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for Shades of Gray

12/31/2020 c9 3WinterYule
I ain't gonna do it, so don't look at me.

And why is everything my fault? That don't seem fair. Yeah, it seems that way and nope you're not getting away by playing innocent. Because from the the context and the clues you'v been dropping Rey seems to be likely o be the source. Or you might pull the carpet under us and have Azalea be the source instead. The Walker luck sounds kinder by a mile. Yes I remember it took many chapters last time, they're heavily in denial.

I feel like Rey yells and get yelled a lot by everyone. Poor Komuii, he has to deal with a lot and now he gotta take care of a little kid who wants more of the exorcist that gets into trouble. It's nice to see Azalea again and hear bout Cacao as well. Poor Azalea getting confused by Rey's outburst and reaction but Rey's only trying to protect you dear one. I wonder what kind of chaos would Azalea caused for Komui, Reever and the others. And can't wait till she meets Timothy. The voice is really sarcastic at every action that Rey makes. Wonder if she resists the urge to swat at it at times.

Even poor Niko have enough of Rey's shenanigans lol. He's inadvertently admitting that he thinks of Tyki as a pretty boy. Are you jelly, Niko? Though since he helped saved her life, Rey should give both of them a hug...separately lest they try to kill each other.

And not just the voice is sassy, Rey is equally sassy. Poor Niko have to hear the death and heaven joke. Though you have to admit she has a sense of humour. Poor Gregory nearly gotten strangled and Poor Komuii he's probably going to have a migraine once its done and over with.

Zacks and Rey discussion about the Earl is funny. Zack just doesn't believe that he's simply just a man with evil bunny ears and horns and a literal devil bunny - stuff of nightmares brrr...yet surprisingly and oddly cute as well. Can you imagine? Poor Rey, Road's song really did a number on her. Though one had to wonder how she even flew to Rome and not know it. Well I guess in that time without a GPS it could happen haha. Does she inherit the Walker's no sense of direction as well? So we are going deeper into the journey to the Edo arc. I'm surprised Zack's a bit conflicted but still cool on the fact that his team mates were slaughtered though I guess it's something they have to get used to in that line of a job.

So did Rey cheat or did she not cheat? Shall we be on your side Zack? Or against you? :) Exorcists are truly overworked. Poor Zack, he truly thought that Rey truly snatched the necklace just for the sake of the shinnies. Shame on him. It was Innocence after all! Believe her now? And that's a dramatic exit. At this rate Rey can be known as the Phantom Thief R lol.

Oh Sheryl don't look down on the girl. She can kick your ass. Don't think that will change his mind though, at least as of yet. He was going to have to find it out the hard way. Why are the CROWs following Rey, it's definitely strange how they have been stalking her. At the very least Zack haven't had a glimpse of what she did. I don't think he can stomach it. At least not yet.

Tyki finally having time to himself away from Sheryl and he runs into Rey only to be hoodwinked once again. Why does he thinks he can win against her again? It's a wonder really. Lol crunchy...that's a new flirting line if I ever heard one. Pray tell what part of Ty Ty is crunchy? And now he's forced to pay the price. Oh wonder what Rey wants to tattoo on him. With Luca she had been humiliated with the drunk tattoo she got, now it's time for Rey to pay him back ten fold. Alright I can't wait for the showdown between Noahs and Exorcists but please do take care of yourself :) And drink all the coffee from the infinite coffee cup. Ciao!
11/2/2020 c1 Curse Of Kings
If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?
10/19/2020 c9 alexc1209
Best chapter ever! Rey and Zack make such a comedic duo, there like the Steve and Robin from Stranger things in terms of party crashing a ball to the point where they left the Earl and the other Noah speechless. Sadly, Zack get a few marks on Robins you suck side of the tally board for not sensing the innocence. Speaking of which, shit is about to get real seeing that Rey has peaked the Earls interest when she recognized him in his human form. And you know what happens to those who attract the attention of Noah Clan, they either wind up dead, or in the case of some OCs, get kidnapped and dragged into their realm. Twenty bucks says that Sheryl is going to be pissed when he finds out about the tattoo. I swear, that guy is such a Kevin - aka what I alike to call the male equivalent to a Karen. Those entitled chicks who go ballistic on the smallest of things to the point where they demand to speak to the manager, because that’s a terms that describes Sheryl so easily. If I have to guess, I’m pretty sure that was him bitching about the broken window. Moving along, I have a feeling that Road is going to reveal to the others that our girl is Allen’s sister. Ladies and gentlemen prepare to get drunk! Peace!
10/18/2020 c9 19Wolfs child
love it! I can't wait to see whats planed, I'm really interested in finding out what the tattoo will be once you've added the next chapter especially with how Rhea is grinning. Please update soon!
8/27/2020 c8 3WinterYule
*Sighs* Why do you blame me for everything? All I did was say that I can't wait for you to watch the Witcher. Besides, even without me, you would've picked it up on your own eventually! :(( So don't point at me.

