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1/6/2020 c7 Phoenix1687
Jon Snow i still a wolf. His mother was a wolf with strong Wolfsblood
1/2/2020 c7 outcome 5
ContinĂșe soon please
1/2/2020 c6 outcome 5
Good chapter
1/2/2020 c5 outcome 5
Very good
1/2/2020 c4 outcome 5
Excelent chapter
1/2/2020 c3 outcome 5
1/2/2020 c2 outcome 5
Nice chapter
1/2/2020 c1 outcome 5
Excelent history
12/28/2019 c7 Guest
So cool
12/12/2019 c7 kenbre
Awesome chapter can't wait for the next
12/8/2019 c7 alia00
It's nice
11/30/2019 c7 Wika0304
please update, it's brilliant
11/19/2019 c7 Veronica
I like this story very much. I am curious about what happens next as well as excited about the potential of each possible way in which things could to go from here on. I found Harry and Ned POVs very interesting to read. The character study was very well done. And I enjoyed the Catelyn bashing, too. While I understand where Lady Stark is coming from in regards to Jon I most certainly do not approve her emotional mistreatment of a child. I liked Harry's interaction with Jon and Arya specially. I liked him in the role of mentor and teacher to both of them. I also enjoyed his treatment of Sansa. She often gets a not very nice one from SIs and assorted crossover-ed characters in similar sceneries to this story's one. I liked to see things seems to be different here! I hope her and Harry's interaction gave Sansa ever a bit of reality grounding so things will fare better for her in the future. If not, Harry will be there to keep her safe at the least. Or perhaps Sandor Clegane could to do it so instead? I wonder if Harry could to befriend Sandor here? What do your Harry would think about Sandor Clegane? It's rare to find fics wit a premise such like this one wherein Sandor gets some screentime. He's usually ignored or casted as one of the baddies. I know his character wasn't the nicest of fellows but I still want to read about life getting better for him nonetheless. I would love if Sansa and him get to become friends here. Or not mutually hostile at the least. Anyway, good work so far. I love stories wherein the North gets a revamping of resources to better prepare itself to what is to come. And doubly so when magic is involved! HP/ASoIaF crossovers are one of my favorite fanfics! I hope Real Life will allow you to write more soon. This tale is awesome and I want to know what happens next. Thank you for writing and posting. Take care and have a wonderful week!
11/17/2019 c7 3Foxy-Floof
Interesting... This is very interesting. I look forward to seeing how this apple-cart goes rolling off the road, and down a mountainside.

Harry has that effect on almost every story he touches, I've found.
11/14/2019 c7 5flame55
This is great can't wait for more
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