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3/1/2020 c17 Fancatdog
beautiful thanks you for updating I needed a good fic to read and yours is the best
3/1/2020 c17 justapenny4yourthoughts
What a great chapter to pick back up with! So excited for their date. Glad you are writing again, thanks!
2/14/2020 c16 Guest
Happy valentine's day! Really could use some new dream romance today. I can't stress enough how perfectly you write these two. I know stuff happens and writing a fanfiction is time consuming. But if you get a chance to update, that would be Stupendous. As always I'll be waiting in the wings for your next update.
2/13/2020 c7 Guest
Hi, I just wanted to say that chapter 7 is my favorite of this story - so far;). What's to like about it, besides it being perfect. The chapters before were darker, gritty and very realistic. This chapter dawned like the sun after the storm. It's happy, hopeful, smart and sexy as hell! I think it's Flynn's outlook changing, from the first words you wrote, you can really see and feel what Flynn is now seeing and feeling. It's a new day, a new dream and it's warm and real and bright! Favorite moments are his amazement at the fact that Rapunzel is there in the morning. Next all the flirting, my god you surprised us there! He flirts first with his delivery of "see something you like". Wow, to quote Flynn. Then Rapunzel gets a moment when "her eyes ate him up". And you write this scene so beautifully, the words create a vivid picture, every look and gesture form so perfectly in my minds eye, ( by the way, thank you so much, because he was shirtless in this scene, if you remember;) Then the rest of their morning goes on, from the view Flynn is getting used to, in the form of Rapunzel dressed only in his shirt, to the shopping scene, and then the mural. We even get to hear from Cassandra, and she only adds to the deliciousness here, not aware of what Rapunzel has been up to. The chemistry between Flynn and Rapunzel bursts off the page, from here on, and just gets more and more personal, with the two finding what is missing in their lives in each other. Happiness, hope, purpose, love and acceptance. Please update soon, you have written something truly special here, this is a beautiful addition to the Tangled fandom. The depth you have given these characters honors them and the movie so much. For fans of Tangled you have taken us to new heights. Please don't abandon Rapunzel and Eugene they deserve their happy ever after. I'll be waiting in the wings till your next update. Thank you so, so much.
2/6/2020 c16 Guest
Please, please, please update soon! I look for updates daily, most of the time more than once. Please don't give up on this fabulous story. Tangled the series is coming to an end and it'll be ten years since the movie came out, please write more for these two! They are adorable together in this fic. Please continue, your writing is amazing, the chemistry between the two characters is on fire! This story is sweet, sad, hot, tender, so emotional and character driven. I'm excited about what happens next, like I said once before I don't need a mystery or action pact plot. I just need Rapunzel and Eugene to love each other and at the end of their journey find themselves in one another. Thank you so much for all the amazing words you put together to make one beautiful story! I'll be waiting in the wings till your next update, until then thank you.
2/6/2020 c16 Montana
This is the most amazing fanfiction (or writing) of this genre that I've ever read! Please continue! You are very talented.
2/8/2020 c16 7seireidoragon
This story is really well done and I enjoy the modern spin you've put on it. I can't wait to see how their first official date goes!
2/5/2020 c16 Guest
Please, please, please update soon! It's almost Valentine's Day, and I NEED to see their date. It would be perfect timing. Just think how exciting it could be. He could wear a nice shirt, she can be wearing a pretty dress, for some reason I think it's black, but it doesn't really matter. Maybe they just have dinner, then go back to her place, maybe his place...;) Please, these two are too cute, update again soon and remember I'll be waiting in the wings till next time!
2/2/2020 c16 Guest
Please update soon, I love this story. Eugene and Rapunzel are sooo cute. The way they stare at each other, the flirting is just... I don't have words for it, it's sexy, and cute, and warm and real and bright. Eugene finds Rapunzel so perfect and sexy, I'd really like to know what Rapunzel thinks of him. Like what turns her on about him. I'm sorry I just really like Eugene;) but seriously, this story is just Stupendous. I'll be waiting in the wings till your next update:)!
1/30/2020 c16 shelbylynn91
I have been dying waiting for their date! My love for this story is insane lol. I hope you update soon!
12/31/2019 c16 Guest
*Sigh* Beautiful chapter, thank so, so much for updating. I check for updates several times a day, it's so good. And when you do update I read it right away, I can't wait. The way you write Eugene and Rapunzel is just stunning, they are so in character, and adorabl together. The chemistry between them is in the air they breathe. The flirting, them watching one another, and the other catches them looking, and they smile at one another. (Sigh). I can't wait for your next update, it will be beautiful. They fit together so perfectly, it's like they belong together. This is what a real relationship looks like when you find the right person. I'll be waiting in the wings till your next update, till then thank you for your wonderful, beautiful and well written story!
12/30/2019 c16 5reputationsdream
this was amazing! it was vv fluffy and it had so many good parts! like evry chapter of this work, i absolutely love it! i'm excited to see what happens in their date and i'm anticipating for more! thanks for this and advanced happy new year!
12/30/2019 c16 DiabeticSeal
your doing an amazing job! thanks tor always bringing a smile to my face!
12/26/2019 c6 DaY DrEaMeR
Well, apparently, something's wrong with leaving a review...

Fortunately, nothing's wrong with my memory!

I was able to recreate my message almost word by word with a pair of days in between...

Anyways, now I'm on chapter 14 and can't avoid 2 clear feelings:
one of love, excitement and joy because of how this story is flourishing and the other is some sense of fear? that (as many other great stories here and there) there'll be no more new chapters and it'll fall in a state of abandonment...

But that's just me being anxious that I've found a great writer and a great story and I'm projecting my fears (and frustrations?) onto some other author...

Any shrink out there?

Ok... Ramblings aside, please go on with these two... You are doing your magic wonderfully!

K&K ... (Kudos and Kisses)

12/23/2019 c6 DaY DrEaMeR
I love it
I love them
And I love you!

Do you wanna know my favourite part? Their dialogues!
Her lines are so weirdly unexpected...

Rapunzel is so good
Flynn/Eugene is good too, but he hasn't realized (yet)

Never give up this story... It's great! And so you are!

(and Happy Holidays!)
from Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America
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