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for Danmachi: A Second Chance

5/22 c3 Bell Rider
What happened to it would grow slowly because level 6
5/3 c6 animehelpsdepression
5/1 c1 Greenjello1
Is this still going?
4/25 c6 Waffle
Hi, great story. I have read it a few months back and then read it again... and again... and again I really enjoy this and I hope it’s coming along smoothly or at least in development. Thank you for the good reads and I hope to see more. I quite like how you’ve subtly changed Eina from and advisor to a potential matchup for Bell. Later
4/24 c6 Wilber Beato Quispe
Gracias y por favor continúe. Esta historia es la que más potencial tie e
4/17 c6 2Masquer Q
In regards to the grimoire, I think most grimoires generally do have a specific spell of some kind stored inside. The one Freya chose for Bell was most likely a high-end girmoire that finds the magic most suitable for the user. That's my headcanon atm!
3/6 c3 Guest
Will Wiene be a part of this.
3/6 c6 TheKeksxD
I love it, hope its a Freya x Bell.
If its a Freya x Bell then have him the skill Odr, he should become the husband from Freya.

Odr is the fated one for Freya.

Thats what i most want to read in here.

And yeah i dont like Ais as the Female main.

Im waiting for more :)
2/8 c6 Young Kakapo
I hope to see a new chapter soon loving it so far
2/2 c6 Jeremyjet
I’m not sure what you should do about lili, but I’ve seen/read the same stealing scenes enough that I’d like to see something different. Nice work.
2/2 c4 Jeremyjet
I’m down for any and everybody joining hestia
1/24 c6 1DatGuy1st
I love the story. Amazing concept
1/9 c5 Sergio Zihke
Wow that was cold blooded like twilight wasn't expected that massacre. Well that's what happens when you hit his most sensitive spot. But seriously what the hell bell bang aiz I can't believe it I thought it was going to be a misunderstanding like he turned back to human and he was cold with out his Rabbit fur. So aiz warm him up but wow bell just had his first. Hahaha I wonder if he use rabbit style lol can't tame his inner beast
1/6 c6 Guest
I think now he
12/23/2020 c6 the-lost-memories6
Love the story please make more chapters and keep up the good work
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