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3/23 c6 19Wolfs child
I would love to read it, it seems rely interesting especially having Tyki being a demon lol and love the new version of Rhea! Although I'm confused about Niko and the other people with Viola? Hopefully you'll explain it all later...and I can't wait to see what you have planned for next! Please update soon!
3/21 c6 bloodmoon25
OMG ! was that Wisely !? If it's him that is definitely a twist

I loved it funnily enough I was in chapter 5 of veil of ink and gold when I saw you updated and I loved it can't wait to see tiky and Rey interact again

I'm very curious about the mystery people there but I'm more interested in wisely ,Rey and Allen being siblings and seeing where this goes

Love your work this chapter was definitely worth the wait. Thank you
3/21 c6 AkemiMimi
Hi, I'm new and I just binged both versions of Luca/Rhea and I have to say that I really love your writing style! I loved reading ink and gold and at first I was shocked that you were stopping it but then I read that you were rewriting it, I was so glad. I honestly haven't found a Tyki Mikk story that really captures my attention and I'm so glad I found this one when I did. I can't wait to see where you're going with this, you have yourself another loyal reader. Can't wait for more!
3/21 c6 alexc1209
So happy your back, now the real fun can begin!
3/7 c5 9Arkytior's Song
Loved it! I'm super late but still here xD
Can't wait for another!
2/12 c3 3WinterYule
I'm late ! I'm late ! I'm so, so late but I hope I'm worth the wait!

I love the opening and closing quote. It meshes well with the chapter, introducing us into it and leaving us feeling haunted as it ended. Ahh, I wonder what would happen if Rey found out the extent of what happened in Germany with Allen and Lenalee. Most likely hug Allen tightly, tell him to never do that again and go on a wild hunt on Road. Never underestimate her overprotectiveness over Allen.

This chapter started out fun and turned unexpectedly emotional in the end. I mean I took a peek before but I didn't expect it to lead down the Yeager road. I mean imagine if she founds out later on who did it to him. Yikes, Tyki...not looking forward to that. His ability is his calling card after all, even though that song is definitely a Road's touch.

I'm glad Rey have Zack and Gregory and Azaelea. Kinda excited to see what role they have in her life in the future. Especially Zack and Azalea. I do love that Kanda called him Golden boy. It's a total insult to him but bet he would love it...or at least like it (secretly). I can imagine him and Kanda get into sword fights too! And both won't cheat. Too much pride and testosterone !

Love Daisya, always love him and kinda love how he has no reservations in stealing Kanda's underwear and freezing them. Though I can't imagine Kanda appreciating the act. At least now we can see how close they are. I always love Luca and Daisya together and I like that Rey and Daisya have good chaotic energy around each other. Kanda would definitely want to run the other way when it comes to them.

I had to stop myself from snickering too loud when Rey and Kanda bumped into each other. Also smokey B**** could literally refer to Rey with her Innocence ability and all. They have an interesting relationship and it's funny that she didn't seem even that afraid of him. I love that you drizzled in mythology into your story. You're always good at that and I like learning more about those. I never even heard of Lamias before. I think my favourite part is literally Rey trying to fish out Kanda only to fish out Mugen. Good job, Rey. And never separate her from coffee. She should get a medal for that and the warning for any who tries. And you know a few will try...and they shall perish! Except Allen because Allen is adorable.

I think the Innocence piece is very interesting. The ability to hypnotise is pretty dangerous. Glad they got it back safely before it started to create more havoc.

