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7/28 c8 alexc1209
My first impression of Mateus: And I thought Sheryl was annoying. Mateus is a first class troll when it comes to the Victorian etiquette card. At least he’s not the I want to kill this guy type of annoying (I’m looking at Chaoji). I’m surprised the Earl didn’t try to tell the other Noah about magic users outside the Order. Overall, great chapter.
7/27 c8 17Wolfs child
Love it and can't wait to see what happens next!
6/29 c7 The 15th
Good evening Earl Chesh,

long no see (read?) ;D

You don't have to worry about the chapter lenght. It was definitly not to short.
I really liked that you put the telefon scene in this story too. This never got old :D

Rey seems to get madder and madder with time. I wonder when she is going to crash?

But I think my favourite part was, that the old man tried to exorcise Rey while she fought Tyki.
(Talk about priorities XD It is a wonder that Tyki didn't tease her for it)

I wish you good luck with your job and that Rey stops giving you a hard time :)

Hope to read from you soon
Your 15th
6/28 c7 3WinterYule
So apparently, FF decided to eat my review. Basically it went through but it's not appearing. Oh well, what can you do? I'm not gonna recreate it word for word because XD I don't quite remember the exact wording but hopefully, it'd be as good.

If you were going for creepy the last chapter, you've succeedLike I said before mini-Rey sounds like Road in my head and it's pretty fitting. I can tell they would both whine at Cross and Tyki about how bored they are. The only difference would be Cross would probably shoot if Rey goes overboard while Tyki probably would be too lazy to even lift a hand. We already seen how he react and he's probably too tired for everything. One would have to wonder if the Noah Hitman needs a break. XD Maybe even a vacation.

I find it interesting that Mana of the past seemed to call her Little One like the voice in her head. That makes the voice more suspicious now. I wonder if there's a connection. Is the dream a memory or was any of it distorted. Either way it's be interesting now considering this was the first time Rey saw Road and she pretty much knows that the clown is the Earl and she heard about the Pillar. Wonder what was it about the sentence about the Pillar that Rey is reacting too.

No Rey, don't hurt yourself! Go scratch a pillow instead. It's sweet that she have a recording of Cross. Wonder if Cross was the one who had recorded it for her. If so he's starting to become father of the year more so than in canon.

I love how freaked out Komuii is. And he's so cheerful because of all the coffee he could have since Rey is not around to steal it. The coffee that Rey would probably need now. She's going to give Komuii a heart attack with her reports and then she goes and swoon over Tyki like a fan girl. Boy, Komuii should be worried and Allen should even be more worried.

Wonder what's up with the CROW, why he targeted Rey? Hmmm...interesting, so her eyes changes with the magic that she unleashed. She's pretty much set up a red flag for them now.

I love how the three of themRey, Allen and Niko sassed Cross when they're younger. He really got his hands full now. In canon he only have to deal with Allen but now he have three of them to deal with and they can really drive him up the wall working together. Oh, it's gonna be real fun.

Kinda funny how she confronted Tyki like that with sass, playfulness and a hat trick. Bet she's gonna keep his hat as a souvenir. I like how they seem to play around each other even as they fight and Tyki is probably having a headache since he have to deal with her and not to mention the Earl who would probably be crying from being hung up all the time when all he wants is to talk to his precious Tyki.

She're truly going to give Komuii a heart attack. And oh, what happen to Niko. Wait, this is where you're going to leave us hanging on a cliffhanger? CHESH!
6/28 c7 WinterYule
Okay, I wonder if it's just me but I imagined mini-Rey sounding like Road in the lines especially when she whines that she's bored. No? XD Guess just me then. It's interesting to know that Rey is the first one who find her way to Cross, then Allen before finally Niko. Interesting. Okay, Rey dropping over the high area and have the kids stared at her is making me laugh a bit. Guess Rey and Qin can bond over that.

Ohh so Rey sees the clown who we know is Mana and know that the dog is Allen. Little One! The voice? And speaking of the devil, Road arrives. So that's the first instance Rey was able to see the Noah's aura? Okie so she knew about the Noahs since she was a kid? Cool, so Allen didn't know anything which is understandable, Cross probably didn't want to trigger the memory either. Wonder if Road have noticed her before, if she did...them meeting in the future would be quite interesting. Ooh so Rey does know a little about the Pillar. So the dream was a memory of the past? If so, that would be interesting to see how she would react to the events moving forward.

No Rey don't hurt yourself. Wonder why she feels that pain? Was it a reaction to the dream, the Pillar? Now you got me intrigued why the voice and Mana both calling her Little One. Good to know that Cross is a source of comfort for her. Wonder if he recorded it for her?

Komuii is high on coffee, that's why he's so happy all the time. The coffee that Rey would probably steal if she was around. Generally funny how shocked he is when she uncovered what happened in Barcelona. Swear she's trying to give him a heart attack. And then she goes and fangirl over Tyki looks. I can tell that Komuii is completely concerned now.