And the cast of strangers and mysterious (with more emphasis of oreos in mysterious) makes their appearance again...and this time to cement themselves as a threat. They definitely sound like a quirky bunch. Wonder if Rey is the source that they're talking about. Poor Niko being targeted by the akuma. At least he have one way to protect himself. I do feel bad for Rey later when she finds out that it was a close shave. One thing though, what happened to that hairbrush for it to be in such a bad condition? She would probably want to hug him and squeeze him to death. Ahhh...the first time Sheril caught wind of the first few traces of butterfly, may your sanity unravel as you unravel this little mystery, screaming seaweed head.

Oh Rey and Tyki, the tension between you both is so heavy and thick, go kiss already. And boy, the girl knows how to drop innuendo. Guess she's trying to embarrass him and make him blush. have to wonder how much is actually getting through and how much just passes though his thickness "I don't know what's happening" barrier. He did deserve the chandelier though. And they both got clubbed, good going Mateus you overdramatic, spider loving, sassy bastard. I did laughed at his statement at Tyki. He seemed to really have it for the Noah. And god, Noah-ing - that's a very Qin way of putting it but can't say Rey's wrong. Wonder what sort of chaos is now going to crop up from their very game of poker. Nothing good for Tyki I'm assuming.

Poor Tyki being hurled insults and clubbed unconscious by Mateus the caveman. Mateus are you sure you don't have a crush on Ty Ty there? Too bad he's already almost being spoken for and completely not charmed by your compliments. Time to step it up, boy.

And Rey and Tyki managed to get away but I guess their paths would cross again soon. Wonder what Joyd thought of the whole situation? At being called the Earl's *ahem*...Bet he have a bone to pick with the dude after that.

The chapter have been interesting to say the least. There's a lot of mysteries setting itself up and guess we'll see what Mateus and Viola are up to in the future. Wonder if they have anything to do with the CROW in the previous chapters. Guess we'll have to see. So next chapter, Rey Zack Party Chaos? Wonder what kind of chaos can Rey kick up :)) That's been enjoyable. Okay Yule's out. Hope you enjoy yourself and take care.
8/23/2020 c8 the 15th
Good Evening Earl Chesh,

I am really sorry, that I review so late to this well written chapter.
The summer heat and real live took a toll on my productivity (Yes, I was veery lazy the last few weeks :( )

So I am really the last person who can and who would be angry with you for taking your time to write this story. As I wrote a while ago, please take as much time as you need. The most important thing is, that you are alright and that you are happy with your story. So please don't stress yourself over other peoples opinions.

PS: I can really see the Earl as the mad hatter XD
Link would be the rabbit with his clock, Tyki the Cheshire cat and Sheryl the read Queen.

PPS: Yay, Rey let a chandelier fall on Tyki (again XD)
(I can't wait how Tyki and Rey get out of the mess, they are currently in)

I hope you are alright and that you take care of yourself

Your 15th
8/19/2020 c8 19Wolfs child
love it! can't wait to see what you've got planned for the next chapter
7/28/2020 c8 alexc1209
My first impression of Mateus: And I thought Sheryl was annoying. Mateus is a first class troll when it comes to the Victorian etiquette card. At least he’s not the I want to kill this guy type of annoying (I’m looking at Chaoji). I’m surprised the Earl didn’t try to tell the other Noah about magic users outside the Order. Overall, great chapter.
7/27/2020 c8 Wolfs child
Love it and can't wait to see what happens next!
6/29/2020 c7 The 15th
Good evening Earl Chesh,

long no see (read?) ;D

You don't have to worry about the chapter lenght. It was definitly not to short.
I really liked that you put the telefon scene in this story too. This never got old :D

Rey seems to get madder and madder with time. I wonder when she is going to crash?

