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for Thunder Over Musutafu

2/9 c15 Testaz
this entire fic felt like trying to merge the MCU and MHA in every element possible(and failed horribly) when that's not required in the slightest. It also just felt like a thor lore exposition dump.
5/30/2023 c15 apcross
Amazing work keep at it no matter what a hater says
5/29/2023 c15 vinayakdj1
Pathetic and boring attempt. Couple of hours of my life I'm never getting back...

The fact that this is the 3rd attempt is telling
5/29/2023 c14 vinayakdj1
What is this nonsense?
Is this my hero academia or the adventures of harem Thor?
5/29/2023 c11 vinayakdj1
No man...just no...

No you will never be in a polyamorous relationship... Just forget about it and write a decent story u tool.

U don't even deserve a single patreon with what I have read so far
5/29/2023 c7 vinayakdj1
All meaningless nonsense we all know...if you really wanna play QnA throughout the story, ask about Bifrost and it's mystery instead. And Odin force
5/29/2023 c5 vinayakdj1
Wait so in a super hero society, where people, both known and hidden, so heroic and self sacrificing things all the time, a random kid becomes worthy of Stormbreaker, without even holding it at the time?

Like seriously? 200 years and not a single worthy individual but a jackass with a hero complex is worthy?

Not only is this logic asinine but also breaking the Rune magic on Stormbreaker. It's "whosoever holds this hammer..." Not "whosoever in the vicinity..."

A Loki that went against his nature and created the multiverse, doesn't become worthy but a self centred person like Izuku does?

5/29/2023 c3 vinayakdj1
Maybe that maid deserves to be Thor instead...
5/28/2023 c2 vinayakdj1

Hold on..

200 years after infinity war is when you wanna set your story up?

200 years and literally zero technological advancements? Despite Stark industries...despite Wakanda...despite the larger galaxy coming together?
4/21/2023 c1 jimmy.oz
Seems interesting.
3/29/2023 c12 TheUnknowableOne
Those last couple of lines made me laugh.
2/19/2023 c15 HayaiKami
Its on my top 15 favorite My Hero Fanfics
Its Great please Continue
2/21/2023 c14 AnimeGuy93
I've lost interest at this point
2/21/2023 c10 AnimeGuy93
Tsu with OFA not sure how I feel about that however tsu as a girlfriend for them in a story with many Asgardians I'm not a fan of it, it just feels boring and it's been done so many times and with this story you have a chance to do something els but you stick to the same crap it's disappointing
2/21/2023 c9 AnimeGuy93
Izukus view on relationships is absolutely stupid, he won't go on a date with someone because he doesn't know them when that's what a date is for where does this stupid concept that you need to know someone to go on a date with them come from, it's so ilogicel and annoying to read (I guess I can't get over the fact the Izuku is annoying as hell)
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