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1/3 c48 Guest
1/3 c48 Guest
Me pregunto sí saber va estar con alguien?
Si es alguien Espero que sea shirou
No me imagino ni me gusta la idea de que sea Lancer intentan emparejarlos
Los veo más como amigos pero no me los imagino y no me gusta que sean amantes
1/3 c48 T-B-R
About time poor Sella gets some love.
1/3 c48 FateBurn
great chapter and nice to have Karen and Sakura back into the story, also I remembered something didnt Cuu said that Schatach was still alive? couldnt they try to access the Land of Shadows at some point to ask her to help with the Ritual?
1/3 c48 2Mo Eazy
Now I have to wonder just how many times she might have found Lancelot in such a position during her former life. At what point during her reign did she finally see what she and Guinevere would have been expected to do, had she the equipment? The kind of thoughts that keep me awake at night, you know?

Also, I’m like 99% positive Magic Circuits cannot atrophy. I don’t know where that started but they’re not muscles. Otherwise, if they could atrophy they could also become stronger with use, which is also patently false. The quality of your circuits affects things but what you are born with is what you get, which is why bloodlines are so valuable among Magus culture.

I would like more Lorelei plz. New waifu needs screen time and Ilya needs another annoyance, because she is cutest when defending her territory. This chapter also brought up what I feel deserves exploration, which is Shirou’s growth as an independent. I think those type of identity issues make for good drama.
1/3 c48 Shirosaki Kizuro
Saber have yet to see the world pleasure here.
1/2 c48 YuukiAsuna-Chan
Illya is becoming a Mary Sue, able to fix all problems. Honestly, if Illya gains mastery enough to fix old Zel in 6 months i have to call BS.

Hey, Carren is back so thats good.
1/2 c48 Uday Sra
1/2 c48 Guest
Ilya should inspect the Heroic Spirits souls. See what boosts she could apply to Shirou and Zelretch.
1/2 c48 PasiveNox
Hehehehehe yeah noce
1/2 c48 Spartan3909
Thanks for the chapter _.
1/2 c48 4Dragon lord Syed 101
first good chapter also Illya fixing souls also can't break and bang her boyfriend also Lancer doing one of the maids should have known
12/30/2019 c47 Guest
Please make syoc story
12/30/2019 c1 Silver566
Im pretty sure there was going to be an Illya route in the VN but it ended being scrapped with some of the plot being incorporated into heavens feel.
But i could be wrong.
12/29/2019 c47 Uday Sra
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