The ending of the chapter is pretty haunting. I kinda feel the whole weight of it on Rey's shoulder. She really couldn't have done anything about it and it's pretty sad. The repeated words that he sang very burned into her mind and she had the guts and the dignity to sit there to see him till the end. It reveals a very soft side of her. And it surprised me how close to tears it made her. The thought of even losing Allen must've dropped heavily on her. Maybe she imagined him in Yeager's position and it got to real for her. Seeing Allen again must've awakened a lot of fear and anxieties in her and honestly I don't blame her. I think you did a very good job with this chapter. The story is starting to reveal itself and this is the first step...the beginning. Look forward to the next few chapters. I got quite a bit to catch up. Anyways, have a good day. I'm gonna go eating up chapter 4 and 5 now.
1/13 c5 the 15th
Happy New Year, Earl Chesh ;-D

My holydays were realy wonderful, but as always to short as well :(

Anyway, it's great to read from you again. I really enjoy your writing and our 'talks' ; )

Your idea to involve the hunchback and Notre dame in Rheas mission was simple a stroke of genius. Will you incorporate other fairy tales in your story (like the mirror from snow white or the flute of the Pied Piper of Hamelin)?
I really look forward to what your mind will come up next :)

I hope to read from you soon and that you are in good health.
Please don't overwork yourself in real life
Your 15th
1/8 c5 1kyokosa2gawa015
I can't wait for the next update! I absolutely love Rhea and the characters. It's as if I'm watching/reading the actual series! I cant wait for Tyki and Rhea to fall in love! I wonder whose side would Rhea take? The Noah or the exorcists? Anyway, Please update! I love it!
12/28/2019 c5 19Wolfs child
Love it! And yea the little baby boy came to us on the 23! I can't wait to see what you have planned for the next chapter! And are you still writing Conflict of Interests? Its really good.
12/27/2019 c5 bloodmoon25
Love it like always! Although she seems a little more unstable than in veils of ink and gold , I might have to re-read the chapter but just in case ... Was she having a nightmare about the wicked witch , the Earl and Tikky ? And what's with the wings. About her being related to the Noah's or just being a possibility just answered some of the conspiracy theories I had on Veils of Ink and gold anyways amazing as always worth the wait in my opinion hope you get better rest and sleep is usually better than coffee but that's just my opinion hope your better soon and Happy Holidays !
12/27/2019 c5 alexc1209
Either I’m on drugs, but I’m positive the voice in Reys head isn’t a hallucination. Even worse is the fact she met Road and didn’t even know it! Not to mention Road knows she’s Allen’s sister and didn’t bother to ask her name. No doubt she wants to play with Rey too, which is not good at all.
12/25/2019 c4 The 15th
Merry Christmas, Earl Chesh :D
I hope that you have a wonderful holiday.

Your 15th
11/18/2019 c4 The 15th
Good Evening Earl Chesh,
of course you can be mean at times. When I first read that Rhea played poker against three men, how couldn't my first thought be of Tyki and his friends? (That hope died entirely when one of them tried to punch Rhea). Could Tyki perhabs be tge nice gentlemen, Rhea robbed when she left the bar? (And no, I am not obsessed!)
And finally, Rhea stumbles upon Eeez (I could practically hear heavenly music when she met him ;D).
It is really cute how worried and protective Tykis gang is about Eeez.
Tykis and Rheas flirting really made my week, thank you very much for this. But the best moment in my opinion was when Tykis gang realised that Rhea robbed them XD (Tyki, this screams about revenge! Please steal something from Rhea whrn you meet her next time ;D)

All in all, this chapter was really wonderful and I am very eager to read more.

I wish you the very best and hope you are in good health.
Your 15th

PS: Sadly, I am not a psychic T-T
If I were, I would play regulary Lotto ;D
11/5/2019 c4 alexc1209
Alright, Tyki has finally made an appearance! Also, the episode where Komui destroys most of Paris is the best filler ever!
11/5/2019 c4 Wolfs child
It doesn't sound weird I know that a lot of people think differently and ok I can't wait to see what happens and yea the baby shower went smoothly she's got a lot more things or the new little one that were hoping doesn't come at Christmas our around there we've already got two at that time... I love this chapter especially the octopus's they always get me laughing and I also liked how she flicked Specs(Tyki) with a spoon on the forehead and then stole from them later and I can't wait to see when they encounter each other again... if they do that is Update soon but also make sure you take care of yourself first!
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