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2/7 c65 Hentai Takashima
To 'AgeOfAngels': Another chapter that highlights how 'loathsome' the Mamono are (from our perspective) with their disgraceful imitation of 'Xenia' (Sacred Hospitality), and that’s before I got to the Mamono children and their child-unfriendly language…

Seriously, I could put the Mamono in the same group (to exterminate) as the Goblins from "Goblin Slayer" and the Demons from "Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End" — if they’re not outright 'Hate Sinks' then they’re too dangerous to be left alone, as the Mamono’s actions, intentions and mindsets (in light of how you portray all sides having their stories to the entire conflict) will NEVER lead to 'peaceful' coexistence with humanity or any other species!

Man, all this 'diplomacy' the Good Hunter is attempting/engaging in feels more like a Powder Keg being set up for Maximum BOOM… and Druella, Blind Bimbo that she is, is the Freaking MATCH!

P.S. Elt’s scene may have been rather comedic but that dumb move in hindsight made me question whether I hate him or Ichika Orimura ("Infinite Stratos", anime version) for their stupidity!

To 'Pau456' (Jan 24, 2024): You and I share the same mindset, my friend.

To 'BrazeRancor' (Jan 24, 2024): If worse comes to worst, Selina’s temper may rival Cyril Sutherland’s from StaffSergeant’s "The Good Hunter"… but that would be a TERRIBLE Fate (almost 'Earn Your Bad Ending') for everyone in the immediate vicinity (and beyond).

To 'MortalitasBorealis' (Jan 25, 2024): Thank you for phrasing what I couldn’t put into words about what I feel about the Good Hunter Selina — reminds me of the 'themes' discussed in "Superman vs. The Elite" (2012).

To 'Napster153' (Jan 28, 2024) & 'Guest' (Feb 1, 2024): While I am 'weirded out' at the thought of applying the 'MILF' label to the Good Hunter Selina (and would frankly prefer it if no one ever brings that up to me again)… it does bring to mind the implication that Kyril Sutherland (of StaffSergeant’s "The Night Unfurls") becoming a 'Celibate Hero' (that rejects romance, marriage, and child-rearing) essentially gives the finger to the fate that befalls every Great One: to lose their child and yearn for a surrogate.

Selina’s overall success in protecting her (adopted) children has yet to be confirmed until the crisis ends… but no one ever said that you have to birth a child to be their mother, you know? Besides, do you want to deal with the 'pain in the ass' that is birthing and raising a baby Nyarlathotep that would screw you and everyone else over for shits and giggles?
2/6 c65 CyanFjord
Must admit, that was one half-baked plan, the Elt one, that is. It is a bit saddening knowing what is planned ahead for Druella, it would've been interesting to see it resolved in another way
2/4 c65 osterreicher97
Interesting and brilliant display of her power, even despite only being an infant Great One...

These demons shall bow before the might of a Great One as they have always and will always be here unlike these foolish mortals and their immature patrons (the "Gods" of the world).
2/1 c65 Guest
Napster153: And her eventual eldritch children, after all she is a great old (read as young) one. And all Old Ones wish for children of their own, it doesn't say there is a limit to it tho.
1/28 c65 8Napster153
Finally caught up with this, it's a joy being able to find time to read up once more. Cliche as it may sound, you had my war, now you have my attention.

Why do I feel a "You're too strong, Saitama." Coming soon. Also, I have to wonder where all that Demon Energy is going. Granted, I doubt it's corrupting her from within given Koga's case. My guess is that its being converted into building blocks that are swelling Selina's own powers.

These past few chapters have been interesting, and I believe I haven't stated how I love the conflict you've written. The characters act rational but still remain consistent and committed to their beliefs and agendas.

Also, that Fallen God, really? For goodness sake, that kind of cliche trap is just insulting to every party. This is one MILF who I wish to never see with pairing. Let her raise her not-eldritch kids in peace.
1/25 c65 Dasgun
1/25 c65 Laurance1887
So basically what happened between elt and Selena was that elt rolled a nat 1 on a dex save and Selena got a natural 20 on hers, funniest shit I've ever seen
1/25 c65 4MortalitasBorealis
Cynthia's upgrade reminds me of the 'black hole in hand' guy from Inuyasha. A badass no-sell of the traps aside, I'm surprised she didn't immediately consider negotiations broken considering Druella literally set a bunch of corruption traps in wait of what's supposed to be a peace talk, clearly indicating the lilim has no desire to negotiate, as expected. But I guess Cynthia does have all the cards here, so she can afford to show mercy.

In a way, she kind of reminds me of Superman, in the 'titan in a glass house' kind of way. She is borderline invincible in this world, with the biggest threat in the room always herself even in the presence of gods. Yet she has a compassionate heart beneath all the bloodshed, and numerous times she has accidentally killed someone she didn't intend to just by being this eldritch horror in human skin. This very chapter she very well could've killed Mimil via mana suffocation if she was just a bit more careless. I find this technical pacifism to be a good counterweight to her being, well, basically invincible since Mamono are one-trick ponies.

Also, Cynthia accidentally counter-rizzing Elt by turning around an ecchi prat fall moment? Amazing play. When your 'wives' are effectively doormats that over-sex you constantly, there's novelty in the polar opposite, especially when Elt seems to have a clearer head than most incubi. I really want to see where that develops. The sheer level of SEETHE from the fallen maidens will be a sight to behold.

Looking forward to Druella inevitably doing something unfathomably stupid!
1/24 c65 Guest1
Druella: “We will use Elt’s accidental charms to open her heart!”

Selina: “I’m gonna do what’s called a pro gamer move. With *Style*”
1/24 c65 18Agent 22
I think it will be funnier to see how jealous Elt's harem would be if Elt wanted to be with the Hunter more and more than anyone else.
1/24 c65 2knifeman3874
awesome chapter, liked the fast pacing and Cynthia's reveal, very long too! i always look forward to the next chapter with the endings you write lol. thank you!
1/24 c65 3LongNightDragon
Good chapter, this is gonna get good. Seeing the reactions of the Mamono as Selina/Cynthia destroy those demon boxes by sucking them up Wind Tunnel Style was hilarious as hell.

Sorry Elt, but this is one woman that you can't work your "charms" on lol. It's only gonna end badly for you.

And Druella, don't pity her. It's not gonna end well for you.
1/24 c65 hainbane
The last line attempts to be a tease but Druella wont even scratch a Great One. Still a mystery why Hunter bothers with all this instead of good old - Obey me or die.
1/24 c65 jabootypower
The pinnacle of "YOU CANNOT ESCAPE CROSSING FATES". Someone is leaving in a bodybag.
1/24 c65 ForeverTruthful95
Enjoyed this chapter, cant wait to see what comes next
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