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8/6 c50 Guest
I also don’t agree with the “infinite respawn” ability that Selina gets whenever she “dies” in this story since it’s a blatant, unfair advantage against her enemies and has her falling under a Mary Sue category since her powers don’t have any flaws against these mamono and even the goddesses that she threatened last chapter.
8/6 c49 Guest
“You all have noticed it, surely? That, by and large, Mamono are far more attractive as partners than humans? They don't age, can make their lovers functionally immortal, confer power to their lovers, can use their magic in ways that humans can't, are so varied that there is guaranteed to be a Mamono to fit any man's preference, and can even transform their husbands into their ideal forms. In addition, a Mamono's love is completely unconditional. They will love their husbands until the end of time. All they ask for in return, is their husbands' love, affection, and children. Compare that to a human female and...well...what's stopping a human male from chasing after a Mamono? If the Demon Lord changes the Mamono to no longer wish to be humans, than that would go against her ideals. If she doesn't, then the problem the Incubi are meant to fix continues to persist."

I don’t really feel like Selina won the argument here, all she did was criticize them and offer no solutions of her own, male Mamono becoming a thing would at the very least mitigate, not “fix”, would mitigate the problem of Monster girls kidnapping human men and even women against their will, yes, the radical monster girls in the Sabbath and whatnot would still resort to underhanded means but the fact that Selina never stopped to think about the monster girls that would be genuinely happy with settling with male mambo rather than pursuing male humans tells me she that she’s still ignorant and disingenuous on the matter, furthermore all of those problems that Selina explained in that quote were already a thing for hundreds of years before she came along like she did, making male mamono a thing is not the end all, be all solution by any stretch but it’s still a good start to deal with humanity’s population crises than anything Selina has proposed and would alleviate a lot of problems, not exacerbate like she suggested, very good story here but I don’t agree with the sophist, logic Selina is using here in regards to male mamono, Selena being right (She’s not) would mean that all parties are stuck in a situation of “damned if you do, damned if you don’t”.
7/29 c50 8ShootToMiss
Dawn of the Final Da- You mean they gotta deal with a moon with a face falling to the earth?! ...Actually, dealing with moons isn't outside of the Hunter's expertise. Also-

"If it bleeds, we can kill it."

Aaand Druella falls back into her comfort zone, not wanting to face the possible reality set before her. Expected. But she'll pay for it.

So, I know you don't want to just straight up pander by having characters and monsters show up from Bloodborne. But does that mean we shouldn't expect them to appear at all? And I mean, of course, outside the Hunter's weapons and gear. Where their appearance isn't just some jangling set of keys to grab our attention, but actually does serve to make the story stronger?
7/27 c50 AXTRO
All this build-up of all the 'antagonists' (genuine or otherwise) gunning for our Hunter makes me wish for 'father figure' Kyril Sutherland to swoop in, protect one of his 'daughters' and lay the smackdown on these 'depraved hoes', thereby showing them who’s the INDISPUTABLE Apex Predator in the unfathomable sea of fish…

(Very much unlikely, yes but a reader can certainly dream… perhaps for an omake? It can certainly make for an interesting one-shot that places great emphasis on Cosmic Horror.)

"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown."
— H. P. Lovecraft, "Supernatural Horror in Literature"
7/26 c2 BloodRedRoses11
Reply to Gamzo:
Unfortunately I can't reply to you directly, I figured out how to reply to a review on Fanfiction, but that's useless because your account doesn't allow me to make a direct message or reply to your reply. not sure why, maybe you still with a guest account.

first i would like to say that i disagree with your opinion regarding mamonos, i have probably said many times that mamonos are glorified sex slaves, and i mean it seriously when i say that. the only one who can be considered a villain in MGE is the demon lord, a villain who has the incredible power to twist the narrative so that she is always right, always seen as the good one, and always wins, she even got to the point of make killing her a VERY BAD thing. But if you want confirmation of what I say, and why I say mamonos are victims, just read, as an example, about pharaohs with the following question, what happened to male monsters when Lilith created mamonos?

now about the part where you talk about Wilmarina, Mersé and Elt, well, that technically is another example for what I mentioned before, when a woman becomes a mamono, she will be nothing more in life than a sex slave. And unlike what people think, men are the only ones who are gaining something in MGE, infinite sex, power, longevity, unlike what people think, no significant change in personality and free will, and best of all, you will never be the submissive in relationship (except orcs and amazons and a few others, but that's not a problem if you like that), I can easily imagine a disgusting guy chasing a girl, finding a way to turn her into a mamono of his choice, and gaining a new wife who "loves" him for life, he might even do it more than once.

But being much more specific with the case of the fallen maidens, and the drastic personality change they had, you have two reasons, first, the demon lord wears a fedora, second, MGE is a Japanese work, I don't want to offend anyone from japan here so I apologize in advance, but japan is a place that for a long time had a well-known view of women in its media products, with other sectors of society having a strong opinion on the "role of a woman".

i think that is all, so once again, if possible, try to make it ease to me to reply or DM you, so bye!
7/24 c50 1knifeman3874
Thank you again for another great chapter.
7/20 c50 1hellion117
Oh no ohhh nooo not Elt… he’s a dead man…
7/19 c1 Surfer Ek
Also i wanna point out how in the lore for the tentacle forests, the Demon Lord (or at least one of her many daughters) responded to their attempts at eating them instead of "loving" them by setting several on fire and sending a hit squad to burn down the rest of them.

