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for Harry Potter the high Lord!

1/2/2020 c1 SkullRaid
I LOVED IT my family thinks I’m crazy now wth all the cackles
11/22/2019 c3 2Dr8gn
Hahahaha need ed that
10/21/2019 c3 1Jimbocous
10/12/2019 c3 Time313
Yo, oy.
10/12/2019 c3 hunzbookwyrm
Just love the latest update. Laughed my head off. Truly hope to see more from you soon.
10/10/2019 c3 31OlegGunnarsson
Loved it! Well done.
10/10/2019 c3 2te.nellis
Epic! Keep it up!
10/10/2019 c3 5kent-jensen
10/10/2019 c3 2trekkifulron
That is why memory charms were invented.
10/10/2019 c3 Bisaster
Where’s Susan? ;-;
10/10/2019 c3 4starie78
i particularly love the reactions to the photo. I'd love to know Narcissa's reaction.
10/10/2019 c3 1cfp33pfc
Still hilarious! Thanks again.
9/22/2019 c2 Dagda06117032
Harry with a couple of horny girls to himself is never a bad idea. But I would really like to know what the pigeons are for. Update as soon as you can.
9/21/2019 c2 14Nyghtmyst
Being a stoner myself (physical issues), I can relate to a lot of this. This is cracking me up. Keep it up!
9/17/2019 c2 4Nocte Furorem
This is some crazy, seriously screwed up crack you have going on here, but it's also funny as hell! Can't wait to see what you have in store for future chapters.
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