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for The Course of Love

11/18/2020 c60 19Amydali86
hehehe, love the bikini thing
11/8/2020 c40 1geekqueen2010
I love it when you call me Senorita. I wish I could pretend I didn't need ya, but every touch is oooo la la la, it's true la la la. Oooo I should be running, oooo you know I love it when you call me Senorita. I wish it wasn't so damn hard to leave ya but every touch is oooo la la la, it's true la la la. Oooo I should be running, oooo you keep me coming for ya! (tfw u resort to song lyrics as a review. The song fits well to me, it needs an animatic.)
11/8/2020 c31 geekqueen2010
I live for the bonus!
11/8/2020 c25 geekqueen2010
Baka neko, she's been paying attention to you since you gave her your umbrella!
10/27/2020 c30 1LadyNoirEternal15
Cookies are cookies, biscuits are savory soft bread things you eat with your dinner. Your original English language has messed that up. Just like mom is the correct way to say mother. Mums are flowers not maternal figures. Seeing these British fan written fics confuses Americans and Canadians cause the words you use are vastly different and don’t correlate to the words we use. You help us out by using American words.
10/24/2020 c60 MangoSunbeams
So so cute! I liked this one a lot and would love a sequel (though that's what I think for most of these honestly
10/22/2020 c60 25JuliaFC
Oh God this was good! Thanks for posting it, it brightened my morning -
10/22/2020 c60 510yellow 14
He’s doomed. And I love it. Keep updating
10/19/2020 c59 MangoSunbeams
Love all the Ladrian!
10/18/2020 c59 yellow 14
Is the cause the same though?

Very good, keep updating
10/18/2020 c59 BrokenUniverse92
This was just amazing, aw my heart. PS, friend yeah sufre, just a friend, nothing to sed here
7/2/2020 c31 12friendrat
That bonus though!
7/2/2020 c30 friendrat
If you have trouble writing one word instead of another, you could check to see if your word processor has the option to replace words. So you could write "biscuits" as you're actually writing, and then go in and hit the replace all button (or whatever it is) to swap "cookies" with "biscuits".

Could you imagine how much trouble Adrien would get in if he had Tikki? Like, with how strict his life is, there's no way he could get away with keeping her in sweets! Anyway, very cute! Love how they eat an entire plate of cookies basically without realizing.
7/1/2020 c24 friendrat
Yay! There was more!
7/1/2020 c14 friendrat
Ok, I would read the heck out of a longer version of this one!
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