That doesn't scream "prophet of love and peace" to me. That yells "Dark Lord found some uppity minions that need to be made example of." As the hit squad killed so many that the tentacle plants effectively became scared into submission, al la typical Evil Overlord.

Sure, you could make an argument that she was lashing out in protectiveness over her husband, but it still shows that the Demon Lord/Lilim has a vicious dark side.

I for one, enjoy and subscribe to the idea that the demon lord really is evil, and is just using a very unorthodox and underhanded method of destroying humanity.
7/19 c50 1Khristopher Blade
Hello AgeOfAngels,

The story has developed very well! I'm always interested in new weapons for any FromSoftware-type characters. Especially Koga, who now has some type of "Hel's Blood Chikage." Or, the blood really is just a leftover with no significance. Either way, good to see him develop too.
7/18 c50 Surfer Ek
Elts ability to seduce his harem was circumstantial at best, handed to him at worst. Selina isnt gonna give a damn if hes a nice guy or if he doesn't care for social expectations, she doesn't either and i doubt she'd be impressed.

I hope you downplay the "oh mah gawd she haz no mana" reaction because "oh mah gawd she isnt hot for us!" Is much funnier and more interesting.

Or at least have the latter come before the former.
7/17 c50 1rc48177
The kettle is beginning to boil as pressure is rising even higher
7/17 c50 doa570047
Chapter 50, damn it's been a lovely ride so far with lots of plot development. It only while I was rereading this chapter for my review that I realized that Selina didn't appeared in this chapter. Wow, that's great writing if you can go through an entire chapter without having the MC's pov mentioned even once.

Lilith's stance on married men is a surprising one. My impression was the same as the Guard Captain's, that the Mamono hunt anything down with a dick in their pants. I'm curious on how this information will be used in the future, along with the one that the Mamono don't convert any of those who are "evil". Speaking of evil, I'm surprised there isn't a human-supremacy city with Mamono slaves. With the Mamono being what they are, I can imagine a few group of humans taking advantage of their lust or their naivety.

Looks like Koga's blade got an upgrade. Since it was by a blood of a Goddess, corrupt or not, must have been equal to being upgraded with a Blood Rock, or at least a Blood Chunk.
I'm curious on how Akuri will grow from all of this or if she'll succumb to her desires in the future. I sincerely hope that her resolve remains strong and that Koga sees her at least as someone he can rely on in the future. On an unrelated note, if Koga can withstand the authority of a Goddess, then I would guess that whatever potion the baddies conjure up will be more a nuisance instead.

Seeing Druella's inter turmoil before her conviction returning back with full force is unfortunately natural, even in real life. Even when faced with evidence to the contrary, some people would accept a lie then face the harsh truth, even if said truth would not harm them in any way asides from a change of view point and admittance that they are wrong. I honestly want Eve to meet with Druella with Selina too.

Curious on how the Abyss Creatures and Selina will react once they meet face to face. Like Mamono, perhaps there's also Great Ones who prefer to be left alone or are more neutral than the ones in Yharnam.

Wow, Cyclops sound like a group of nice individuals. Makes a living with something not related to sex and even ask for consent when the topic arises.
7/17 c50 Halo
I like to imagine Selina would simply finger flick Elt’s forehead which knocks him unconscious as a rejection to his advances…

I’m curious to see what Elt is like in this form, maybe not too different from most heroes turned, but I like to imagine he would be more capable of rational thought than the others as he was the protagonist of the series.

Oh well I guess I will find out in the future

Eve uses wholesomeness on Matilda

it’s confuses Druella…
7/17 c50 Fate
Ok, it’s fine I thought I would at least try to make the request.

Love the chapter btw.

Is Eve gonna rule the world by wholesome love? Heads pats and hugs?
7/16 c1 Gamzo
Re: Bloodredroses
I dont like replying to other reviews but i gotta say it.
I think a government who does absolutely nothing but live a fantasy is exactly the kind of government the decadent manamo like, especially under folks like Druella, who the the REAL boss around there.
And the women who latched onto him for...nothing really should go to show you how insidious manamo are, with how the corruption twisted their flaws and amplified their feelings, causing them to double down on their mental issues until they started projecting on everyone else, like the echidna lady who thinks all women are bad and need to turn into manamo breeder slaves because her mom walked out on her dad, instead of you know, making her realize not everyone's the same and actually brightening her worldview. Or Wilmarina, who became obsessed with Elt instead of developing a social life now that her pa is gone. Itd be in character for her to be completely apathetic to everyone else, and i suspect Author is going to bring this up when she realizes how crazy everyone is after Druella got to em.
Elts harem is nuttier than squirrel shit, and Druella doesnt seem to realize how badly she warped their issues and made it everyone elses issues.
Aaaand since these people enjoy being in their own little world so much, its also in character for them to assume Selina is going to be soaking her panties the moment she enters the city. Evidence to the contrary be damned, and i will love it.
The girls are all crazy, and Elts probably crazy too.
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