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for The Young 6 Watches The Transformers

3/9 c2 3Sunher0
hey can I adopt it?
2/27 c1 3James Plasma
. ?rid313990688
1/12 c1 3Sunher0
we all want there to be part 2
1/6 c1 Sunher0
I love when r u going 2 realise the other chapters
8/26/2020 c1 TopGun1986
Wait why did you change it from Gundam to Transformers?
8/10/2020 c1 Farhan Nugraha
please update this story
8/4/2020 c1 TopGun1986
Can you please update this story? I wanna see how they'll react to the entire season of Mobile Suit Gundam.
9/9/2019 c1 FlashDevil
Which Getter Robo, are you going to have them react the original in the 1970s?

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