Poor Niko, being teased by his siblings. I agree, the one with the black hole of a stomach is Allen. Of course they would sass Cross and work together to drive him up the wall. He could barely handle Allen in canon and now he have three to handle. XD

Wonder what's up with the CROW and her eyes. Interesting. And here comes the famous hanging up the phone on the Earl scene! She's enjoying that! XD Poor Earlie. Nah, actually, he probably needs it and he was just looking for Tyki with his magical phone.

Oh boy wait till she finds out that Allen's name is on the delete list. I like how she's playing around with Tyki especially with her magic trick. She's definitely going to take his hat as a souvenir. Yes, Tyki, she's the weirdest exorcist ever and she's handing you your ass. "You're an attractive male specimen" Lol, okay, he's probably taken aback. "I said begone witch" Okay, that line is funny. She's feeling hyper after the fight and it seems that hanging up the phone is a theme for her today. Poor Earlie. Poor Komuii. What happened to Niko? Wait, you're leaving us on a cliff hanger? Chesh!
6/9 c7 alexc1209
I can't believe Rhea hung up and did a prank call on the Earl and lived to tell the tale. Not to mention she stole Noah’s wallet! Personally, I would be scared if I was in that situation. So, I take it that Niko kid is another orphan cross took in years ago? Piece!
6/8 c7 QUEENVitch
Soooo I think this is my first time commenting here, and I would like to say, I absolutely love this story and the changes, I pretty much have nothing to say except that you did a wonderful job on each chapter which was why I was pretty bummed up that you haven't updated for a while but the latest chap was worth the wait! Good job!
I've been dying to read their interactions and it had me grinning like a loon here,
And about the length of the chapter, its alright, it's because you explained everything in a good way, it isn't too... Wordy(?~) I prefer chapters like this actually, it gives the best description of what's actually happening. Well keep up the good work!
6/7 c7 1Destiny's Gem
Apparently Rey is taking none of Tyki's crap this time. She seems to be using magic early on as well. So that's going to be interesting. I've always like the fact that she has her own power in addition to the innocence. There appears to be a new mystery, or several, regarding her background too. I can't wait to see more of that. Also the little hints of Joyd are fantastic. I love Joyd, he's so much fun in the original too. I have so many thoughts and theories about what I've learned so far.
Anyway, I've really liked reading this new version of the story. Of course, I also really liked the original version too. I think you were a really good writer when you started Veil of Ink and Gold but having written so much now you've gotten even better. Rey seems like a more developed character already. She had a lot of depth before, especially being an OC, but now she seems even more complex and interesting. Even just being a teen she has so much history that still goes on to impact the present. It's really clear that everything she's been through has made her who she is today. The same goes for Tyki being even more interesting. She still loves tormenting him, but now I'm seeing a bit more of his reaction to that. Poor Tyki and his wounded pride and frustration. I just loved their characters before, and now I love them even more.
This version of the story seems like it is involving more of the heavier plot elements from the very beginning too. Or maybe that's just how I see it. Anyway, I just wanted to say that you're definitely one of the best writers I've read here. It's surprising when I look at the word count and see how much it is, because the story keeps you hooked and the plot is always developing. I could probably read this forever honestly. I like the longer chapters in stories that are so exciting too. Of course what really matters is how you prefer to write the stories because I will read them regardless of chapter length. This review is starting to get way too long, so I'll finish by saying that I look forward to the next update, especially after that cliffhanger!
4/30 c1 27Freefan1412
Well, this sounds interesting.
4/13 c6 3WinterYule
I finally caught up, after ages and ages (a millennia even). Sorry about that.

So for the previous chapter... Chapter

Firstly good job on the dream, it’s remarkably creepy. I’m glad to see we’re introduced to the woman early and it highlights Rey fear after the Yeager incident. Dark wings, wondered if they’re symbolism for something. And she had been stealing their clothes since the beginning she had joined the Order. Wondered how many of their clothes went mysteriously missing. And portraits of a hobowonder who could that be. At least we now know what’s the perfect mug for Reya coffee maker pot large size.

And now Rey meets human Road for the first time. I think she would be less pleasant of she realises it’s the same Noah from the Rewinding Town arc. Though I do love how Road just forgets to ask for Rey’s name. It’s a missed opportunity but of well they’re going to meet again very soon.

I see Allen is starting to show his sis-con tendencies. I like that she just vandalised the Notre Dome bell without a second thought but it really shows her sweet side when she kept Caco. Wonder if like Azalea she feels responsible for them. Hopefully the bird will survive when the Dark Order Headquarters is destroyed. Maybe it could fly by then?

As for this chapter, Komuii is noticeably wound up from the Yeager’s incident. Honestly I don’t blame him since Rey herself is apprehensive about it herself. So do you think between all of them including Komuii, who exactly have the worst handwriting? I think Rey’s just used to her family’s handwriting and not used to Komuii’s. She might have to give Komuii a bit of scolding for his instructions.

I like seeing more of Niko. It’s definitely exploring something about her past. Wonder how they got together as kids but seems like he’s also a little rascal himself. And looks like they’re thick as thieves. And looks like he has her sticky hands too. Wonder if the Order knows about him. At least he’s resourceful. And lol his little pet is interesting. I don;t think Cross likes his age being debated. He’s probably very old to be honest and pretty shy about it.

