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for Blood, Tears, and Buddhist Prayers

10/23/2023 c7 Miri
I am enjoying your story. I like your idea and the way you are developing it. Please update soon!
5/4/2023 c7 bewitchedquill
Welcome back! Thanks for the new chapter. Are they going to stay in Japan? Why hasn't anyone helped Mai with her abilities? What happened to Lin and why did they only hear children's voices? Looking forward to the next!
4/30/2023 c7 58Chibi-Kari
Thanks for updating this story! I've always really enjoyed it and it sparked my interest back into the series! I can't wait to see where this is going. And Mai's ability to move a physical object via the astral plane always piqued my interest as well. I always assumed that Naru and Lin must not have ever learned about it (even in the sequel manga) because that would be exactly the sort of measurable psychic ability Naru would have been all over. I hope that Gene gets it out of her quickly in your story.
4/17/2023 c7 10HarmonyRose
Poor Mai is so tired and Naru is being both protective and a jerk about it which is so in character for him. I'm very interested to see where this case goes and to see where all the mystery from the last few chapters leads!
4/17/2023 c6 HarmonyRose
How interesting that Mai and Gene have some sort of psychic connection. I'm super curious why and how that came to be. I can just see Gene writing stuff all over his arms. lol Oliver must be so frustrated with him.
4/15/2023 c7 5jainga
CHAPTER! I love this story.

I think you got pre cognitive (visions of the future) and post cognitive (visions of the past) mixed up. Seemed like a weird thing for Naru of all people to get wrong.

And Mai's already losing babysitters... I don't see the rules being followed to the end of the case, unless Gene's presence shortens it significantly.

I've always loved how you could trace the evolution of the rules SPR operates under to whatever trouble Mai got into during the previous case... Seeing him adjust to her being sick\ and exhausted is fun. I do kinda hope we get to see Gene get a rundown of where each rule came from. It might be a fun for him to put it together with his, she's always broadcasting, revelation.
10/24/2021 c6 20Spiceandsugar10
Hiya! I just stumbled across your fic and I’m definitely hooked! I noticed your note from a few chapters before about the fandom being small, and it definitely is, but I notice we’re all pretty loyal. We just keep coming back even when there’s no new official content, haha—at least in terms of fanfiction! I’d say your fic is doing pretty well, and I hope that you’ll continue this because it’s a very interesting premise. I love it when writers who normally stick to another fandom join ours because it allows for different plots no one has tried before.

I love having Gene around to tease Naru, and this one of the few fics that has him alive and actively being a pest :’) everyone was in character as well, which I highly appreciate! Even though it’s been a hot minute, please update whenever you can! I can assure you us loyal GH fans will be flooding back :) I also encourage you to post this on AO3 if you haven’t done so, since there are likely fans on there who solely use AO3!

Anyhow, toodles! Can’t wait for future updates!
9/23/2021 c6 1NocturnalAliceInsanity
Hey, first off, thanks fur writing and uploading this, I really enjoyed and still enjoy
reading this. I especially love how you portrayed the relationship between Naru und Mai.
I also think the dynamic between Mai and Gene is very interesting, I wonder what will
become of their mental link/bond. I am a huge fan of Ghost Hunt (watched the anime,
read the manga, even own a few volumes - as hard as it is to get your hands on them...)
so the main reason I'm writing this review is to ask whether you are planning to
continue this fanfiction. I'm not meaning to pressure you or ask for a specific date,
it's just that it would be sad to see this being left unfinished. As a fanfic writer myself
(though in collab with a friend and only on ao3) I get that it takes time to write, especially
if you're busy with other (every day life) stuff.

I also love the your writing style and am planning to 'scan' through the chapters again
to get some inspiration and extend my vocabulary to become a better writer myself
(English isn't my first language)
8/14/2021 c6 297699767660
ooooh, i think it's the writing on Gene's wrist that protected him from death? and Naru's blood and Mai's tears somehow activated it?
if it's true, it's kinda funny how something Gene wrote in his hands in a hurry is the thing that saved him xD

one of my favourite things in this fic is how Mai and Naru danced around each other adorably. i have to agree with Matsuzaki, it's just adorable. i love that slow burn romance!

another favorite is Gene and Mai's telepathic link, i love that they're connected in something else. and seeing that Gene and Mai are people who Feel a lot of things, that connection link must be chaotic lol, as we've already seen the example in this chapter.

also i've read some fics with Gene-Is-Alive trope. and i can say for sure, yours is my favourite. something about the thing that brought Gene back to life in this fic, it's very intriguing! and i love the dynamic between Naru, Mai, and Gene.

i'm really really looking forward to read more! i hope you're still writing this!
8/14/2021 c5 297699767660
it never sits well with me either how Masako knows that Naru is grieving, distressed over his brother's corpse location, and knows that every second of his time is valuable for Naru in his search for Gene, yet she still takes advantage of his secret and blackmails him into wasting his time in unnecessary outings he so obviously doesn't even want to be part of.

like, it's easier to just be a kind, respectful human being and respect his secrets. honestly, if i were Masako i would respectfully keep his secret, who knows it'd actually gain favor from him?
8/8/2021 c1 FraylinDurin
Please update I would give up my left arm for an update this is so damn good
2/21/2021 c6 Jjmmr
This was wonderful, I hope you continue the story
2/9/2021 c6 Guest
I just read your story it's so good, I really can't wait to read more. As for writing out the plot of the next case, who cares if it's the same. I'd argue that have a completely new character, and a medium at that, would cause the entire case to be different. So please don't stress out about copying the plot from the Manga. This is your story and I really want to read more of it. Great job
9/11/2020 c6 Nollypoo
I really love this, I think they're wonderfully in character and the plot is very interesting! I don't think I've read anything with Gene revived on the spot, much less with an in character Mai! (Usually in any Gene is alive story she strolls right up to him and magically knows who he is, etc. That really is a shame because Mai's character is wonderfully complex, and I think you've captured it perfectly). I love Gene's thoughts on feeling behind, I love that Naru didn't accept immediately that it really was Gene, I LOVE that Lin is standing there like "yeah this is normal for Naru now" While Gene is perplexed by his reactions LOL. Can't wait to read more of this! Nervously excited about a potential love triangle, I hope if there is one between N&G&M that it resolves as painlessly! Minus some jealousy on Naru's part that we're already beginning to see! ;)
Stay safe out there!
7/6/2020 c6 3Dr.Bones42
So good. I am looking forward to the next installment!
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