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for Noah's Gambit

11/25 c1 paintboy
10/11 c7 Guest
When will you post the next chapter?
9/19 c7 MatiasND
Wow, so many things happened in this chapter.
I have no words.

I only can say that I never was so doubtful about an elimination ceremony. I never any idea about who could be out. And it ended in the one that I would never thought that would be eliminated.
9/14 c7 enzobigonce
Cody's elimination sucks, he's the best character.
9/9 c7 Random Reader Guy
damn dawg lmao this was hot ass drama shit, love that shit, keep busting out the loads of content with that sharp af character writing
9/9 c7 1OmnipotentUIJudgeOfCharacterOV
Oh my! I have mixed feelings about this myself. But damn! Cody got the boot. Team Amazon's ungodly winning streak came to an end. So 5 people now know the secret between Duncan, Gwen and Noah.
9/9 c7 7Derek Phillips
Great chapter. I love how you included Gwen's respect and friendship with Owen at the end. Also, you said that Owen blackmailed Gwen with Justin. He really didn't. He was mad, but he didn't hate her for it. He was the only one of the team who didn't mess with her really.
9/9 c7 Gucci Mane LaFlare
Great job.
I really like how you wrote everything, it was surprisingly easy to follo.
Tyler and Heather's talk was actually pretty interesting, so many emotions there.
With Cody being gone now, I'm interested how different Sierra will act. Will she go crazier, or will she put her head into the game more?
I feel like I might have to give this a reread at some point to make sure I got everything lol.
Also good job on the dream sequance at the beginning too.
9/8 c7 rhett.leonard.1
Still loving this so much, finished it in one night which makes me upset because now I have a wait ahead of me. Keep it up this is the best Noah story to come out in awhile.
8/21 c6 Omni
And Heather is not the target of elimination anytime soon, with a lot of people angry with Noah, and she tricked Noah into admitting he has dirt on Duncan. The Queen Bee from TDI is back, peeps, which is trouble.
8/21 c5 Omni
Correction: I meant to say Alejandro's elder brothers and elder siblings respectively.
8/21 c6 1OmnipotentUIJudgeOfCharacterOV
For Gwen to say the situation between her, Duncan and Noah being like the Gwent fallout in TDA, only 10 times worse is an accurate description. The divide between Noah and Tyler is larger than Noah can possibly imagine, especially with how Tyler is suspecting Owen to be nefarious guy, which is not the case, but neither Duncan nor Noah are able to convince Tyler that Owen is really a pure soul, even when Noah told Tyler every bad thing Alejandro said about Owen is a lie. Even with Alejandro gone, his influence on Tyler remains too strong. And Noah and Gwen are really having a crappy night, with both KO'd and out of commission, now prisoners of Area 51. Will Team Amazon and Team Chris be able to rescue their respective members? Or will the world's most fortified military base end them?
8/21 c5 OmnipotentUIJudgeOfCharacterOV
Alejandro, Alone. Not sure what I should have expected from his past, but honestly, it's not good. Dear Old Papa Burromuerto is apparently a worst entity than Jose or Carlos Burromuerto, Alejandro's elder and younger brothers respectively. Will Alejandro accept Jose's offer, though? I did not expect Jose to be the type to tie the knot, so to speak. How much of what he's telling Alejandro is truth, and how much of it are lies? Whatever the case, you are alluding to Alejandro's inevitable return to TDWT through the second chance challenge. That's trouble for Noah.
7/21 c6 16Knifez
Great chapter as usual! Can't wait to see where this goes :)
7/15 c6 Aleheather4ever
I just want Aleheather together again
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