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for Thunder Over Musutafu

11/18 c13 18Dragon and Sword Master
I'm intrigued by the fact that you made Momo a Wakandaian and curious as to how it will go from there. It should be interesting to see what else you do with members of 1A, if we meet any more of them, that is.
10/27 c13 3BrotherCaptainSheperd
Awww... You made Momo black? Hmmm... It's the trend now isn't it, to blackwash characters but then they fail to at least write them properly. I hope this isn't gonna go the way of Netflix writing and do a proper character development instead of blackwashing a character calling it a day.
10/26 c9 10dan heron
since we skipped the entire trigger for Izuki and All Might meeting, I was wondering where he was, not gonna lie I was NOT expecting Tsuyu to catch his attention. I love it, it's good to see the changes are spreading even further beyond Izuku
10/24 c13 SonicMax
I dunno if it's racist or not lol
10/23 c13 Kalavash
I can't wait to see that interaction.
10/23 c13 40Death Fury
Excellent chapter
10/22 c13 Valdiusmacto
Well...I enjoyed everything but the most recent chapter? That one is just weird. And nonsensical. You have a Loki who is happily married playing a type of sub to a 14 year old? That's so far beyond 'crack' that I momentarily thought maybe this hadn't be updated since April Fool's day...
10/22 c13 2ProjectIceman

You were right. I was not expecting that LOL

I had to read 3 times just to figure out that Momo was black here LMAOOOO
10/22 c13 ArashiNokitsune
so considering last chapter pretty much some people including myself thought wrong or at least came to the wrong conclusion, either way this was unexpected... half wakandan Momo well I wonder what other changes are there to the cast of characters of the mha universe who else is going to have a Marvel twist to them
10/22 c13 Daoist Atlas
thanks for the chapter and this was certainly interesting
10/22 c13 5Monkey D. Conan
Half Wakandan…yeah I can get behind that. I’m curious if Izuku will be an exception to Momo’s usual preferences relationship wise, or if she we be entirely separate from his love life and just be a friend kind of support character. Excellent work as always! Can’t wait for more!
10/22 c13 2MrMateusz
Inazuma? Do i need to reread this fic or new character?
Also, interesting lore
10/22 c13 4Monster King
10/7 c10 Aaron21hardin
This makes me want to have Black Widow still be around to shamelessly take advantage of this. Given the syrup she received it’s feasible.
10/7 c7 Digitalreaper360
holy shit what the fuck is this story. it's so good omg
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