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7/14 c1 Kakbiel
4/9 c25 Guest
Richard, because it can be shortened to Dick. This made me laugh so much harder than it should've, it was beautiful
3/14 c23 DragonOfChallenges
do you know of any manga/fanfiction that does this idea? or as a dungeon? this would be one epic manga/fanfiction, update soon, ttfn
2/28 c26 Guest
Getting spells from eating monsters and extensive ritualcraft involved... are there ff blue mages in this setting?
2/24 c26 Kalstorm99
2/23 c26 PasiveNox
hohoohohohohho very nice yeah nice chapter also more worldbuilding :)
2/16 c24 Guest
And now i want to watch orc x elf stuff. God damn it.
2/17 c25 DeliciousFriedRice
Welp, his new orc name is appropriate at the very least
2/14 c25 Kalstorm99
Great chapter!
2/14 c11 Sypho Dias
God damn we need a part 3
2/14 c25 ThunderBasilisk
Ahahaha rhe end had me cackling.
2/14 c25 page.hopps
I don't know if it's the orc brain or the the insert but damn is his nonchalance hilarious
2/14 c25 PasiveNox
Great chapter
2/14 c25 DragonOfChallenges
that is one of if not the worst name/joke i've ever heard/read made...update more plz?
2/1 c24 Kalstorm99
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