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7/25/2021 c1 Guest
That is genuinely frustrating

Anyways the site is Nhentai i’m sorry for bothering you and thank you for writing
7/25/2021 c2 Huhhuh
Outside of all my nonsense I will leave with one piece of criticism

I love how in this story and sounds in the night you were able to balance a couple finding little moments for themselves whether through exhaustion or teasing

Your characters and their relationship feels alive and I love that

Thank you for it
7/25/2021 c1 Huhhuh
It’s called Nhentai the website with the numbers

God this site is frustrating I’m sorry for bothering you
6/20/2021 c2 Ramen
Good I love this one more than that cheating Naruto.
I'm still bitter over the fact that he is cheating on Hinata in the first chapter
6/19/2021 c2 abbyk1114
Ooo love a steamy Naruhina!
9/14/2019 c1 5SocialSuicideGirl
Hmmmmm, you say it could be any pairing, but you *did* tag Naruto and Hinata as the characters in the fic..! Also, this is just my opinion, but somehow I got a very clear impression that Naruto was the man in the story, but the woman seemed more ambiguous to me. Yes, she has dark (public) hair, but she's so violent and swears and is so selfish in her pursuit of pleasure and oblivious to her lover's pain that I would believe it was someone other than Hinata actually...

Also that line at the end about his wife really had me going! For one, how could Naruto be married to anyone other than Hinata, but contrariwise, how could he be married to Hinata and engage in sexual activity with another woman like that? Either scenario just seems crazy and I'm not sure I like it..!

But okay, it was a pretty fun and wild ride. And after all the times Naruto has allowed Sakura to slap him around, I can see him allowing some sexy sex friend of his to fully break his nose while performing a sex act and apologising for bleeding on her after, truly a student of Jiraiya! But on another note, bleeding into someone's vagina is suuuuper dangerous in terms of STD's and basically all the hepatitises and all of that, yuck.

And if you want me to be seriously constructive, your story was all over the shop in terms of tenses and spelling and she's wearing pants no she's wearing a dress with no panties, in quite a few places. And then there were also some parts (that maybe you added and/or fixed up recently?), that flowed amazingly well and had a poetic use of metaphors that really took my breath away... but, that also made the flow of the narrative style seem a little inconsistent to me.

In conclusion, wow that was actually a really fun, fast-past, action-packed fic that really caught me unawares with that tangy plot twist thrown in at the end! I would definitely like to read more! XD
9/13/2019 c1 human

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