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10/22 c24 Guest
I still love this! Poor baby, I just want Richie and Eddie to be happy and safe!
9/10 c23 Danielle0895
Soo cute! Love this story soo much
9/10 c23 Guest
Be still my heart, this is so cute and I always look forward to the next chapter. Thank you for writing such a great piece of fiction!
8/19 c21 3ChristiePOP

you never ceasingly fail to surprise me, hun. :)
8/13 c21 Danielle0895
Loving this story!
8/11 c20 ChristiePOP
'And Myra still does not get easier to write.'

You're right.
And your chapters do not get easier to read when another struggle happens for Reddie.

Myra sure surprised us in this chapter. This is how matured women (whether having a boyfriend or husband) should be.

"Know if you should still fight or you should free that person."
8/4 c20 Guest
This was so good, I also thank you for making Myra human and more 3d. I can't wait for the next part of this story.
7/7 c19 26RiverStorm16
I really am loving this story a lot! You have a very strong Richie and Eddie muse. I myself am writing a Reddie fanfic and it’s funny to see we share the same ideas on some things in the story. Beyond the occasional typo there is really nothing bad I can say about this story. It is just so sweet and funny and wholesome! Keep up the good work!
6/11 c18 Pennywiser17
This was a really romantic idea. :)
It's good that even though they're a couple now and there is a romantic basis on the chapter, they don't lose their typical way of communicate through teasing each other.
Definitely my favorite chapter so far!
Great job!
6/11 c18 Guest
I didn't know that I needed this, this is so sweet and great. Thank you so much and I can't wait for the next chapter.
6/7 c16 Pennywiser17
Thanks for the last two chapters! I enjoyed reading both of them. :)
It's really cool you mentioned what Richie saw in the deadlights! I liked this part a lot.
Also, I find the ending of chapter 16 really cute. :)
I think it's good that Richie's proposal didn't take place in the last chapter. It deserves an own chapter.
I really wondered what he could have planned, but it's pretty hard. I'm not sure how much romantic behaviour you allow Richie to show. ;) He could take Eddie to a place that means a lot for the both of them, so they can make a great last common experience in Derry before leaving it. I think of a place outside, so they can look at the stars together.
Very curious about the next chapter. :)
And of course: Stay healthy!
5/4 c5 Guest
As someone who has struggled with their sexuality and internalised homophobia due to religion and childhood, I connect with this unlike other stories on fanfiction and other media forums. I just wanted to say thank you.
5/1 c16 Guest
This is so good, you have a way with words. Thanks for making my day!
4/19 c15 Pennywiser17
Hi, great to see a new chapter! :) I liked both chapter 14 and 15 very much.
I was a little afraid, because of Eddies conversation with Myra and of course she won't stop making trouble, but I hope that, in the end, her stubbornness only makes Eddies and Richies relationship stronger and stronger.
I think that your recent chapter is very varied, I like it when the other losers appear sometimes. :)
I'm curious what happens next. I really hope everything turns out to be fine.
Cant't wait for the following Reddie part! Stay healthy!
4/18 c15 20Unapologetically Geeky
Just wanted to say that I hope that you are staying safe durning these times. Fantastic chapter by the way.
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