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for Shades of Gray

10/3/2019 c2 9Arkytior's Song
EEEEEEEEEEEEE for some reason I love pretty much every interaction she has with the Noah, in the old version and so far this version too lmao. Loved it! And I'm loving Zack!

About the names, originally I meant the change to Rhea, but I'm actually curious about both! I hope you feel better and things just keep getting better for you! Can't wait for the next chapter!
10/2/2019 c2 bloodmoon25
Ah~ the komulin chapter always cracks me up

I'm a little curious to know if Zack is going to be a love rivel for tiky , I wasn't expecting Sheryl to take an interest in rhea can't wait to see his reaction to her being an exorcist and tikys interest in her

Hope to see azalea in future chapter's that will be fun , oh and I got a question is she still going to be able to do magic like cross or white Wich stuff ?. And I'm going on a small guess that she's not a believer in the church or religion and keeps her Pagan beliefs to her self with Allen obviously knowing , does She know exactly where the 14th is or she still in the dark of that?

Anyway AMAZING as always can't wait to read the next one!

P.S are you following the manga or anime line or a mixture of both? Or just putting your ideas in? Just curious
10/2/2019 c2 alexc1209
Hi, sorry I didn't review the first chapter, but this one is awesome! One thing is sure, Sheryl is a bit smitten by Rhea after she saved him from getting robbed, which is kind of ironic because he doesn't like anyone outside the family. Even more, fucked is the fact he was checking her out to see if she'd be good in bed. I wonder how he'll react when he finds out his wallet is. empty? I don't think he'll care, because he's already rich. Also, I love the foreshadowing on the fact Allen will become the 14th at the end of the chapter, and that the Noah will come after him. Luckily, both Rhea and Zack are now aware that Portugal their home base. Can't wait for more.
9/27/2019 c1 1Mad-Hatter246
when's the next chapter, also when is Rhea gonna meet Tyki Mikk
9/24/2019 c1 3WinterYule
First off, congrats on posting your rewrite and I’m happy you’re continuing to work on it and hope that you’re always happy with what you create.

So first of all, I’m kinda excited to see what changes comes of her innocence. I see the little details you have planted like it’s ability to change from smoky to liquid form and it’s ability to form a shape that can crushed akumas from the sky. It’s interesting to see Kindred in action and kinda curious of its true form.

Your Greek mythology-ness is showing. Haha but I really do love the detail that her voice is smoky. Dance ya eedjits! At least she’s having fun. The fight scenes were snappy which I appreciate.

Good to know that she still hate cold places and haha looking forward to how she would fulfill the promise she made to Komuii this time. I love it that she immediately threw his table. It’s sweet to see Allen’s and Rey’s sibling relationship right off the bat. Can tell that they really care for each other. Though I guess if he wasn’t paying attention he would’ve been shocked that she dropped all the way down to the elevator.

And oooh an new exorcist character. I can’t tell how much I like him yet but he seems interesting. I’m interested in how they interact more in the it’s cute that Rey went on and on about Allen to him. So Zack’s Innocence is a sword and a shield? Oh dear Allen’s gonna get chewed out for what he did.

Ooh we get to hear about Daisya and the first chapter and lol what they did to Kanda is hilarious. Wonder how he feels using a pink Mugen?

“Feed me” oh allen, always hungry. But it’s funny how they raid the pantry. Bet Jeryy did not expect that.

I love the detail and preview of Tyki’s meeting with the butterfly. Definitely a first taste of what’s to come. I love the banter between all of them.

It’s an interesting start. I like VIG and I’m sure this one be great too. I look forward to how it unfolds
9/12/2019 c1 28chaosmoon75
So far, I like the rewrite. I may still read the other, but I am looking forward to where this goes.
9/12/2019 c1 9Arkytior's Song
Hiiiiiii! I get to be here from the beginning this time! Lol
Love it! Ahhhhh a butterfly, I can't wait for them to meet lmao.
Sorry to hear thar you're struggling but I know you'll get through it with a bigger and brighter future instore for you!

Small question! What brought on the name change?
9/11/2019 c1 bloodmoon25
I'm sad that of veils of ink and gold won't be updated but I understand why I'm just happy that you didn't drop the story I'm loving that you kept some of the old version on this new one I like this chapter hope you continue with it I'm exited to see the changes you'll make but don't rush yourself Just do as you see fit I'll support you either way
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