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12/22/2019 c6 DaY DrEaMeR
I'm in love with it
I'm in love with them
I'm in love with you!

Please never give up this story; it's perfect!

The thing I love most? The dialogues!
Her surprisingly weird lines... So unexpected!

Your Rapunzel is great.
Your Flynn/Eugene is also great, but he hasn't realized it (yet)

Keep doing what you do greatly, my dear: writing.
Your story is incredible, amazing, touching, funny, moving, inspiring, etc, etc ...

from Buenos Aires
12/17/2019 c15 shelbylynn91
I think I’ve said this before but the way you portray Rapunzel and Eugene is phenomenal. They are so true to character and they just come alive when I am reading this story. I am so happy they are back together and this last chapter? Um SWOON! I’ve never thought about how to put an orgasm into words but that was pretty damn accurate lol. Your story just keeps getting better and better and I can’t wait for your next update!
12/15/2019 c15 Guest
Thank you for updating. I love how you make Rapunzel flirt with Eugene. It's adorable and sexy. I like how smart you make her, she knows what she wants, Eugene3. Now that they made the big jump, maybe they could go all the way;)? Great that their back together. Thank you for this story, it's a little gritty and raw, very realistic, your writing is stupendous. I'll be waiting in the wings till your next update, until then thank you.
12/15/2019 c15 5reputationsdream
okay, so apparently the review i left didn't send, but anyways, i love this chapter! it gave off a lazy morning vibe into it and the m rated scene was such a highlight. you wrote it and the whole chapter rlly well! i'm in love with this work and i'm so looking forward for more chapters to come! alsoimexcitedforthatmratedsceneitshouldbesoonbuthey.

anyways, kudos to your great writing skills and i can't wait to see what's in store for the next chapters!
12/15/2019 c15 reputationsdream
great chapter, as always! and this one was especially very hot, and i love it! i can't wait to read more of this, and i'm excited for more that you have in store for this!
12/14/2019 c15 justapenny4yourthoughts
Beautifully done chapter, I love these two together
12/13/2019 c14 Fancatdog
thank you so much you uploaded the new chapter on my birthday and it was definitely one of the highlights of the day when I woke up in the morning
12/12/2019 c14 justapenny4yourthoughts
Just found your story and love it! Going to get in trouble at work because I have been pulled into the setting and characters by your fantastic writing and have been reading chapter after chapter instead of doing the work I am supposed to be doing. I really do love a great plot with some of my favorite characters and I can’t wait to see where your next chapters take them.
12/5/2019 c14 Guest
Thank you so much for updating:). So heavy and emotional, bravo! Great backstory for Eugene, very real and raw, your writing is fantastic. And thank you for shirtless Eugene, (sigh) and of course the best line in the whole movie, "did I ever tell you I have a thing for brunettes". (Swoon). Anyway, thank you for the M rating, I'm sure the M content will be soon, Rapunzel wants him so badly;). Ah, new dream back together is a wonderful thing. Thanks again, and I'll be waiting in the wings till your next update!
12/5/2019 c14 reputationsdream
i'll say this again: I LOVE THIS! i love that eugene opened up and the way you wrote it tugged at my heartstrings. not only that, i'm happy that the two had made up, it really made me happy they did so.

again, great chapter! i could NOT wait for more to come!
12/3/2019 c13 shelbylynn91
Two cliffhangers! You’re killing me! I need to know what happens next! And I need Rapunzel and Flynn back together. They are so sad when they are apart. Still love this story no matter what though lol. Anxiously awaiting your next update!
11/28/2019 c13 Guest
Thank you so much for updating! Oh, the angst! Sad New Dream is just wrong:'( but I know they won't be apart for long. When they are together, happy or sad it's magic. So keep those feels coming. Can't wait till the next chapter, hopefully longer:) love this story, your writing is fantastic, so keep up the good work! I'll be waiting in the wings till your next update. And thanks again for this story.
11/29/2019 c13 Jhessill
11/29/2019 c13 reputationsdream
shocker for the end of the chapter and it makes me want to know what's in store for the next chapters! great work and i can't wait to see more from this!
11/24/2019 c12 shelbylynn91
I am so impatient lol. Your latest update was fantastic (as always) and I must know what goes down next! And I’m all for an M rating cause why not? So happy you have more chapters ready because your updates make my day!
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