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5/6/2021 c14 Georgette Weasley
Girl these characters are rough
3/19/2021 c13 LeticiaBS
Great chapter! I feel so sorry for all his struggles, I hope he gets better, it would be nice if he could have some normalcy in his life and perhaps be able to be at least friends with Tessa. Can't wait for more!
10/22/2020 c11 LeticiaBS
I'm enjoying your story so much! It's very different from what I'm used to reading because, usually, there isn't this denial of imprinting. I'm curious to see how it'll be developed, also dying to find out what is happening with the boys who can't phase again. I thought it might have something to do with some powerful vampire, but I'm not sure about this theory anymore. Lucas and Anna are awful, it's terrible how they abandoned their child, at least he has Sue, Leah, Seth, and the pack for support. I must say I tend to really love Paul, but jeez he's such a pain in the ass here hahaha It's definitely another perspective from the character.
Can't wait for more, I've spent the last few hours reading all the chapters!
Will you update soon?
5/23/2020 c9 Amora
I really like your story. I’d like it more if you posted chapter 10 ;)
4/12/2020 c9 Guest
I love this chapter. You put so much detail, I feel like I was there watching from afar. Can’t wait for the next chapter.
3/18/2020 c8 2littlehappydragon
Hey! So far I think you’re doing pretty good! Keep writing, I’m interested in seeing what will happen next!
1/16/2020 c1 Amiable
Your writing never ceases to amaze me! Don’t stop :)

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