But I think my favourite part was, that the old man tried to exorcise Rey while she fought Tyki.
(Talk about priorities XD It is a wonder that Tyki didn't tease her for it)

I wish you good luck with your job and that Rey stops giving you a hard time :)

Hope to read from you soon
Your 15th
6/28/2020 c7 3WinterYule
So apparently, FF decided to eat my review. Basically it went through but it's not appearing. Oh well, what can you do? I'm not gonna recreate it word for word because XD I don't quite remember the exact wording but hopefully, it'd be as good.

If you were going for creepy the last chapter, you've succeedLike I said before mini-Rey sounds like Road in my head and it's pretty fitting. I can tell they would both whine at Cross and Tyki about how bored they are. The only difference would be Cross would probably shoot if Rey goes overboard while Tyki probably would be too lazy to even lift a hand. We already seen how he react and he's probably too tired for everything. One would have to wonder if the Noah Hitman needs a break. XD Maybe even a vacation.

I find it interesting that Mana of the past seemed to call her Little One like the voice in her head. That makes the voice more suspicious now. I wonder if there's a connection. Is the dream a memory or was any of it distorted. Either way it's be interesting now considering this was the first time Rey saw Road and she pretty much knows that the clown is the Earl and she heard about the Pillar. Wonder what was it about the sentence about the Pillar that Rey is reacting too.

No Rey, don't hurt yourself! Go scratch a pillow instead. It's sweet that she have a recording of Cross. Wonder if Cross was the one who had recorded it for her. If so he's starting to become father of the year more so than in canon.

I love how freaked out Komuii is. And he's so cheerful because of all the coffee he could have since Rey is not around to steal it. The coffee that Rey would probably need now. She's going to give Komuii a heart attack with her reports and then she goes and swoon over Tyki like a fan girl. Boy, Komuii should be worried and Allen should even be more worried.

Wonder what's up with the CROW, why he targeted Rey? Hmmm...interesting, so her eyes changes with the magic that she unleashed. She's pretty much set up a red flag for them now.

I love how the three of themRey, Allen and Niko sassed Cross when they're younger. He really got his hands full now. In canon he only have to deal with Allen but now he have three of them to deal with and they can really drive him up the wall working together. Oh, it's gonna be real fun.

Kinda funny how she confronted Tyki like that with sass, playfulness and a hat trick. Bet she's gonna keep his hat as a souvenir. I like how they seem to play around each other even as they fight and Tyki is probably having a headache since he have to deal with her and not to mention the Earl who would probably be crying from being hung up all the time when all he wants is to talk to his precious Tyki.

She're truly going to give Komuii a heart attack. And oh, what happen to Niko. Wait, this is where you're going to leave us hanging on a cliffhanger? CHESH!
6/28/2020 c7 WinterYule
Okay, I wonder if it's just me but I imagined mini-Rey sounding like Road in the lines especially when she whines that she's bored. No? XD Guess just me then. It's interesting to know that Rey is the first one who find her way to Cross, then Allen before finally Niko. Interesting. Okay, Rey dropping over the high area and have the kids stared at her is making me laugh a bit. Guess Rey and Qin can bond over that.

Ohh so Rey sees the clown who we know is Mana and know that the dog is Allen. Little One! The voice? And speaking of the devil, Road arrives. So that's the first instance Rey was able to see the Noah's aura? Okie so she knew about the Noahs since she was a kid? Cool, so Allen didn't know anything which is understandable, Cross probably didn't want to trigger the memory either. Wonder if Road have noticed her before, if she did...them meeting in the future would be quite interesting. Ooh so Rey does know a little about the Pillar. So the dream was a memory of the past? If so, that would be interesting to see how she would react to the events moving forward.

