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for Harry Potter the high Lord!

11/14 c5 Pointer3109
Laughable? Laudable?

Something like that.


Enjoyed it.
10/4 c5 ManticoreBlues
this shit is the best my guy, reading this got me high as fuck, been laughing and smiling constantly through out this, can't wait for the next batch;)
9/18 c5 Guest
Pretty good you should have finished this. though weird neither the dumbles nor the teachers caught anybody or seeing there weird behavior.
8/22 c5 Victor Ebone
8/16 c5 Dredgen Ruvaak
Next thing you know, he going to be high in the Room of Requirement, summon the manifestation of Hogwarts, then proceed to get Hogwarts high.
8/14 c5 ssd602
How tall is Harry?
8/13 c5 E.Elliot
I love it!xD i never laughed so much!
8/13 c5 Inimicus
This story needs a chapter with Harry learning or deciding to outsource his weed production to the goblins for profits or something. More drugs sold in the normal world and in the magical, corner the market on edibles and all that in both worlds as well. Also to get the Twins in on it, so they could source the raw materials grown and let the twins make the brownies or lollipops with Harry Saying something like " You boys think all the fun is in the joke, but what if your the ass of your own joke and your way to stoned to give a fuck one way or the other."
8/13 c5 6Yaw6113
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot.
8/13 c5 Darksnider05
Not sure if there is really a Light Lord that actually sounds kind of silly, probably just a normal Lord. Honestly is light magic even a thing beyond the Patronus charm I think just being normal and a not a super bigoted dick qualifies a person as "light".
8/13 c4 Darksnider05
I actually feel bad for Ron even though I dislike him. That boy better run.
8/13 c5 2trekkifulron
what happens when the contraceptives fail? particularly with the centaurs... what about the house elves?...
8/13 c5 4The Geeky Folkteller
So, it lives...
4/7 c4 2SoulightDaemon
There is so much wrong with this story and I love it so much XD Seriously, keep it up. I gotta see where this goes!
2/6 c4 Schmaing003
I was genuinely enjoying and laughing... until you had Tonks cheating on Remus and Harry not caring that he just Fing ruined the life of one of the few adults to show him care and respect! The entire story just leaves a sick aftertaste now... :-(
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