Rey’s reaction to the conversations about family and asylums are very telling. I can’t comprehend it either. I think in a coffee drinking contest between the whole Order, Rey might win to be honest. Honestly the interaction between Rey and Niko is pretty sweet. I can definitely imagine her ruffling his hair a lot.

I wonder who are those mysterious people and Auryn is an interesting name. I wonder if it has anything to do with a certain blonde dude. Still things are a stirring

And it’s time for us to meet the Tyki. Rey definitely have sharp instincts and glad she did at least now she can save our Daisy Daisya who can be equally reckless. I find it interesting that Rey and the voice in her head is mirroring Tyki and Joyd. Though I do wonder how would they actually react to each other if they actually know. The closing quote is quite nice seeing as the meeting between Rey and Tyki is pretty much fate at play and fate and coincidence can intertwine. .
4/13 c4 WinterYule
I like the the opening to the chapter kind of showing the reason why Rey tend to drink and the duality of the situation, either the thoughts or numb herself with whiskey though no one did say it’s healthy way of dealing but it’s how she sees it and its understandable. Poor Rey though, she has to deal with the fallout of the General Yeager. Though love the sass that she gives the voice. Blonde hair...I smell trouble, and he’s smooth too. And yes, Rey you wolf in many ways than one *smiles* It’s interesting how fatherly the voice is to Rey though...even though he can’t stop her from doing what she wants. Money and her have issues especially with Cross as her master.

Komuii just saved his own ass a little. If I’m correct, he’s referring to the incident of Rewinding Town and oh boy, he better be prepared to run once she finds out what really happened during that mission. It’s funny how a day off can put her in an extra bad mood. Maybe should’ve played nice at the bar but the little comment about sins are kinda funny.

And ladies and gentleman, this is the part that we’ve all been waiting for. When Eeez appears we know who follows! Hobo Tyki! It’s definitely sweet that she shared her honey tea immediately. And Rey can see Aura’s? Interesting. So this is her first encounter with a Noah soul. And I like how they had to debate among themselves. but at least that shows how much they care about Eeez. I can see you’re having fun writing them.

LINE OF THE DAYIF WE WANTED TO FEED HIM GRASS WE COULD HAVE DONE THAT OURSELVES” I definitely feel like if Rey have a book she might actually smack him over the head with it. Though I love how flustered the noblewoman get and she got to the point immediately. I love their first meeting, it’s hilarious and she still have her sticky fingers about her I see. It’s funny, the first time she meets his hobo self and she already stole from him and his friends.

And there it is the beautiful expression of emotions at that Komuii wanted to prolong and not see. Rey has already proven to be overprotective of Allen so guess its time to add Road to her to hunt list. Though the whole Lenape Love is always my favourite episode. Poor Lena was already suffering and now Rey get to suffer alongside her. She gets to identify the sneaky alumna though and yes, Komuii does need help.
4/6 c6 The 15th
Hurray, an update, an update! (makes a little happy dance ;D)

Good monday evening, dear Earl Chesh. It is so nice to read from you again. :D

Poor Rey, she seems to never catch a break. She is always traveling. (She really deserves a vacation or some down time)

By the way, Rey should really visit a psychiatrist! Hearing strange voices is never a good sign. Not even for a witch / a wizard ;D And what or who is this secret society? They sound a little like a mirror image of the Noah clan... (I bet Reys mysterious voice belongs to them!)

And finally, Tyki and Rey meet as Noah and exorcist! (hurray! :D )
The fighting scence was really great and I am very happy that Rey continues Lucas habbit of "borrowing" Tykis top hats ;D

PS: Yes, please indulge Reys interest in the sleeping death curse of "sleeping beauty" ;)

As always, please take good care of yourself and stay at ... (I am sure you already know the ending to THAT sentence ;) )

Your 15th
3/23 c6 17Wolfs child
I would love to read it, it seems rely interesting especially having Tyki being a demon lol and love the new version of Rhea! Although I'm confused about Niko and the other people with Viola? Hopefully you'll explain it all later...and I can't wait to see what you have planned for next! Please update soon!
3/21 c6 bloodmoon25
OMG ! was that Wisely !? If it's him that is definitely a twist

I loved it funnily enough I was in chapter 5 of veil of ink and gold when I saw you updated and I loved it can't wait to see tiky and Rey interact again

I'm very curious about the mystery people there but I'm more interested in wisely ,Rey and Allen being siblings and seeing where this goes

Love your work this chapter was definitely worth the wait. Thank you
3/21 c6 AkemiMimi
Hi, I'm new and I just binged both versions of Luca/Rhea and I have to say that I really love your writing style! I loved reading ink and gold and at first I was shocked that you were stopping it but then I read that you were rewriting it, I was so glad. I honestly haven't found a Tyki Mikk story that really captures my attention and I'm so glad I found this one when I did. I can't wait to see where you're going with this, you have yourself another loyal reader. Can't wait for more!
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