c30 Sypho Dias
Yeah... it's never good to have your chance to sodomize someone being interrupted by the apocalypse...
7/16 c28 Sypho Dias
I hope you actually write the smut scene...
7/16 c27 Sypho Dias
Don't mind the idiots bro. Love this fic! So few original ideas. This is supposed to be fanfiction. Morons everywhere. It's boring reading the same old theme. This is awesome! Please don't mind what anyone else says. You've done an amazing job! Please write more!
7/13 c11 bamba12
The start is decent enough but by now this is just unreadable, the word usage and sentence structure is absolutely horrible, especially the conversations.
I am getting the impression the author tried to write what he believes would be a high class way of phrasing things but unfortunately the result is just a jumble of what the author believes are "big" words, instead the characters just seem ridiculous (People don't talk like that, if it was one character it could've been taken as a character quirk but that it isn't the case, everyone talks like that in the fic" even when the sentence structure or the word used isn't just plain wrong.
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