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for Thunder Over Musutafu

8/13 c1 8RHJunior
Thumbs down, pointless and annoying gender swap.
6/22 c10 9ProfessorPedant
Enjoying the story. I hope you will continue it. I like how you combine the MHA and Marvel backgrounds. Looking forward to more
6/18 c10 iron-slayer-dragon
I love it. Cant wait till more happens
6/11 c3 Denki-donk-derp
I had my suspicions with a genderbent Bakugo, but can you please not turn this into a damn harem fic? Or an OP wankfest fic? I don't care if you have the writing skills of Edgar Allen Poe or Shakespeare himself, I will yeet myself if I have to suffer an other migraine of a banal, mindless urge-troped fic.
6/12 c2 Earl John Diawatan
It’s so hard to imagine Female Katsuki to be a Mean Girls’s plastic character, Fem Katsuki as a Plastic interesting. Katsuki being Pretty and Pink but fake it would be interesting
6/12 c2 Earl John Diawatan
This is my first time listening to Female Katsuki story, the Bullying towards Izuku almost sound like a crush. It would be interesting if both women and there’s bullying, I bet I would be close to Mean Girls’ Plastic type of bullying.
6/4 c10 Seraphtor
Very nice.
5/31 c10 2Jack Inqu
I'm glad Izuku is making friends; this should be fun.

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
5/28 c10 PikaMew1288
I think that you have mistaken with Transgender is. If Toru was Trans then she would be a Male in a Female body. You implied that she has a Dick making her a Futanari. Though it would be useful if she is a bisexual.
5/26 c5 13NorthSouthGorem
"Wanton destruction and disregard for human life is why Endeavor is perpetually stuck as the Number 2 hero."

...Except that that's NOT the case. Endeavor is perpetually stuck as the Number 2 Hero because the Number 1 Hero is ALL MIGHT.
5/24 c10 12dialNforNinja
This is fun, and I'm always down for a female Loki, at least when not actively engaged in scheming more dastardly than general mischief.
5/23 c10 SonicMax
I've got no problem with anyone but making toru trans seems like you just wanted a trans character to be diverse. Like you made her a token instead of a character.
5/23 c10 5SilverExcel115
So you made Toru trans...okay, interesting choice.
5/23 c10 TehStorm
I hope to see the teachers reaction to izuthor destroying the competition.
5/23 c10 goddragonking
great chapter , love the way this story is going, keep up the excellent work! Keep the good writing and hope for more update soon can't wait to read more:
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