No Rey don't hurt yourself. Wonder why she feels that pain? Was it a reaction to the dream, the Pillar? Now you got me intrigued why the voice and Mana both calling her Little One. Good to know that Cross is a source of comfort for her. Wonder if he recorded it for her?

Komuii is high on coffee, that's why he's so happy all the time. The coffee that Rey would probably steal if she was around. Generally funny how shocked he is when she uncovered what happened in Barcelona. Swear she's trying to give him a heart attack. And then she goes and fangirl over Tyki looks. I can tell that Komuii is completely concerned now.

Poor Niko, being teased by his siblings. I agree, the one with the black hole of a stomach is Allen. Of course they would sass Cross and work together to drive him up the wall. He could barely handle Allen in canon and now he have three to handle. XD

Wonder what's up with the CROW and her eyes. Interesting. And here comes the famous hanging up the phone on the Earl scene! She's enjoying that! XD Poor Earlie. Nah, actually, he probably needs it and he was just looking for Tyki with his magical phone.

Oh boy wait till she finds out that Allen's name is on the delete list. I like how she's playing around with Tyki especially with her magic trick. She's definitely going to take his hat as a souvenir. Yes, Tyki, she's the weirdest exorcist ever and she's handing you your ass. "You're an attractive male specimen" Lol, okay, he's probably taken aback. "I said begone witch" Okay, that line is funny. She's feeling hyper after the fight and it seems that hanging up the phone is a theme for her today. Poor Earlie. Poor Komuii. What happened to Niko? Wait, you're leaving us on a cliff hanger? Chesh!
6/9/2020 c7 alexc1209
I can't believe Rhea hung up and did a prank call on the Earl and lived to tell the tale. Not to mention she stole Noah’s wallet! Personally, I would be scared if I was in that situation. So, I take it that Niko kid is another orphan cross took in years ago? Piece!
6/8/2020 c7 QUEENVitch
Soooo I think this is my first time commenting here, and I would like to say, I absolutely love this story and the changes, I pretty much have nothing to say except that you did a wonderful job on each chapter which was why I was pretty bummed up that you haven't updated for a while but the latest chap was worth the wait! Good job!
I've been dying to read their interactions and it had me grinning like a loon here,
And about the length of the chapter, its alright, it's because you explained everything in a good way, it isn't too... Wordy(?~) I prefer chapters like this actually, it gives the best description of what's actually happening. Well keep up the good work!
6/7/2020 c7 1Destiny's Gem
Apparently Rey is taking none of Tyki's crap this time. She seems to be using magic early on as well. So that's going to be interesting. I've always like the fact that she has her own power in addition to the innocence. There appears to be a new mystery, or several, regarding her background too. I can't wait to see more of that. Also the little hints of Joyd are fantastic. I love Joyd, he's so much fun in the original too. I have so many thoughts and theories about what I've learned so far.
Anyway, I've really liked reading this new version of the story. Of course, I also really liked the original version too. I think you were a really good writer when you started Veil of Ink and Gold but having written so much now you've gotten even better. Rey seems like a more developed character already. She had a lot of depth before, especially being an OC, but now she seems even more complex and interesting. Even just being a teen she has so much history that still goes on to impact the present. It's really clear that everything she's been through has made her who she is today. The same goes for Tyki being even more interesting. She still loves tormenting him, but now I'm seeing a bit more of his reaction to that. Poor Tyki and his wounded pride and frustration. I just loved their characters before, and now I love them even more.
This version of the story seems like it is involving more of the heavier plot elements from the very beginning too. Or maybe that's just how I see it. Anyway, I just wanted to say that you're definitely one of the best writers I've read here. It's surprising when I look at the word count and see how much it is, because the story keeps you hooked and the plot is always developing. I could probably read this forever honestly. I like the longer chapters in stories that are so exciting too. Of course what really matters is how you prefer to write the stories because I will read them regardless of chapter length. This review is starting to get way too long, so I'll finish by saying that I look forward to the next update, especially after that cliffhanger!
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